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About this person compose almost legend, herbalist, healer, a miracle healer. He's not doing himself any ads, but the rumor that water will not stop it. Herbalist Anatoly Grigoriev and his healing fees known far beyond Belarus. Coming to him from everywhere. In the famous pharmacy in Rubezhevichi every day pandemonium. What a miracle-pharmacy?

A Little history

Founded that the pharmacy back in 1875, when Emperor Alexander II. But in 1945 the head of the institution put local resident C. I. Vilkitskogo who graduated from pharmaceutical school. Stanislav Ivanovich was fond of herbalism. Was healing fees, which are shared mostly with familiar people. Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev

Wilkoski collected rare books herbal medicine, noted the recipes of herbs. By the way, his brother led the publishing house “Medical book", from there to Rubiazhevichy were collections of recipes. In the years after the advent of antibiotics, herbal medicine was recognized as unpromising. In addition, those who seriously studied traditional medicine, was accused of sorcery.

However, for the production of medicines required raw materials. And Wilkoski managed to have his pharmacy became the center of harvesting medicinal herbs. Head and received official permission to manufacture drugs. On the territory of the former Soviet Union in the seventies there were only three fitoapteka: in Kiev, Vilnius and Rubezhevichi.

Shortly, Wilcoxon and his pharmacy was rumoured throughout the country. He was preparing the recipes, even for high-ranking officials, both Belarusian and “Moscow”. In 1975, Stanislav Ivanovich went on a holiday. The new heads did not stay long there. But three years later, here came a young doctor Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev. And everything changed.


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Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev

The Apothecary

Born Anatoly Ivanovich Gorodok district, Vitebsk region. Graduated from Vitebsk medical Institute. There he became interested in medicinal herbs. At the Department of pharmacognosy was engaged in scientific work. The practice was held in the all-Union Institute of medicinal plants in Moscow, where I learned a lot. Got to sencillo, a wonderful person and academician.

Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich was sent for distribution to pharmaceutical warehouse in Zaslavl. Soon he was temporarily asked to replace Rubezhevichi head of pharmacy No. 128. He agreed to work here for twelve months. But remained forever. The young pharmacist like everything here - and the pharmacy, and people, and work. Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich

Known to the pharmacist, he could find work in a Metropolitan hospital. He was repeatedly invited to the medical centers, being on TV, writing a column in the newspaper. But Anatoly Ivanovich believes that everyone should do what he intended. Here Grigoriev in his place. Moreover, the metropolis puts pressure on him. And here - lakes, rivers, fishing.

Anatoly Ivanovich did not like being called a herbalist. Still, he's a certified pharmacist. The locals refer to him respectfully - “the Apothecary”.

Pharmacy today

Now, a herbal chemist's shop No. 128 is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Annually received here from the loggers and processed up to thirteen tons of plants. And unique fees prepared according to old recipes, which are more than two hundred years. Included in them sixty-five herbs. Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev herbalist reviews

In the early nineties tried to establish production fees. Opened two production enterprises. But they didn't survive difficult market conditions. However, Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich, do not lose hope that someday it will get better.

In a pharmacy employs six people. In addition to the fees, they make ointments, tinctures. All herbs are harvested independently, since each of them has its own characteristics and processing conditions. And most importantly, grass should be local, Belarusian. Pharmacy in Rubezhevichi the only one where the pharmacist is receiving and advising visitors.

How is the reception?

Anatoly Ivanovich says that many of the fees they are prepared according to individual recipes. Prerequisite: he must personally see and hear the visitor. Correspondence consultations and advice does not. Grigor'ev says that he's not psychic, and through relatives does not cure.

The Pharmacist necessarily acquainted with the medical card of the patient. You need to look at compatible whether its appointment and medication. Moreover, the same fee is for one person to come, another – no. Grass – the same drugs, therefore, relate to the treatment need, respectively.

Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev frankly tells the patient whether he herbal treatment or not. Recommends collection and describes in detail how to prepare, when, how and how much to take.

On the day it is up to several tens of visitors. People come from other cities, regions and even countries. So the phone is being pre-recorded.

Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev herbalist

Where do I get the recipes?

