What is the compendium and is it worth it to buy?


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With the announcement of each successive Championships Dota 2 the International, Valve adds in-game store item called Compendium. However, many players do not know about what is the compendium and why to buy it.

In-Game bonuses

what is the compendium

It's No secret that most players prefer Dota 2 not only for the reason that there are extremely addictive gameplay, but also because of the many cosmetic items as well as many other interesting items. For those who don't know what the compendium, I hasten to say that this is a special item that allows you to enjoy many new elements, as well as all sorts of bonuses, such as refined animation of Dagon, daggers, treatment at the fountain and many other things. The higher level of the compendium, which is added for the execution of various tasks or to achieve goals, the more you will be able to unlock awards.

Increase prize money

what is the compendium in DotA 2

For every person that doesn't know what the compendium, might be nice to know the fact that 25% spent on the subject of the money goes to the prize Fund of the championship at The International. On the one hand, you provide players with huge motivation to achieve the prize, and on the other – can roughly imagine how much money Valve earned on the sale of the subject, because the amount is also quite interesting. However, the provision of motivating players and getting for it more entertaining matches – this, of course, much more interesting the purpose of the acquisition of compendium for those people who are interested in eSports but don't know what the compendium.


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what is the compendium in DotA 2 and why you need it

In Addition to the awards, in the compendium there is a lot of interesting features. In particular, for those who don't know what the compendium "DotA 2", but is interested in eSports, there is an opportunity to test yourself in selections in different matches, or even exactly who will get a direct invite into the tournament. Over time, you will also make a prediction of the result of the qualifying, the tournament and a number of other events. If your predictions are successful, you will be able to fully understand what the compendium "DotA 2" and what is it for ordinary players, because you are waiting for interesting rewards.

From 2015, added a number of tests, for example such as the implementation of a series of murders, fast acquisition Mekansm or first blood in the match. For these tests include rewards that can later be exchanged for various things in the store. Thus, you will get a much more interesting pastime in the game, and will be able to tune in to the matches of the main tournament in Seattle.

Project Development

As you know, Dota 2 is shareware, that is, the entire earnings of the company Valve is built on selling various in-game items, as well as on the sale of tickets for the various Championships. That is why, if you are not interested in foreign items on your favorite character, you can just buy the compendium for the only time in the year and be sure that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of a pet project.

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