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In Russian literature the works of Ivan Bunin is a special place for purely formal reason. Among Russian writers of the twentieth century is not so much can count those who won world recognition in the Nobel prize. And despite the fact that it is possible to understand those who are skeptical of such winning as such, it is an undeniable fact of belonging to the elite circle of the great figures of world culture. Creativity of any artist cannot be understood without a look at the environment in which he lived. Look at her carefully.Bunin childhood

Ivan Bunin. Childhood in Orel province

The Beginning of life of the future writer are connected with an average strip of Russia. Images of childhood are crucial for the formation of every creative person. The unique flavor of Russian nature and modest life gradually coming into disrepair noble estates will find multiple reflections in verse and prose of the future Nobel prize winner. His well-known poem "Childhood" Bunin dedicated to the memories of a very specific place. This farm Butyrki eletski County Orel province. Here was located the estate "Ozerki", a neighborhood which is subsequently repeatedly portrayed in his works of Bunin. His childhood slowly proceeded in the parental home until admission to school. To teach it he had to move to the district town of Elets.poems Bunin short

Ivan Bunin. "Childhood" is a poem. Subsequent work

Poems Bunin began composing at the age of seventeen. And with the first steps announced itself as a full-fledged poet with his distinctive language and recognizable imagery. Poems Bunin short. It's not impossible to find a single superfluous word, nothing to add or to subtract.


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Works that have become classics of Russian poetry, has only twelve lines. Difficult to find any complex symbolic imagery. It's just a colored emotions a warm Sunny day in a pine forest. The landscape passed through the senses of a boy of ten. If you compare with the painting, is pure impressionism. But still would hardly be a reason to talk about the author as about the classics of Russian literature, if he was limited to a short poetic sketches. And if the poems Bunin short, of prose to say that it is not always possible.Ivan Bunin childhood poem

Poetry and prose

The Russian readers Bunin became known first as the master of short sketches about Russian provincial realities the beginning of the century. They are very far from the idyllic perception of the world, who became a famous poet Bunin. The child remained in the old abandoned manor in the province of Orel.

It Should be noted that poetry and prose of Ivan Bunin were some way away from the dominant literary trends. In them it is difficult to detect sophisticated symbolistic imagery and modernist tendencies. It is much closer to the traditional Russian realism. But all the artistic and artistic Bohemians, among which revolved a writer, living a single sense of impending Russia for the disaster. The wait was not too long. poem childhood Bunin

War and revolution

The Social turmoil of the early twentieth century put before a hard choice all the educated part of Russian society. To choose often had not so much between white and red, how much meanwhile, to live or die. This explains the fact that most of the Russian intellectual elite on the outcome of the civil war found themselves outside their homeland.

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin was among those who up to the last limit believed and hoped for the victory of the White movement. From Odessa the writer departed in February 1920 one of the last steamers. He emigrated to France. That he was not destined to be longer to return to Russia ever, Bunin, like many Russian immigrants who refused to believe. But the shore of the country where it was written twelve lines of the poem, "Childhood", and disappeared behind the ship for him forever.Bunin childhood monument


Outside Russia, Bunin lived a long and, at first glance, quite happily. He worked and worked and was widely published. Bunin's books were published as in Russian, and translated into many European languages. Here he was overtaken by literary fame on a global scale. It just so happened that most of his works were written away from home. I don't think they would have been created if not for the longing for her permanent loss of. This is something more than a mere emigrant nostalgia.

The Famous poem "Childhood" suddenly takes on new depth and symbolic meaning. It becomes a way of all the lost homeland. It is from this spiritual source is growing, and that brilliant prose, which became famous Ivan Bunin. A childhood spent in the middle zone of Russia, was the source of creative energy. It will last for years to come, which the writer was destined to spend away from home.

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