"Today, the “Golden treasure" of the pharmacy about a thousand of recipes of fees, ointments, tinctures" -says Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev. Rubiazhevichy has long been known for its herbal. Something left over from its predecessor, including some ancient manuscripts on herbs. For many years he collected the recipes, shared them and medical colleagues.

Anatoly Ivanovich says trust only reliable sources. For cooking duties at the pharmacy they take recipes from years of proven internationals. He trusts books published before 1986. At the time, was a special Commission, which included well-known pharmacists. Under each recipe are their signature.

In the pharmacy is a standard herbal teas-vitamins, cough etc. There are cancer. A few years ago tried drugs charges in the treatment of benign tumors. The successful results attracted the interest of oncologists, and they decided to try them in the treatment of malignant tumors. For help addressed to Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev.

Travnik was nine duties for the Oncology center. The herbal treatment is carried out in conjunction with medications. As shown by the observations of doctors, herbs facilitate the state of postoperative patients, noted that a faster recovery begins.

academician Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich

What is the power of herbs?

The Herbal medicine has a right to exist, as the treatment medication, physiotherapy or surgery. Herbs are good because they are not toxic like drugs. It is in any case not mean that we should abandon medical treatment, if necessary.

Fees resolves tumors, including fibroids and mastopathy. When properly drafted compounding the effectiveness of the treatment is 75%. A lot depends on the time of treatment. If the disease is not running, then in some cases you can do without surgery.

Well help grass recovery after chemotherapy and surgery. Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev sure if cancer should carry out a comprehensive treatment-with medicines and herbs.

Are There diseases that can be treated with herbs? Grigoriev does not give empty promises and outright says that he can't treat a red lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy in adults. Ineffective herbs in the treatment of Smoking, cerebral palsy, alcoholism.

Good results in chronic diseases of the kidneys, stomach, liver, heart, weakened immune system and infertility. Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev keeps pictures of children that appeared after desperate to have a baby people appealed to him.

Grateful visitors

A Lot of positive reviews from women with infertility. After walking to no avail on doctors, and sometimes after hearing their verdict that "no hope" many of them had not parted with his dream to hold his own child and went to Rubiazhevichy. On the women's forums a lot of thanks from those who have after treatment Grigor charges the family had kids.

Those who are obese, too, go to Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich in Rubiazhevichy. Reviews, desperate to conquer obesity diets, positive. At the consultation the doctor they listened carefully, asked questions, find out the cause of excess weight. In many cases the problems are caused by thyroid disease, adrenal.

Grigoriev Anatoly Ivanovich rubiazhevichy reviews

Recipes that have been shared in the comments of visitors, was different. Grigoriev to each person's individual approach. The results of weight loss became noticeable immediately. But in two weeks has improved and complexion, and overall well-being. The weight began to gradually go away.

Men, of course, share their problems less readily than women. Their reviews are less common and also mostly positive. You write that “the doctor's a wizard”.

What you need to know about herbs?

Many people like to drink tea with aromatic herbs. But Anatoly Ivanovich advises not to get involved, and plants have side effects. For example, mint tea it is not recommended to drink the men. It is therefore necessary to consult with experts. As healing one problem and gain another.

"Sometimes comes to the absurd," - said Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev. Herbalist reviews, which in many cases are presented in a positive aspect, leads as an example, the familiar tea with additives. Tea – a tonic, and Melissa & ndash; soothing. What is the meaning of this tea? Here and there a sort of imbalance in the body. Fashion now health fees to be taken for the appointment of a specialist and, preferably, under his supervision.

You Can drink vitamin fees. One of the most simple: two parts rose hips, one part of ash red or black, half of the sheet of nettle. Never underestimate the nettle. It is rich in essential for vitamin K. to Take vitamin charges need to food. The daily dose is one glass, can, optionally in divided doses.

The Disease – failure which may be caused by the environment, weakened immune systems and stressful situations. How to hear the first bell of problems in the body? Gregory says that physical needs should call the person the satisfaction of food needs to satisfy hunger, drink to thirst, sleep helps to gain strength. If not, then it's time to payattention on the health. Because the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

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