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Boxing, despite its certain cruelty, love to watch many, including women, and sometimes children (if they are allowed by the parents). Even far from this sport let people vaguely, but imagine what a knockdown. This word is sometimes used in a figurative sense, far from the box. However, if you are seriously interested in sparring in the ring, you need to have a more accurate picture of the events taking place there.

What is a knockout: Boxing and its rules

Most of the terms of this sport apply to damage opponents attacks. In English "Cinderella" – "a devastating, knocking down the shot." The one who received it loses the vertical position and becomes the third point of support. And no matter what it is – hand, foot or the entire surface of the back. This position is considered a knockdown. If, before the referee can count to ten, the athlete will be able to take a stand and raise for combat arms, the position is determined as a knockdown. Special bonuses and extra points it brings – judge accepts temporary placement of the enemy as another accurate shot.

Knockout and knockdown differ from each other only by the outcome of a missed hook or uppercut. If the fallen athlete is unable on account of “ten” to stand up, the judge voiced it as “out”, and his opponent awarded the victory.Cinderella's

Curious, there are times when a boxer from a blow delivered outside the ring. Referee's count is increased to twenty. However, the defeated fighter should have time not only to recover but also to return to the site, so usually the removal of the ropes ends with a recognition of the knockout.


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Technical knockout and an early victory

The Manager in the ring, the sole and unquestioned, is the referee. Only he can decide whether to continue the fight. When the state of one of the athletes gives him the doubt, he may consult a physician. If a doctor recognized the threat the resulting knockdown, the fight stops and a missed shot turns into a knockout, only in the technical.

There's only one person who can challenge the decision of the judges – second boxer. However, his intervention can only lead to defeat: if he will throw in the towel in the ring, recognizes the victory of the enemy in connection with its obvious advantage.knockout Boxing

Stand-up kind

There are some subtleties in determining the position of a boxer in the ring. So, stand down – departure of the athlete on the ropes and the assumption of the referee that the fall was restrained by only them. If this suspicion the judge arose, he again starts counting.

Note that in the decisive battles standing down as a concept is missing. But in the professional fights the lower class, and especially to the Amateur, it is observed.

Three down

It is Not always the battles are won on points, pure or technical knockout. If a boxer for one round three times has been knocked down and last time managed to get to his feet, the referee stops the fight. Anyone who missed three serious blows is considered to be knocked out automatically. However, this rule not always. Definitely respected in the fighting, held the WBA.knockout and knockdown

Flash down

This term refers to a mild defeat when the boxer falls to the floor in a very short time not only not falling, but not remaining with the third pillar for a long time. However, even if he is out of the vertical position is no longer than five seconds, the referee begins his count.

Interesting observation: down – rather it is an Amateur position in the ring. In professional fights, such situations are very rare because the athletes know how to escape from dangerous bumps and cultivate stamina and endurance. But professionals are not always able to protect themselves from the knockdown.

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