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Today, Taisia Nedzvetsky know how popular the mystical leading of the program "Fortune" on channel "TV-3". Her beauty and way of mesmerizing the viewer. But, of course, her life is not limited to only one transmission. Biography Taisia Nedzvecko, interesting details of the life, tips to attract love and abundance, and, of course, on the acceptance – in article.

Taisiya Nedzvetska

Brief biography Taisia

About the life of Taisiya Nedzvecko known not so much. She was born in the Ukrainian city of Kerch on 15 June 1972 she has two higher educations. One of them – journalism and the second-direction. She is married, but the identity of the spouse and the names of the two children being kept secret.

In Addition to working in television, she also works at the center "planet of Joy", where he receives clients. Taisiya Nedzvetska and practicing Kundalini yoga. Classes Kundalini she started practicing more than 8 years ago, and, according to experts, the exercises drastically changed her life, including spiritually.

As an expert Taisiya practices nanotransporter. This technique allows to adjust the internal reality and external – the fact that man sees in everyday life. Taisiya the paper uses a unique key to understanding the arcane of Tarot cards and often uses a balance of "Celtic cross". He is able to more fully display the customer's situation. The fortune teller gives advice, but also changes the situation in a favorable direction.

Taisiya Nedzvetska biography

"the fortune Teller": true or not?

Of Course, the fact that the series has a certain amount of fiction is undeniable. But the basis of the proposed plot real stories of the clients. The project is not a documentary, but a mystic, so full validity of it is not required.


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Personal appointments

How to make an appointment to see a fortune teller Taisia Nedzvetsky? Leading known takes in the Academy under the title "planet Joy". If you are not able to get on to a fortune Taisia Nedzvecko personally, this can be done remotely, the details can be found in the center or on the phone. Calls are accepted from 10 till 21 o'clock Moscow time.

The consultation

How much does a consultation Taisia Nedzvetsky? The hour of expert's work of the TV channel TV-3, the client will cost 3500 rubles. At remote receiving payment is via electronic purse "Kiwi".

the fortune teller Taisiya Nedzvetska


The Reception from those customary in the General case, to name just a fortune-tellers, many – exciting time. Some people avoid consultation because of fear of being cheated. Another reason to fear – ashamed of his own impotence in dealing with complex life issues. Before meeting with Taisiya need to clearly define the question for which you want to apply. If it comes to loved ones, you will need at least one thing that belongs to them. It is important not to conceal from the examiner the truth, this depends on the result of the work. Thais working not for condemnation, but to assist. The outcome of consultation also depends on the ability of the client to accept the information, including that which may be hard to hear. All recommendations need to be performed very accurately to achieve the result.

Questions advice

Taisa Nedzvetska advises:

  1. How to proceed further in this situation?
  2. What is the best course of action would be best?
  3. Perspective of the relationship with the partner.
  4. Whether beneficial business cooperation?
  5. What business is better to do to succeed?
  6. The Possibility of exit from a difficult situation.
Taisiya Nedzvetska fortune teller how to make an appointment

Attracting monetary abundance from the expert

Taisa Nedzvetska shared appliances attract material prosperity. It is performed in a simple pose: sit cross-legged, ensure that the back was straight. Close your eyes. Hand position in the field of the heart center. The sides of the palms touch each other. Turn the palm down, without losing contact. Thumbs down, as shown in the photo. In a fast paced turn the palm of your hand when drawing the ball. At each stroke of the palms against each other, repeat a short mantra "har". The exercise is done at least three minutes.

Attracting love

This simple method will help women become more attractive in the eyes of the stronger sex. Every month for one week Taisiya Nedzvetska encourages the girls to smear honey lips, imagining kissing their loved one. When you do this, speak these words: "Who is my honey lips touched, ever from them will not come off".

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