As quickly and with the minimum cost to make the Cabinet compartment own hands?


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I do not think anyone in the modern world can't imagine their living room or bedroom without the presence of the Cabinet. Moreover, currently there is demand for cabinets coupe. In stores you can offer a huge range of types and colors of this furniture fittings, but quite often, the wardrobe is quite expensive. That's why I consider it necessary to explain how to make the Cabinet compartment own hands. After all, it's pretty simple and not as expensive as buying a new wardrobe in a furniture store.

 in order to make the Cabinet compartment own hands, we need the following things: modern electric jig saw, universal grinding machine, screwdriver or screwdriver, transparent ruler 1 meter long tape measure, small level and a set of liquid nails.

Now that all the parts and devices in order to make the Cabinet compartment own hands,  we have prepared as well as in the wall of the drilled hole, and the doors assembled, you can proceed directly to the Assembly and installation of a new Cabinet to its proper place.

 In the beginning of the installation it is necessary to measure in advance the place where you are going to install a new Cabinet compartment. All the necessary dimensions and calculations need to transfer a schematic on a white sheet of paper. Thus, you will receive a sketch of the installation of the Cabinet compartment, which you made yourself. Built-in wardrobes with his hands made can easily be put, if in your location there are several of workers. Well, my article is dedicated to teaching you to assemble the wardrobe with his hands cooked on location by one person.  Now we will describe the basic principle of the Assembly of the wardrobes.


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 The Basic plan of the Assembly.

 1. For a start you need to sort all items in order of their fixing on the Cabinet during Assembly. It is best to start from the far side, as it will be easier then all the parts to distribute the weight load, and possible problems with the installation you can avoid. After that you need to put the main bottom carrier section and pressed his rear end against the wall where the Cabinet compartment own hands made. Then you can fasten the left and right sides. Pulls the side of the Cabinet to the wall and press the fasten to the mounting bolts.

 in This way, the wall not only gives an emphasis, but carries the entire mass of future construction, so the sidewall will be easier to keep in balance. Immediately after installation you need to tie one front confirmat to the bottom connection structure. Now the sides of our buildings will stand securely and can not hold any more. Fasten the remaining two confirmata and move on to the next stage.

 2. Then gradually, in accordance with the first paragraph, building up in the manufactured circuit connection of the sidewalls. At the initial stage of manufacture and Assembly design multiple sidewalls for communication can not be secured immediately in the plane, and just to fix one confirmatum,  while providing the stability and reliability of Assembly of the Cabinet.

 3. After it is installed all right and left sidewall sections of the wardrobe,  you must fasten it to the roof of our designs, and all communication to expand the horizon and to fix all confirmity with liquid nails.

4. All the collected sections can now be put forward, and then nailed to the rear wall painting of the fiberboard. After that, you can install made-in wardrobe with his hands in the prepared in the beginning place.        

 Therefore, to install and to manufacture sliding wardrobe with your own hands is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. But with all the work you must strictly adhere to the above plan. The entire Assembly and manufacture of the necessary details asked me about 3-4 days on 5-6 hours of free time.

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