Can pregnant women fly on a plane in the early stages?


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Every girl sooner or later dreams of motherhood. Pregnancy — this is not a reason to postpone long-planned vacation. And if you go on vacation, it is better abroad, because there is not only the level of service is much higher than domestic resorts, but the climate is more conducive to the health of future mothers. But here is a woman who bears a child, faced with a very big problem - namely with the road. To travel by bus or rail is not the best option, because it is not only very long but also involves a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, it remains only the air. Here many and the question arises as to whether pregnant women to fly a plane. Let's try to understand this in more detail and find out if a flight any kind of threat to the health of the baby and its mother.

General information

plane in hand

In the later stages of gestation when birth is anticipated in the offing, no expectant mother isn't going anywhere. But in the first trimester there is no reason to deny yourself to luxuriate on a sandy beach under the warm sunlight. Therefore, the most pressing is the question: can pregnant women fly on a plane during early pregnancy? However, even doctors cannot give a definite answer because each case is unique and depends on many factors. Some people throughout time nurturing the fetus very easy to carry flights, and the other without pregnancy it is quite difficult. In addition, you need to take into account the condition of the woman and fetus.


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Unfortunately, in medical practice there were cases when due to one flight a pregnant woman had a miscarriage. So before you go anywhere, it is recommended to first consult your gynecologist. This is very important because, on the basis of the clinical picture of the condition of the expectant mother will be able to give a definite answer, can pregnant women fly on a plane early on. However, as practice shows, in most cases, doctors discourage their patients from any trips.

Valid are the flights on the first three weeks of pregnancy?

flights in the early stages

Let's take a closer look at the issue of flying in the early stages of "an interesting situation". In the first three weeks the vast majority of girls are not even aware of her pregnancy. The maximum that they can notice a small delay of menstruation, which may be due to a hormonal imbalance, intense heat, intense work schedule or the normal stress, which these days is quite commonplace. However, it is at this period the question of whether pregnant women to fly an airplane, is very important. After all, the first weeks, when the fetus has only recently stuck on the wall of the uterus and are still weak, the extremely high likelihood of miscarriage. Many girls, having made one flight, never even know that they have at heart a new life.

What they say about doctors?

The Main task of doctors is to do everything possible for successful pregnancy and birth of a healthy child, so their opinion has to be considered. So what they're talking about can pregnant women fly on a plane during early pregnancy? Most medical professionals agree that spontaneous abortion has nothing to do with external factors, in this case with air travel, and is due to a variety of abnormalities in fetal development. Strange as it may sound, but the doctors say that these miscarriages happen for good, because you don't know whatever deviations and defects could be born children.

What are the problems facing girls in the position during the flight?

a pregnant woman on the plane

Responding to a question about whether pregnant women to fly a plane, it is necessary to touch on the topic of what challenges may face expectant mothers in flight. After all, they should have an idea what to expect, and generally what to prepare for.

During the flight, even at short distances, the human body is uncongested, so the girl affect not only psychological but also physical factors. Most women at the thought of the plane fall into the jitters, since they cover the rampant fear, to overcome which is quite difficult. In addition, very much on the health effect changes in blood pressure, excessively dry air, as well as the need for several hours of sitting in one position without the ability to walk and exercise.

Aerophobia pregnant

Despite the fact that bans doctors from traveling there, however, many women doubt whether or not to risk it and go on a planned vacation. Information published in magazines, a special clarity does not. When you ask different people about whether pregnant women to fly a plane, feedback is always very controversial. If the girl was afraid of air transport, inthe time of gestation normal fear can even escalate in her aerophobia. Therefore, in some cases it is better to postpone or cancel altogether their plans to avoid being subjected to too much stress and not overload my nervous system. Especially in our country there are many beautiful places that are able to provide a quality vacation. It is also possible instead of plane to travel on another mode of transport, which is for girls more than usual.

The pressure Drops in the plane

pregnant girl

As everyone knows, air transport is experiencing very strong changes in atmospheric pressure, which can pose a great threat for the mother and her child. They can cause separation of the placenta from the uterine wall that is deadly to the fetus. This is especially dangerous in the third trimester of pregnancy. If time is not taken necessary measures, the child would die in the mother's stomach. This creates a threat to the life of the woman. If pregnant hemorrhoids or varicose veins, no flights at all out of the question maybe because of pressure drops in these diseases can escalate and become more serious.

