Free antivirus programs for "Windows 8": which is better?


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What is the antivirus for the system, as the water person, is not discussed. Another thing - what antivirus to choose from a huge number of software packages that are currently on the market of IT-technologies? It is clear that licensed software to many users to buy not want (or can't due to lack of funds). So let's talk about which is better to use free antivirus for “Windows 8”.

antivirus for Windows 8

Windows 8: protect

If anyone knows an antivirus to “Windows 8” is already supplied in the installation distribution. However, it is not a full software package with all the attendant possibilities. That is to say, basic protection (just in case). Of course, he has, as they say, one, two and miscalculated.

So I have to put something else. However, once it is necessary to consider the time that a free antivirus for “Windows 8” different from many professional products that do not consume system resources in such quantity as the license apps. Although, on the other hand, their disadvantages are manifested in the fact that they still do not protect the system.

Then out of position you can go in if put free trial-version (trial) license of Kaspersky Antivirus, Eset NOD 32 Antivirus or Eset Smart Security, and then every month to renew the license with keys. If you are not lazy, please. This is the best option.

Moreover, the protection will be at the highest level, although some additional features will be unavailable. In most cases they are not needed.

free antiviruses for Windows 8

Most popular free antivirus software

Among the programs of this type, of course, available completely free tool to “Windows 8”, and optimized for the OSes so to avoid any conflicts that can occur when you have several such programs. Let's discuss its capabilities in more detail.


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If you choose the free antivirus to “Windows 8”, you should pay attention to such well-known developments as AVG Antivirus, Avast, Avira, Panda, Microsoft Security Essential, etc.

Basically, almost all programs have similar functions, although there are very strong differences.

For example, AVG has a LinkScanner, the module that checks sites for threats, blocking identity theft, Identity Protection, as well as a special tool, PC Scanner, which is essentially both a means of displaying information about the computer system and the optimizer.

antivirus for windows 8 1

Avast, in that respect is a full command center with multiple functions, combines a conventional scanner for risks, a permanent monitoring system.

The Panda is interesting because it identifies and eliminates threats, so to speak, on the fly, with absolutely no loading system. It has two modes of operation: system and permanent. In addition, it is a plus in the fact that it allows you to upgrade your own components and virus databases in offline mode.

The Popular anti-virus package Panda is an interesting solution in terms of organization of work. It looks like this: application on the computer monitors potential threats that are sent in “cloud”, where the scanning of the suspicious elements. Plus of such technology are obvious: the load on system resources is very low (especially when you consider that the very Windows 8, and so greedy).

what is the best antivirus for windows 8

A Native package from Microsoft called Security Essentials - the same thing is interesting. Despite the constant work in the background, its peak falls on the time when the computer system is idle. For the average user (for example, with low-powered by modern standards the car) it's a godsend. Moreover, apparently, the developers of Windows 8 and so you know what there are holes, so the anti-virus imprisoned specifically for the system.

What is the best antivirus for Windows 8

Now look what is better to install. What program to “clean” Windows 8, antivirus for Windows 8.1 - they are all interesting and unique. Picking up this software on your computer, it is necessary to proceed from what is required in each case.

For low-power computer systems can advise Panda or Microsoft Security Essentials. For more powerful protection suitable AVG, Avira and Avast. However, it should again be noted that almost all the free antivirus for “Windows 8” compared to licensed software is clearly losing.

antivirus for windows 8 1


If you drive up, you can certainly suggest to install a free program. They differ also in their capabilities, and plug-ins. However, many experts still recommend such software products as minimum protection, provided that the user is aware that it is necessary to avoid, say, visiting suspicious websites or run (view) the attachment in the email without testing.

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