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Shimura Danzo is considered quite a controversial character in the anime "Naruto". He tried to defend the Leaf village by any means and often did not choose for this funds. Before the audience acts as an uncompromising and violent man. Most people his actions seem crazy, but they all have a specific purpose. Biography of the hero clearly deserves the attention of fans of the Saga.

Early biography

From an early age Shimura Danzo already had a taste of war, it was the party of the second Hokage during the first shinobi great opposition. He constantly competed with Sarutobi Hiruzen and even tried to take the post of Chairman after the death of the previous head of the village. To do this failed, but because man has created his own organization called the “Root ANBU”. Violent means Danzo was trying to bring peace to his native village, but it constantly clashed with Hiruzen, which has already become the third Hokage at the time. When he was asked the elimination of “Root ANBU”, went underground with his team, though, and presented a report on the execution of the order.Shimura danzo

Conflicting actions

Shimura Danzo always thought it was more suitable for the post of supervisor and tried to get it. During the third great shinobi war made an Alliance with the village chief Rain Hanzo. This character helped to deal with the growing power of the akatsuki, who at that time wanted to just end all the armed conflicts in the territory of a small country. The operation was totally out of control when Nagato with the power of the rinnegan caused the troops great damage. About Shimura Danzo it is known that, during the planning of the uprising of the Uchiha clan it was he was talking to Itachi. The man saw the desire of young genius to save the world in Konoha at the same level. He proposed a variant of the destruction of the entire clan, which is after all the mixed suffering agreed Itachi. Danzo never chosen methods for his aim always stood above the tools that shaped the image of the hero.naruto danzo Shimura


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More power

If at the beginning of his way, Shimura Danzo was inferior to the third Hokage, after the appointment of the fifth Hokage Tsunade even more embittered. Now his priority was the killing of a traitor to the village, Sasuke, the mission he gave to SAI. This is quite a strong ninja came under the influence of Naruto and moved away from the ‘Root ANBU”. This slowed down the path to the pinnacle of power Danzo up until the attack on Konoha Payne. After the victory of the protagonist of the anime Tsunade was in a serious condition, and the man decided to offer himself for the post of sixth Hokage. The plan failed, and then Shimura has started to operate in the other direction. He decided to become a leader of the United shinobi Alliance in the immediate great war which was already imminent. Their goal hero was close, but Sasuke destroyed it. Later they fought on the bridge, where it was revealed all abilities Danzo, which he stole from the Uchiha clan. For this he killed the younger brother of Itachi in a long and difficult battle.Shimura danzo in the naruto techniques school

Best technology

“School technician Naruto” Shimura Danzo is a pretty strong character that has interesting techniques. Many of them are based on Sharingan woven in his hand. This includes Chocolatecake – the ability of total control of the will and mind of man. It had the Uchiha Shisui and, according to legend, could only use every 10 years. Well he uses the abilities of the element of wind, as can be seen in the techniques of “Sway”, “wind” and “Vacuum blade”. In addition to the abilities of the illusions clan Wchich Danzo transplanted a cells of the first Hokage. Due to this it exhibits rapid cell regeneration and can use the ‘Release tree”, which perfectly protects from even the strongest attacks. The top skills Shimura can be considered a “Reverse print the four characters". This skill puts four marks on the body spreading in different directions and create a sphere. Some time later, everything is inside, including the user, will be destroyed.

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