Lack of oxygen

Many medical journals in publications on whether pregnant women to fly a plane into 2 trimester, writing about oxygen deficiency. And this is true, because at high altitude the amount of air in the cabin is slightly reduced. As a result, moms-to-be starts to panic on the background of hypoxia. However, nothing wrong with that, and there is no threat neither for her nor for the baby, except in those cases where women have anemia. With this disease are prohibited to fly not only pregnant, but also ordinary people.

Limited mobility in the air

pregnant woman at the airport

So can pregnant women fly on a plane for 3 weeks or not, we have already found. If possible, refrain from traveling in order not to expose the fetus at risk. At a later time is a threat to the health of the baby is much smaller, but the expectant mother is faced with many inconveniences. One of them is the need to sit in the same position until the plane reaches its destination. To withstand it is very difficult, but the problem with this is that women, as a result, can develop a variety of unpleasant consequences, the severity of which depends on the duration of pregnancy. If during the flight the girl will start to ache, then it is recommended to lie down, that the plane simply impossible to do.

Problems with radiation

Few people think about it. Responding to a question about whether pregnant women to fly during the second trimester, is to elaborate on the problem of radiation in the cabin of air transport, the effects of which are borne by the passengers. The fact that irradiation at a height of several thousand kilometers, much more than on earth, since the radiation is dissipated in the thick atmosphere. However, according to doctors, the dose of radiation received in the sky, is absolutely safe for health and human life, so if you are several times a year to fly to on holiday in another country, nothing bad will happen.


There is an opinion that changes in pressure can lead to the formation of thrombosis in pregnant women. This is confirmed by many specialists and doctors. Moreover, girls in position, face this problem more often than others. What is possible to protect yourself? Several times during the flight to get up to exercise. Can't hurt to wear special stockings for the legs, drink more fluid during the flight and, of course, not to abuse coffee drinks. If all recommendations are complied with and the future mom feels good, then do not excessive worry and worry about the threat of thrombosis.


pregnant woman at the airport

So, you already know about can pregnant women fly on a plane or not. If you are still on your own risk decided to do this, it is very important to know how to prepare yourself for the flight. It is worth noting: if the destination is very far and to him you will have to spend more than four hours, you better give up the journey. The same can be said about if the expectant mother suffers from morning sickness as pleasant at first glance, a trip can turn into a nightmare.

If you are in your third trimester, before purchase of tickets is recommended to go to the doctor and get tested. You will need to get his certificate of health, since neither airline will not let you pass without her on Board his plane. This is because carriers don't want to take responsibility for the health and lives of expectant mothers and their unborn children.

When ordering tickets choose the places which are located as close as possible to the cockpit. The best option would be the first row, because you'll be able to stretch my legs, if they fall asleep. The chair should be located near the aisle. If funds allow, buy a ticket in business class.There are chairs and a larger size so you can put them more can stay comfortably. But in the rear of the aircraft is better not to fly, because there can accumulate the large number of different pathogenic bacteria.

Before paying a ticket is to ask the airline if they have any restrictions on the carriage of pregnant women, as not all companies provide their services to expectant mothers.

How to ensure a comfortable flight?

Can pregnant women fly in the 1st trimester? As we have seen, even a small risk of miscarriage and there is, nonetheless, that is allowed. Therefore, packing suitcases for a holiday, make sure to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes made from natural materials. If you have any problems with the veins of the lower extremities, then buy in-store special tights. During the flight, try as often as possible to get up to a bit to stretch my legs. If you want to avoid flowing back and pain in it, bring a small pillow that you can put under the lower back. The number of compulsory subjects includes first aid kit, which should contain analgesics and pills for nausea. If you are thoroughly prepared and take all necessary, the question of whether pregnant women to fly during the second trimester (and throughout an interesting situation), will not occur in your head.


pregnant girl with a suitcase

This article was as detailed as possible answer the question of whether pregnant women to fly a plane, and provides the basic tips and recommendations how to make the journey as pleasant and comfortable. However, before buying a ticket, it is strongly recommended first to pass the examination and to consult with your doctor, because the only way you will be 100% sure that you and your baby, nothing will happen.

During pregnancy, do not forget to care of yourself. Because your condition depends entirely on the health of the unborn child.

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