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A Few budding musicians work with teachers or visit the school of music. Most local guitar lovers – is a self-taught, which the tool inherited from relatives or friends. They usually show the first chords. To choose and buy individual artist guitar – no easy task. Need to know the size of the guitar, ideal for selected purposes, its type, to understand what sound it should make. Try to understand the common dimensions of this musical instrument.

guitar size


In the first place before buying the tool you need to decide what type of guitar you need:

  • Classic – six-stringed instrument with a softer nylon strings.
  • Acoustic - the kind of classical guitar but with steel strings, the number of which may vary.
  • Guitar – guitar with electromagnetic pickups.
  • Bass – typically four-stringed instrument designed for the extraction of low pitch.

These types of – the most popular and versatile available in most music stores. There are more rare varieties such as stick-guitar, acoustic bass guitar, guitars with multiple necks, but they are more professionals need.

guitar size 4 4

Novice guitarists to choose the tool that will help understanding what music will be performed. So, for romances, classical works, flamenco or bard ideal classical guitar. She's the lightest, the instrument of this type are taught to play musical schools, picking up the guitar size depending on the age of the student. For rock music, Blues, jazz, country and other lilting melodies it is better to choose acoustic, electric or bass guitar. The last is the most difficult to master by beginners, as it has a long neck and the same strings.


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Dimensions of a classical guitar

You Need to understand that a ten year old child and adult male – a big difference. So the little man does not fit an adult, so the classical models of the tool was long applicable international sizing. A person of any age and Constitution can choose a suitable tool.

Guitar Size 4/4 (four quarters) is suitable for an adult - it's full of standard guitar. The guitar is 7/8 less than standard, ideal for teenagers or small adult musicians. This size guitar is perfect for bards and travelers, it is more easy and convenient for transportation. The guitar is 3/4 the size which is intended for children aged 8-11 years – a popular option, because often at this age parents assign children to learn the skill of playing a stringed instrument. If a child age 5-9 years, then he needs 1/2 guitar, to 6 years – 1/8.

 sizes of classical guitar

Dimensions acoustic guitars

The Parameters of acoustic guitars overlap with the classic classification, but different body design and its size. Unlike the classical guitar, the acoustic has a more rigid steel strings and a thin neck. The body of this guitar more than the classical models. Acoustic instruments distinguish the number of strings (6, 7, or 12), guitar size and body shape. Depending on the size (smaller to larger) of the instrument provide:

  • Grand Concert – compact descendant of the classic acoustic guitar which has the loudest sound due to the small volume of air in the housing. A good option for Teens and children.
  • Grand Auditorium – guitars, which have a slightly larger size and are often characterized by convex lower deck. The sound of the instrument a deeper, rich.
  • Dreadnought – one of the most popular designs. A characteristic feature of the dreadnought-the most proximal portion of the body is much closer to the fretboard, and the far larger portion. These models have a deeper body that gives a distinctive sound.
  • Jumbo – this enhanced version guitar Grand Auditorium with a volume approaching the volume of a dreadnought. They were created as competitors dreadnoughts, have a more rich sound. Not all of them are comfortable, so release a mini-version of the guitar "Jumbo".
  • Twelve-string guitars guitars have combined for 6 pairs of strings that can be configured differently (typically, the interval is one octave) that allows you to create a chorus effect.

size acoustic guitars


The sizes of the bass guitar is much more compared to the classics or acoustics (about 1.1 meter in length). But this guitar is one of the "youngest" - appeared in the 50-ies of the last century thanks to the American master Leo Fender.

The Bass guitar is the same power, but emits more low sounds. They have a solid case, special sensors and control knobs. These guitars are popular among artists of hard rock and country music. To hear the sound of the bass, it must be connected via cable with plug to the amp and the speaker. Plug or Jack is inserted to the correct slot on the tool body, the sensor signals are sent to the amplifier, in turn, converts the signal and transmitsit on speaker.

the sizes of the bass guitar

Choose What material?

Most of the tools are made by combining different wood species. Plastic or metal is used less frequently. Experts say that there is no "best" or "worst" wood - the instrument you need to choose in sound and convenience.

guitar 3 4 size

Brand and country of origin

The Choice of brand is especially important when buying electric and bass guitars, since the standards of production are not clearly defined. Different manufacturers vary the number of strings, changing the shape of the housing and the electronic components of the guitar. Now every brand works for a certain niche. So, Jackson – for the metal, Fender – to get a "clean" sound, Gibson produces a tool with a "fat" sound, the Yamaha is the optimal sootnoshenie of price and quality, but it is conditional signs. All of the above manufacturers produce a fairly versatile guitar.

It is believed that serial guitar best produced in the United States and Japan. For classical guitars the upper price segment leader - Spain. However, the stated country of origin does not guarantee the quality of the instrument, especially in the market often there are fakes. When buying you must test the quality of the gluing parts of the guitar, the flatness of the fretboard, no cracks.

The cost of the tool

Salvage tools definitely cheaper (2-3 times). The average from 5 000 Russian rubles, you can buy a tool suitable for teaching. Professional guitar much more expensive. In addition to the tool, you need a case (preferably waterproof and resistant to frost), tuner and other accessories-guitar picks, a Capo, strap. For electric or bass guitar need a combo amp.

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