Beam cucumber Mels F1: reviews, a description of the variety characteristics and cultivation


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A Great achievement breeders is the occurrence in nature of cucumbers beam with multiple ovaries on the same plant, which allows to collect a high yield. One of the hybrids is cucumber Mels F1 reviews, where experts and gardeners provide the most positive. About the features of growing vegetable crops and many other things read in the article.

What do you mean F1?

The Plants, the title of which includes the console, a hybrid. To obtain them you need to cross the two varieties with the best characteristics. The resulting seeds are called hybrids in the first generation. They are marked F1.

Seeds of hybrids cannot be produced. Even if you collect them and plant in the ground will grow quite other plants, which will not be like the size of the fruit, quantity, yield, taste. Although the fruits may not be at all.


Cucumber Mels F1 reviews, which surpass expectation, is a hybrid. A vegetable refers to the ultra-fast self-pollinated varieties. Designed for cultivation in greenhouses, greenhouses and in the beds.

Cucumber-gherkin Mels F1 reviews, the cultivation of which lead to the conclusion that this unique variety has a fantastically pleasant taste. Regardless of how it looked, the fruits won't be bitter, they are not voids, they have a dense texture and crunch.

Cucumber Mels f1 reviews

Cucumbers grow up to ten inches in length, painted in a bright green tone. Fruits tuberculate, pubescent. Many nodes, each has up to seven ovaries. In a season with one plant removed four fruits.


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Beam cucumber hybrid varieties have many advantages that they are very popular:

  • Resistant to defeat various diseases.
  • Beam to cucumber is not terrible temperature changes.
  • Have an early maturity.
  • Have high productivity.
  • Have excellent taste.

With the viability of hybrids can match a few varieties of vegetables of this type. They have fast growth and endurance. In a bad for other crops year cucumbers produce fruit abundantly. This is because they inherited the best qualities.

Useful properties

As part of the cucumber ninety-five percent water, and the rest – sugar, lots of vitamins and minerals. The water in cucumber can be considered almost distilled. With its help the body of toxins and salt, it has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Cucumber juice-best natural remedy for skin care.

Spider f1 cucumber Mels

The Only vegetable that is used in unripe form, is the cucumber Mels F1. The reviews tell about its popularity. Cucumbers are used fresh for salads, salting, pickling.

Degree of branching

Depending on the species, branching hybrids is different. It klassificeret as follows:

  • Branching, weak. Characteristic of hybrids of this group is the limited period of fruiting, just a month and a half. This is because the side shoots from these plants are short, do not pinch, and this means that the new not formed. But cucumbers with weak branching produce fruit faster.

Cucumber gherkin Mels f1 reviews

  • Branching average. this type of Cucumber is grown in greenhouses. Fruit long, care is simple, it is not required.
  • Strong Branching. this group includes cucumber Mels. Reviews about high-yielding varieties based on the features of vegetable to bear fruit for a long time. These cucumbers are grown in the greenhouse and outdoors.

Methods of pollination

From this procedure is the ovary on the plant or not. To understand what variety of cucumbers to be planted on the site, you should know how the plant is pollinated. Pollination by insects. Cucumber conison Mels F1 has flowers only female. To pollination was complete, boost men's copies. Between female and male flowers there is a difference.

Cucumber conison Mels f1

Female specimens initially have the ovary in the form of a small cucumber, and men – no. But they do not remove all, otherwise there is a risk to remain without vegetables. Self-pollination is typical for greenhouse cucumbers, as in the case of weather and ovaries may be less.

How to build a plant?

The sheets were getting a lot of light, and the ovary – the power to form hybrids need one stem. You should leave three or four of the lower node, and from the rest of the shoots to get rid of. Each node of the main stem should have only one sheet with a bunch of cucumbers.

Method of Seed propagation

For the cultivation of cucumbers with this method, seeds are planted in warm soil at the end of may, when the vegetables will grow under plastic cover. If in open ground-at the beginning of June. Will not grow of collected plants seeds cucumber F1 Mels. Seeds should be purchased in the store. From independently harvested hybrid seeds will not work the cucumber with the same properties.

Before planting in the ground planting material is soaked one hour in water with addition of potassium permanganate. Regardless of the designated future growth of seeds planteddirectly into the ground. If sowing, use peat pots, the seeds quickly take root, since the root system when transplanting will not be affected.

Cucumber f1 seeds Mels

The Soil is prepared beforehand. Its well dug and contribute organic: wood ash, humus, compost, fresh manure. Then spill water at room temperature. Seeds spread on the soil surface at a distance of two feet from each other, and prosypayutsya soil which is mulched. To do this, use dry grass clippings or straw. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, and after digestion fertilizes it.

Caring for sprouted seeds

As soon As sprouts appear, we need to continue to mulch and water the soil. Below the layer of mulch was not thick, it should be put in small portions, and watered through it. So the soil will not be washed off with water and it will still have all living microorganisms, waste products which increase its fertility. It is very important not to overfeed cucumbers mineral fertilizers, otherwise the fruit will not, instead they will grow into gorgeous greenery. To avoid this, watering should be reduced.

Seedling method of propagation

Beam Mels F1 cucumber can be grown from seedlings. For this you first need to sow the seeds. The best time is the end of March-beginning of April. We need to wait until the threat of frost will not. Derived from the seeds first planted the seedlings in boxes, containers or other containers with the same soil, in which sow seeds. Boxes should not be high, quite six inches in height.

Cucumber Mels f1 peculiarities of cultivation

When the seedlings take root, it is transplanted to permanent growth to another location. But first need to water the soil with water heated to thirty degrees. Seedlings are removed carefully so as not to injure the roots, they should leave small lumps of earth.


When the main stem will be removed first harvest, should feed cucumber Mels F1. Features of cultivation are intensive watering and daily harvesting. For soil nutrition suitable nitrogen fertilizer. Getting extra nutrients to grow new fruits.

Cucumber Mels reviews

The Plant is planted in the soil according to the scheme 70x70 inches, but not more than two instances per square meter. When planting, consider that like a lot of places cucumber Mels F1. Feedback about the cultivation of vegetable crops lead to the conclusion that this is a promising variety.


When growing hybrid cucumbers beam Mels F1 it is important to observe the biological characteristics of culture and to follow simple rules:

  • Remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem up to the bottom nodes. This will protect the roots from exhaustion and will increase the harvest.
  • Mulch the soil to preserve moisture and suppress weed growth.
  • For new ovaries after the first harvest to carry out fertilizing soil nitrogen and potassium fertilizers in the ratio one to two.
  • Before the start of the fruiting period, it is recommended to water the cucumbers every three days, based on four liters of water on a square.

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