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For a very long time there is such a term as socionics. It is not a science, and special classification of personality types and relationships that are emerging between them. It was founded in the seventies of the last century a sociologist such as Ausra Augustinavichiute. This typology has generated genuine interest. So, it should be simple and understandable language to talk about this concept and to understand its principles.

socionics is


So what is socionics, this is understandable. Now we need to disclose this term in detail.

The Purpose of this concept lies in the fact that every person could find out your individual personality type and based on the result and read the characteristics (usually with some guides to a certain way of advice) to choose the way of self-realization.

Many critics and scientists say that socionics – it is an independent discipline that relates to psychology, but much beyond its borders. You could say otherwise. Socionics-this is an amazing science that lies where the intersect computer science, sociology and psychology.


Socionics-is not only a discipline, developed the personality types. She is also the science which found its application in certain fields of activity. For example, in Russia socionic test is often carried out in recruitment. Another is that methods based on the principles of this discipline are applied in pedagogy. Professional orientation, arrangement and formation of surgical brigades "first aid" – that she, too, found the application.


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Even in linguistics socionics use. On the basis of its principles out of system a typology of linguistic identity. At the same time allocate and analyze lingvisticeskij types. But that's another “industry”.

And, of course, politics. In this important field of activity this concept also already started to use.

socionics relations chart

Mental functions

The Houses – the test is unusual. It may seem simple (although, in fact, it is), but in order for him to do so, scientists have conducted various experiments and studied the thinking of a person.

Personality Types identified on the basis of characteristics such as intuition, sensation, feeling and thinking. And they have their own definition. For example, thinking is a function that brings information and data in a specific conceptual link. The feeling is characterized a little differently. It gives this content a specific value. This refers to the moral component. That is, the person received information (thinking), processed it and concluded that – good or bad, beautiful/ugly, mean/honest etc and have feelings.

Now feeling. A synonym for “perception”. People, identifying the conclusion (mentioned above) is guided by feelings.

Finally – intuition. The function by which a person perceives something without thinking. You could say, unconsciously. He just seems so.

On the basis of these functions, but rather on how they are combined in the consciousness of a particular individual and in what quantities, is determined by personality type.

personality test

“don Quixote", "Dumas”, “Hugo” and “mind”

This – the first four types, which I would like to tell. 16.

So, “don Quixote" (aka “Finder”). Related to this type of people is characterized as intuitive-logical extrovert. Great organizers, individuals who are trying to be helpful, thrill seekers who need constant excitement, and always striving for prospects.

"Dumas", aka “Realtor”. These people – sensing ethical introverts. Friendly, they like art and nature, they are attentive and caring, rarely deny, I like to help and don't like to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, these kind and sincere people today uncommon. It has already proved socionics. The relationship table shows that perfect pair (Douala) for such people is "don Quixote", which is explained above. Indeed, the characteristics they perfectly complement each other.

“Hugo” and “mind” – they “Enthusiast” and “Analyst". Ethical-sensory extrovert and logical-intuitive introvert. Perfectly complement each other from a psychological point of view. Fiery, emotional, tireless lover of order and rational fighter for justice with a well-developed logic – a very colorful combination, as shown by socionics. Women and men that are found in this combination are quite interesting pairs.

socionics women

“hamlet”, “Maxim”, “bugs” and “short”

The First two listed is the “Mentor” and “Inspector”. And they are also duals. “Hamlet” – serious and focused on the problems of the individual. Socionics shows that these people can handle anything if you are prepared to the situation and find a solution. Clearly divide good and evil and the bad will never make undeserved.

“the Maxims Bitter” – soberrealists who never change their views. At all. Also, they are quite secretive. For them, “my” – mean exclusively “my”. They are hardy, resilient character, sometimes even ruthless. And emotional.

“bugs” and “sad” – this is also an interesting dual pair. “Marshal” are strong-willed and purposeful people who are interested in achieving this goal. Never fear, grief and other strong emotions. “short” is ideal dual pair, because these individuals – fighters for emotional emancipation. Very sensitive to others. Romance who are chasing inspiration. People socionic type “sense” will become the thing lacked a few hard and serious. "beetles".

socionics relations

"Napoleon", "Balzac”, “Jack” and “Dreiser”

This – the penultimate “four”, which offers to our attention socionics. The relationship table shows that the listed types do complement each other fully.

After "Napoleon" and "Balzac” – is really a unique couple. Active, energetic, kind-hearted aesthete and intellectual. "Balzac" becomes an ideal match for "Napoleon" because one needs at hand the man who would be “other half” immediately. That is, he does not want to adapt to the partner. In this dual pair is quite possible.

“Jack” – a true workaholic, romantic, who loves adventure, a relentless optimist and a man who loves life. What socionics tells us? The relationship “Jack” well-formed “Kazerani”. Because it's polite, considerate people, humble, loyal, loving. In General, “Dreiser” “Jack” will want to cheer, to show the real, eventful life. Typically, such a couple of strong.

“ridiculous”, “Dostoevsky", "Huxley” and “Gabin”

This – the last four socionic types. “Stirlitz” – people who are able to act logically and reasonably. They are assertive and do not tolerate any delay. Also ridiculous - an outspoken opponent of the cunning, dishonesty and unfair play, whatever it touched. “writer”, is considered ideal socionic pair of “Shtirlits”, are the owners of very sensitive mental organization. They never give up and try to help everyone. And really, these people can become good pair of “Shtirlits” – they get to teach those to be more emotional and softer in those situations where without it the relationship will not work.

“Huxley” – hot enthusiasts. Emotional, active, love fun and adventure. And their moods can be affected at all. “Gabin”, its dual – is kept in a person's emotions, which will not work without any purpose. They have "Huxley" do work mutually beneficial relationship. The other one is learning to control emotions (when you need to be restrained, and when not to do this), and the second – pushing your partner to be active.

personality socionics


So, it should be noted that each type has a detailed description, and all that is described above-it is only briefly and to the General public. And finally, I would like to mention that of these "duals" can be do not have love couples. Colleagues, comrades, friends – this refers to the overall relationship between people! After all, “dual” – it's just certain couples who are perfect from the point of view of psycho-sociological complement each other.

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