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If you love to do needlework and to use natural materials, the picture of autumn leaves is that you can make very quickly and easily. And you don't have to buy expensive material or make any effort to make a real masterpiece that can decorate your house.

Why you should engage in such work?

picture of autumn leavesFirst of all, it should be noted those advantages of picture of autumn leaves. This:

- environmentally friendly;


- economical

the decorative.

- ease of fabrication.

These pictures you can produce yourself. Naturally, this process may be involved the whole family, even children. You have the opportunity to Express their imagination, to help in the development of your child and just relax, have fun.

An Application of autumn leaves – this is a very effective way of decorating your home in a short time. You don't have to pay big money for their masterpieces.

How to collect and prepare the necessary materials?

appliques from autumn leavesOf an Application of autumn leaves should be done only after will be collected the necessary material.  Naturally, it is desirable to collect material in the fall, and doing paintings all year round. Note, however, that for the collection of material necessary to choose the period when the leaves will have a beautiful color. Dry cells it is better not to take.

During the collection pay attention to the size and shape of the leaves. In addition, the work can be complemented by other elements. For example, a painting of autumn leaves can be created from grass, feathers, flowers and other natural materials.

Before you begin work on the creation of a masterpiece, the leaves should be prepared. To do this, put them in a thick book so they can dry thoroughly. To accelerate this process because the material can easily crumble. Even after gentle drying, the leaves will become very brittle, so work with them carefully.

Be careful during storage of the material, he did not rot. If you need to quickly prepare the material, you can use the iron. It is necessary to put an element between two sheets of white paper and ironed. However, try to observe the optimum temperature. To work with the material presented must be careful not to damage the elements.

What equipment should you use to work?

picture of the leaves of the treesSo, to paintings from the leaves of the trees turned out beautiful, you need to use additional materials

- white glue, and also a normal brush, which substance will be applied on the basis;

- a pair of scissors to cut out the necessary elements.

- thick cardboard or plain paper in landscape, which is used as the basis;

- clay, which will be attached to the volume of details of the picture;

- you should also prepare some cargo to be able to pin down the future picture.

In principle, you will be enough of those materials that are listed.

Features manufacturer paintings

picture of flower and leafPaintings of flowers and leaves to do just enough. You only have to determine the type of an application. It can be invoice, symmetrical, silhouette, belt and modular. Order the product turned out beautiful, you must choose the right time and place. You can help them, however all actions should be concerted.

The first step is to come up with the plot and draw it on paper. Only then should you start gluing natural elements. If you don't have enough leaves, you can draw the missing elements in pencil, pen or to use other materials (acorns, pinecones, grass, straw, branches).

If you've tried to work with simple images, then you can start to create a tiered pattern. It should be noted that if the leaf has any extra parts that do not fit into the overall plot, they should be cut off.

A Painting of autumn leaves is constructed very simply. First to the base attach large items. Last glued small leaves and details. Naturally, you should pick up items by color to make the picture as natural.

In principle, it is General advice. Work carefully and with love. Only in this case you will get a masterpiece that can decorate your home.

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