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Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk) is relatively young. He began his career in the second half of the 20th century. Today his repertoire includes operas, ballets, musicals, operettas and musical fairy tales.

Theatre History

Opera house Dnepropetrovsk

Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk) has existed since 1974. It was established by a talented creative person. Is Peter Varivoda, Lyudmila resurrection, mark Litvinenko, Vasily the Kios and Anatoly Arefyev. They gathered this magnificent troupe, which has a great potential and limitless possibilities. They joined an experienced adult artists and promising young people, just graduated from ballet school and the Conservatoire. To get into the troupe, it was necessary to pass a rigorous and strict selection process.

The Theatre has set itself two main tasks. The first is to popularize classical works. The second is to be willing to search and experiment. So the repertoire is initially coexisted with the classical Opera and ballet performances contemporary genres - musicals, rock operas.

The Theatre in the first years of its existence started a good tradition - every year to give viewers a few Prime. For the first two of the season, the public was presented eighteen performances of different genres. The theatre gained popularity almost instantly. He was recognized and loved by the audience. It was supportive criticism. Although the city authorities were to the requests and needs of very cold, which in the future led to a number of serious problems.

Soon the company started to go on tour. Repeatedly and with great success, the artists performed in Moscow and Kiev. Performances began to win awards at prestigious competitions and festivals. Formed the remarkable artistic and production team. In 80-e years the troupe has replenished with new young staff, who brought freshness and originality to the activities of the theatre. This landmark theatre began the Prokofiev ballets and operas by Italian composers, created at the time. Then the repertoire includes classical operetta.


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In 1988 Dnipropetrovsk Opera was honored to perform at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. In the Soviet years it was the highest achievement.

But in the life of the theatre, as in human destiny, there are not only UPS but also downs, and losses. The death of people who were the founders of the Dnipropetrovsk Opera, was a heavy loss, which resulted in a difficult period at work. In the theater began to come and soon to go different Directors, Directors, conductors, choirmasters. Began the period of perestroika, funding was meager, and this resulted in a turnover.

But in spite of that, the theatre managed to survive the difficulties. The company helped the powerful potential that was laid by the founders. In the crisis years, when the spectators were few, artists began to travel abroad. The tour gave a chance to the theater to survive. The troupe has traveled the world, went to Portugal, Ireland, China, the United States of America, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Israel and other countries. The crisis and the difficult conditions became the incentive to find new possibilities for life and creativity. The theatre became more modern. When it was created choreographic Studio, which provides a professional education.

And today remains a multi-genre repertoire. In addition to performances and concerts at the Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk). The troupe continues to tour to different countries. Artists participate in competitions and festivals. For many years in the theatre there is a tradition to cooperate with the best Directors in the world. The most famous projects, created together with other countries, steel plays “Carmen,” and «Turandot». In addition to classical ballets, the theatre puts on dance performances in contemporary genres. It's jazz and Neoclassicism.

In 2003, there was a very important event in the creative life of the theater. He has got high academic title. Another happy event happened in 2004, was opened In Dnepropetrovsk Conservatory, so now the city itself will educate future personnel.


Opera house Dnepropetrovsk exhibition

The Poster of the Opera theater in Dnepropetrovsk offers to the audience the following operas, musicals, operettas, musical performances and tales:

  • "La Boheme".
  • Bat.
  • "the Twelve chairs".
  • "Prince Igor".
  • "Jesus."
  • "Iolanta".
  • "the marriage of Figaro".
  • "the Dwarf the Nose".
  • "Sorochinskaya fair".
  • Rigoletto.
  • Cinderella.
  • "Carmina Burana".
  • Onions.
  • Carmen.
  • "Aida" and others.


Opera house Dnepropetrovsk fair

In addition to operettas, musicals and also operas and ballet performances proposes to view its viewers Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk). Billboard (repertor the theatre variety) includes the following dance performances:

  • "don Quixote".
  • "Sleeping beauty".
  • "the Thousand and one nights".
  • "behind the scenes".
  • "This is tango in June."
  • Swan lake.
  • The Nutcracker.
  • "Le Corsaire".
  • "the Lady with camellias".
  • "Romeo and Juliet".
  • "Giselle" and others.

