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Laminate flooring is no surprise. He firmly took its place in the market of finishing materials. However, laminate cork – something new. It has other names: floating floor, cork flooring. To install it you must similar to traditional laminate. The individual elements hold each other through the locking groove. Mounted coating to the prepared substrate made of cork or other basis.

Types of laminate based on the tube

There are two varieties of floor coverings from cork tree:

  • The Castle. It relates to the aforementioned laminate and cork. Durable finish that does not require additional consumables for the installation. All that is necessary is to cut off elements of the desired length, adjusting them for the dimensions of the room.
  • Glue. Tube is sold in the form of square plates. Installation is carried out on the glue. The life cover is much less than the cork laminate. This finishing material is more affordable.

laminate cork

Cork flooring in interior design

A Floor covering based on cork would be a great addition to any design decisions. A notable advantage of laminate-exclusive appearance. The natural pattern of the tube structure is unique, it is not repeated from one item to another. There are no laws, which makes the surface bright and memorable.

A Large selection of coatings based on tubes available on the market. The differences between them lie in the texture of the surface layer. It may resemble plates or fine grain (like marble). A rich palette of colors of the material, which includes brown, sand, yellow, ocher. There is an interesting solution in the colored speckles.


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To Make a particular style will help in the simultaneous use of different floor options cork, different texture or color. This technique allows you to allocate a room, functional areas and give uniqueness. Viable solution – cork laminate floor children's room because it is soft and warm.

cork laminate

Cork flooring

Cork flooring and laminate – different finishing materials. Each of them has characteristics:

  • Cork flooring has gained popularity due to its unique properties: it performs the function of additional heat and sound insulation, does not accumulate static electricity, has a pleasant softness. The cost of it reaches the 1600 $ /m2.
  • Laminate cork based – the Lite version of the previous version. It includes a wood-shaving plate, performing the role of foundations. However, the key quality characteristics of the tube coating demonstrates. Distinguished by its more affordable price which is on average 400 RUB cork floor below.

cork laminate flooring pros and cons

Structure in the slice laminate cork

Laminate cork has a 5-layered structure. This “pie” to reduce the price of coverage compared to solid material, while maintaining high quality. The laminate layers, starting from the bottom:

  • Base is made by grinding and pressing cork crumbs.
  • MDF with a lock.
  • A Layer of balsa wood.
  • Cork veneer.
  • Coating performs a protective function.

Strips of laminate to form a single coating using a floating method (without the use of adhesives, screws and nails). The individual elements are fastened together, but don't hold a base. This technique is simple to apply and can be done by an Amateur. The undoubted advantage of this solution is the ability to easily repair the flooring. When damaged, individual planks can be replaced and can be oblivious of everything else. The laminate of the tube has a good performance, which is similar to conventional wood flooring or coverage options.

cork laminate stacking

The installation of the laminate with your hands

Instruction for those who are self planning to mount the cork laminate. Laying it is simple and is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Material acclimatising to the conditions in the room. Packaging laminate put in and a couple of days leave. During this time, the tube adapts to the temperature of the room and humidity. This will lead to minor changes in size, which is in the process of operation will not change.
  2. Prepare the base under the cover. The floating method of installation does not require a completely flat surface. But the less gross irregularities, the better the result. The existing coating is completely removed and the floor grout, which is aligned independently. The resulting base will be smooth and durable.
  3. Stacked substrate. The technology does not require mandatory implementation of this layer. However, it is indispensable when working in bathrooms and apartments located on the 1st floor (moisture may exude from the basement). High humidity can ruin the coating of the tube: there will be cracks or swelling will occur.
  4. Install laminate cork. His installation doesn't differ from a wooden counterpart. Elementsincludes rows from the far corner of the room. To ensure that the overlapping joints, straps next row shift by half relative to the previous one. The connection of the cork panels is provided with locking groove. To lock the hitch to the side of the new element bring the rubber block and gently tapping it with a hammer.
  5. Install baseboards. They will hide irregularities, resulting in the junction of a laminate to the wall. To create a complete picture it is recommended to use cork. However, they can be replaced with wooden or plastic. Cork skirting boards are fixed on a special glue. Plastic and wood are mounted using screws or nails. Between the laminate and the skirting Board leaving a millimeter gap.
  6. Packed surface is ready to use. Its quality is not inferior to the cork floor.

One of the prestigious and high-quality floor coverings include laminate and cork. The pros and cons of this material will allow a better assessment of him.

laminate cork based

Advantages of laminate and cork

  • Maintainability. Cork laminate flooring can withstand many cycles of Assembly and disassembly. These transactions did not affect its appearance. Strain elements are thus easily replaced.
  • Work with it easily. To lay laminate flooring by yourself. It does not need special skills and numerous tools.
  • The floor is well saves heat. The tube structure does not allow him to be cold even in the winter months.
  • Additional sound insulation of the room. The tube prevents the penetration into the room the sounds from downstairs.
  • Affordable price. Laminate will cost the landlord much cheaper cover the whole tube.
  • High strength due to the absence of gaps between elements.
  • Compared with the Board the tube is softer, so step on it more enjoyable.
  • The Material does not burn.

cork expansion joint between tile and laminate

Disadvantages of cork laminate flooring

Coverage afraid of high humidity, the more water-this is the main drawback of the laminate, which is celebrated by owners. From the action of the fluid in the first place swells fibreboard, which is used as the supporting structure. MOP the floor is allowed only with a well-wrung cloth using cleaning products intended for cork.

To be safe it is recommended to buy water-resistant laminate and cork. It has a lacquer coating that protects the material from contact with water. Laminate cork rough to the touch, which reflects its naturalness and specificity of a structure. Occurs increased friction between the sole and the floor. So socks did not wear out very quickly, it is better to wear Slippers.

cork laminate flooring reviews

Docking tile and laminate flooring

The Application of ceramic tiles on a separate floor sections may be required for various reasons. The biggest of them all – this material is more durable and resistant to mechanical stress and moisture. It can be used to decorate parts of the floor by the front door or the sink. Upon completion of tiling and laminate the cork to seal the seam between them. There are many ways to solve this problem.

Cork expansion joint between tile and laminate masks the gap width 0.5 cm Its application is possible only when the materials are absolutely smooth edges with no chipping and other defects. The compensator gives the opportunity to carry out laying laminate without having to commit to glue.

Select cork laminate flooring

Class and other parameters of the coating are selected depending on the intended place of use. For office panels thickness should not be less than 3.2 mm. the higher the durability, the more durable is laminate. In areas with high traffic use 33 grade. Cork laminate flooring for wet rooms must be provided with a special substrate, and locks are treated with a special compound.

Manufacturers of cork laminate flooring

The Cork came to us from the West coast of the Mediterranean sea. Portuguese plants produce 25% of the total cork laminate. Good quality has products of German enterprises. A lot of factories engaged in its manufacture in other countries of Europe and also in China.

The Purchase of laminate and cork

Where to buy balsa laminate? "Leroy Merlin" – one of the largest hypermarkets of construction materials, offering a wide choice of floor covering. Before buying, be sure to define number of bands required for a particular room. To the calculated area it is necessary to add a stock on bumps. It does not matter if will be extra fabric. They need to be set aside and protected.

Nobody knows what's going to happen with the covering and when. In the presence of a spare you can always replace the damaged strip for a new one. There is no guarantee that then the store will still sell laminate of the same manufacturer, model and colors.


Cork laminate flooring customer reviews opposite. But if you carefully study them, it is possible to make the obvious conclusion: we should not expect miracles from cheap material. The main negative is associated with the purchase of products lowprice categories or conditions.

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