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Today it is quite popular are the sports shoes of Climacool. Thanks to this innovation on the sports market, it became possible to control climatic conditions inside the Shoe. Adidas Climacool shoes distinguished by the presence of a regulatory mechanism that will not allow the athlete's foot is to freeze or sweat, depending on the climatic conditions of the environment.

Shoes design

Sports shoes are the most popular products of the brand Adidas, sneakers for men and women who are the leaders in number of sales worldwide. This Shoe is not typical for a sneaker look that's pretty customized and futuristic. Due to the vertical lines creates a special style, which is full of originality. The sole of the sneaker is presented in a segmented form. It performs not only a decorative accent, but also plays a constructive function.

The Upper part of sneakers is made of breathable textile in tandem with the mesh which provides excellent ventilation. The soles are made from such lightweight material as peoplestyle.

adidas climacool shoes

The Secret Climacool technology

This incredibly popular series of footwear created for a useful and entertaining sport. Is a series of Adidas Climacool running shoes for men and women, which is made with the orthopedic structure of the foot. This Shoe marvelous job of reducing vibration that is present during the cross-country studies. Thanks to the perfect design of running shoes athlete's energy is channelled, not scattered and premature fatigue is excluded.


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Adidas Climacool Shoes provide perfect ventilation of the foot while running, and create an optimum microclimate inside the Shoe. This is due to the individual structure toe shoes and other components. The air flow circulates freely inside the Shoe, while carrying out cooling overheated areas of the athlete's foot. Amazing ventilation and release of excess moisture to keep feet from diaper rash, overheating, and provide incredible comfort during training process.

adidas sneakers women

What is unique about the technology?

Relatively recently gained its recognition in the world of sports shoes brand Adidas. Sneakers for men and women made of Climacool, this company was among the favorites due to the unique technology of climate control within the Shoe. This is a Shoe that is amazingly suitable for cross-country sports, whatever the temperature of the environment. Quite a great advantage of these shoes is the incredible ease. Weight sneaker this model does not exceed 200 g.

Thanks to the synthetic upper materials, manufactured with innovative technology, the foot is constantly in a ventilated environment. Durable outsole not only provides excellent adhesion to the soil, but also creates a comfortable environment for the feet. The insole of the sneaker has perforated holes, which occurs due to the additional air exchange.

adidas climacool running shoes mens

Product Range

The Producer of this sports shoes were taken into account in your product is not only functional customer requirements, and external quality. Adidas Climacool shoes presented in 26 colors, among which everyone can find the money.

Basic types

  • Classic — this model of sneakers is representative of the unchanged classics that is designed for cross-country sports and has an additional support system of the foot.
  • Ride — Adidas Climacool shoes, which embody a rather simple design with amazing ventilation.
  • Voyager — sports Shoe that has quick-drying synthetic mesh and extra support for the foot.
  • Revolution — a model of shoes with ventilated uppers and soles, which is rather static and non-staining colors.
  • Chill Fresh — the kind of sneakers with a unique mechanism to support the foot and excellent ventilation inside the Shoe.
  • Solution — a rather unique kind of sneakers which has a segmented sole intended for cross-country sports.

sneakers adidas climacool solution

Adidas running Shoes Climacool Solution — the epitome of softness and comfort

Sports shoes this model combines stylish design, excellent ventilation, takes into account all the anatomical features of the foot and is a combination of strength and convenience. Thanks to the Climacool technology, these sneakers derive the excess moisture from the skin of the feet. The sole of this sports Shoe has a segmented structure, which not only improves adhesion to the soil, but also helps in overcoming obstacles.

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