Biography of he Bestowa: musical career and personal life


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Biography of he Bestowe today interested fans such areas as Caucasian chanson. You also like the songs performed by this young man? Want to know the details of his biography and personal life? We are ready to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy your reading!

Biography of he bestowe

Singer Azamat Bishtov: a biography. Childhood

He was born on 5 December 1991 in the capital of Adygea-Maykop. Our hero was raised in an ordinary family. His father Shatby Bestow earns money in heavy physical labor. The mother of Azamat Mile is a housewife. Her responsibilities have always included: cooking, maintaining cleanliness in the apartment and the education of children. Our hero has a sister named Zaire.

Biography of Bestova he indicates that he went to the first class in 1998. Teachers always praised him for his thirst for knowledge and good behavior.

Several times a week, the boy went to a dance club. He also taught himself to play the harmonica. Azamat regularly delighted parents and sister homemade concerts. Father and mother were confident that their son has a bright future on the stage.

In 14 years, the boy has earned the first money. To them he was able to purchase a mobile phone to gift my mother on March 8.

Creative activity

At First the guy dance ensemble “Zori maykopa”. He then moved to another team – “nal'mes”. At some point, Bestof Jr. decided to pursue a singing career. After high school, our hero began to perform at anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations.


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The Guy managed to get into a local University's law faculty. In his spare time he sang in restaurants and cafes of Maykop. Satisfied visitors left him a generous tip.

Singer Azamat bishtov biography


Biography of Bestova he says that this young man has used to achieve their goals. A few years ago it was known only in their native Adygea. Now they sing songs written by the residents of many Russian cities. What is the secret of its popularity?

The Bitterness of betrayal, deep feelings of human solidarity, the recognition of a mother's love-all these themes were echoed in the songs of Bestova. In his repertoire there are funny, sad and heartfelt song.

Russian listeners know and love these songs Azamat as “drunk Walking” and “Vodka – bitter water". Not so long ago Bestow performed a duet with Angelica Nachesova. And he recorded the song “Dance” with the singer Lila.

Bastow Azamat biography personal life

Bestow Azamat: biography, personal life

Currently the heart of the Adyghe artist free. Until the horizon met a girl worthy of becoming a wife and mother of his children. The wife must be faithful, caring and economic. These requirements Azamat demands of its potential beloved. He was not attracted to ladies tank-tops, mini-skirts, with artificial lips and the same hair. Modesty and naturalness-these qualities he appreciates in women.

In conclusion

Now you are aware of the biography of he Bestowa. Before us is a talented, purposeful and hardworking guy. We wish him success in his work and great love!

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