High-profile premieres

trade fair at the Opera house in Dnepropetrovsk

Forthe last few seasons of two high-profile premieres presented the Opera house (Kiev): "Sorochinskaya Fair" (the musical) and a musical fairy tale "Snow white". These performances - the jewel of the repertoire. They immediately became loved and popular with viewers. "Sorochinskaya fair" is a musical, created by the product N. V. Gogol. Music to performance was written by Ukrainian composer Alexander Zlotnik. In November 2015 for the first time on stage was shown, "Sorochinskaya fair". At the Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk) is the first performance in the genre of the musical. Here is preserved the story of the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich. The performance is vivid and interesting.

Another great premiere - a fairy tale "Snow white". This magical extravaganza, which involves a puppet theatre. Starring - not only people but dolls. The role of Snow white takes the actress. But gnomes are playing with dolls. Music to performance was written by composer Eduard Kolmanovsky. This tale is loved by children all over the world for two centuries in a row. Dnepropetrovsk theatre of Opera and ballet paraphrases. The play is entertaining, interesting, original, kind, bright and funny. He likes not only children but also adults. "Snow white" in the repertoire since 2011.

Opera singers

concerts at the Opera house in Dnepropetrovsk

The Opera house (Kiev) has gathered on its stage the talented vocalists, able to work in different genres.


  • Love the Fisherman.
  • Alexander Prokopenko.
  • Les Zadorozhnaya.
  • Vladimir Maslyuk.
  • Valentin Kovalenko.
  • Victor Parubets.
  • Helen Bokach.
  • Zoya Kaipova.
  • Igor Babenko.
  • Tatiana Pozwala.
  • Vladimir Gudz.
  • Anna Logacheva.
  • Svetlana Sosnova and others.


The Opera house (Kiev) is not only great vocalists. It is also excellent dancers.

The Ballet

  • Sergey Badalov.
  • Daria Dubrovin.
  • Alina Koval.
  • Elena Saltykova.
  • Anastasia Ivanova.
  • Anna Salmanov.
  • Tatiana Proskuryakova.
  • Catherine Shmigelsky.
  • Ramin Buraeva.
  • Mary Lorenco.
  • Marina Scherbina.
  • Veronica Soup.
  • Valentin..... and others.

Musicians and choir

poster of the Opera theater in Dnepropetrovsk

In Addition to ballet dancers and singers in the troupe has a band and a choir.

Musicians and choir of the theatre:

  • T. Prohovnik.
  • E. Protas.
  • V. Cohtents.
  • E. Wagner.
  • A. Kalinchuk.
  • A. Zhuk.
  • A. Linev.
  • O. Poniatowska.
  • M. lysohora.
  • A. Khizhnyakov.
  • A. Krasilov.
  • Vladimir Titar.
  • I. Yarilova and many others.

Drawing Contest

Every year, in February, competition of children's drawings conducts Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk). Exhibitions of the best paintings by the boys and girls, held in the Opera itself. The contest theme is "Theatre eyes of children". Participating boys and girls aged 9 to 17 years involved in hobby groups, art studios and art schools. This year the competition was attended by 200 works. Of them for the exhibition were selected 67 pictures. The contestants are divided into three age categories, each of which is awarded its main prize. Winners and awardees of certificates in addition to receive gifts and Souvenirs. And the contestants have a unique opportunity to experience the world behind the scenes that makes the strongest impression. The jury includes the artistic Council of the theater.


cash Opera house Dnepropetrovsk

The Theatre offers several ways to purchase tickets. The first purchase in the cashier. The second - on the official website online. Cash Opera house (Dnepropetrovsk) is open daily. To purchase tickets via the Internet, you need to go to the official website of the theatre. They need to find a diagram of the room (it is presented in this article). It can help to choose the appropriate cost and location of the place. At the time of purchase, you need to enter a phone number or email address where the client will receive a password for order confirmation. Further, should pay the ticket by credit card.


The Dnipropetrovsk Opera and ballet theater reviews from the audience gets enthusiastic. The public like his performances, and it is with great pleasure that always attend them. Actors and Directors in the opinion of the audience, professionals. Visit Dnepropetrovsk Opera and love the residents and guests of the city. The only disadvantage of the theatre building from the Soviet era not been repaired, although the reconstruction it obviously does not hurt, as it is in a very poor condition.

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