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Persol glasses are famous all over the world. They are fond of athletes and travelers, soldiers and movie stars. A distinctive feature of all products of this brand are casual, but very expressive and vivid style.

persol sunglasses

History and geography

Few people know how it all began. Persol glasses, appeared in the midst of the First world war. Their homeland - the Italian city of Turin.

His appearance they are required by the local photographer Giuseppe Ratti, whose innate curiosity and professional duty pushed on a military airfield, where he spoke with the pilots. In conversations about the hardships of a soldier's life, the photographer was surprised to find that almost the Nemesis of the pilot is the glare of the sun. Familiar with optics, the photographer decided to make a contribution in support of the army and took over the invention of these glasses that would be comfortable to wear and the most protected from the sun.

Its First creation was born in 1917 and was named Protector. The glasses were made of brown lenses, worn on the elastic band. Perevospitat was Francesco De Pinedo, who in these glasses transatlantic flight. Soon the novelty is widely spread through the ranks of the air forces of Italy.

But it was not yet debut. It will be years before the whole world will speak about Persol. Glasses of this brand re-emerged decades later - in 1957. They were designed for the Turin tram driver with the aim of wind and dust protection. The model got the number 0649 and today has become a real classic Persol. Glasses number 2978, which was released almost immediately after the previous, at present is also considered classics of Italian style.


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persol sunglasses reviews

For almost a century, the geography of production has never changed. Sunglasses "Persol" as produced and continue to produce at the Turin factory, Lauriano. Moreover, a large part of the production process is done manually.

Technological features

Persol is the first manufacturer points, which began to use acetate for the manufacture of frames. It was made of crushed dust powder obtained from the flowers of cotton. Thanks to this natural material frames "Persol" do not cause irritation of the skin, and always warm to the touch.

Close attention is paid and processing the edges of the bridges. The technology, invented in the 30-ies of the last century, called Telatura, and is still in use without any changes.


Persol glasses are playing a special role among the huge variety of accessories. For many the word has become stereotyped. According to fans of the brand, the name "Persol" is synonymous with the expression "Good men glasses".

persol sunglasses

The Main technological feature all the accessories of this brand can be called Meflecto connecting element located on the handle. It consists of nylon and steel cylinders, fused to the acetate. Crosses a thin, flexible strip of stainless steel. Due to this construction, the arms are bent according to the shape of the face, which greatly reduces the pressure on whiskey, and reduce the risk of breakage. Persol glasses reviews, which testify to their durability and reliability.

Brand arrow

All sunglasses Persol have one distinguishing mark - they are decorated with a turning rim with the handle of a silver arrow Supreme. It resembles a sword. For half a century, the arrow altered its appearance already 30 times, and over the very first design worked personally Giuseppe Ratti, who founded the company. 5 most popular models in the photo below.

persol sunglasses

Star fans

Among the admirers of glasses "Persol" a lot of stars. This thing is considered to be not only beautiful and practical, but also a status. Persol sunglasses, the cost of which is rarely less than $ 150, but this does not hinder their popularity. Connoisseurs believe that it is better to buy one good pair every 5 years than 3 times over the summer to purchase less than a luxurious accessory. Among the fans of "Persol" there are celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Tom cruise, Steve McQueen, pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Cary Grant.

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