Safety rules on the ship for kids and adults


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Water transport is striking in its diversity. Moreover, many of the types are not used for military purposes or transport of goods and for the carriage of passengers. That is why everyone is recommended to know the rules of safety on the ship for children and adults and to comply strictly with them.

safety rules on the ship

The Concept of the safety of children and adults

As travelers in different cities offers custom boat in different directions. Very often these services are used by visitors with children (or a group of children). Before conducting such trips it is recommended to understand the concept of safety on the water. It includes not only the salvation of the drowning, teaching swimming, and preventive work with children, but also the rules of conduct on the ship and the shoreline.

Coaching is obligatory for all who are going to use the following types of water transport:

  • Jet-skis;
  • Boat;
  • Boat;
  • Kayaks;
  • Sailing ships;
  • Ships.

Special attention should be paid when making the walk a large group of children. Each child will need to explain what on the ship to do it. To consolidate the knowledge you can ask the children to draw a poster calling for the observance of safety rules on the ship.

Basic rules

It is Worth remembering that these rules are binding not only children, but also those who accompany them.

safety on the ship

You first need to observe a public order, regardless of the size of the ship, as well as the requirements of safe navigation, rules of fire safety and sanitary requirements. In addition, each ship has its own rules that have been brought up by landing on his instructor. Each passenger obliged without question and quickly perform them. Prohibited orders to discuss and to question. Such actions can only be performed on the beach, because during the course of the ship on the water, this person is responsible for the safety of passengers.


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Vehicle vehicle

To ensure the safety of passengers the ship has to be specialized equipment. It conforms to the rules of health and life of passengers on water, as well as available standards of navigation. In particular, every ship that specializiruetsya on passengers, should be equipped with enough life jackets and boats.

thumbnail safety rules on the ship

Before sailing instructor informs the passengers about the safety rules on the ship, as well as about the actions that must be performed during an emergency situation.

What is forbidden to passengers

Regardless of the age of the passengers is prohibited (for safety at the vehicle, which are arranged in the form of posters throughout):

  • To prevent the employees of the ship at each stage of the journey;
  • To be in the area where the ship is;
  • To go beyond the existing boundary fence, dive directly from the ship, and in proximity to it;
  • Lean over the fence or sit on them;
  • Disrupt the order, to throw garbage on Board and for it;
  • Consume alcoholic beverages, to be on Board in narcotic or alcoholic intoxication;
  • Run the ladders to move up without holding the handrails;
  • Leave on electrical appliances in the cabin, if the trip is on a similar ship.

In Addition, it is unacceptable to smoke in the places not intended for this purpose.

The landing and embarkation cannot be arbitrary. To visit premises and to access the technical compartments is strictly prohibited. You need to monitor the behavior of children, and for their observance of safety rules on the ship.

calling for the observance of safety rules on the ship

There are some limitations in behavior and on the dock, if the ship route implies the presence of stops. In particular, on the banks of the passengers:

  • Climb on the ship or go down with him not on the ramp;
  • To go to that part of the pier, which is not fenced in;
  • Swim in an inappropriate place;
  • Swim for the buoys.

Even while stationary maintaining security on the ship.

Safety Rules during disembarkation and landing on the ship

Special attention should be paid to the observance of safety rules while boarding the ship and disembarkation from the vessel. After the ship moored to the dock, the staff ensure the readiness of the ladders, by which passengers going down and up. In some cases, may require disembarkation of passengers on boats. They are used in the case where the ship can not come to the pier close to be able to lower the ladder.

How to behave during an emergency

You first need to calm down and not to panic. During such situations, there are safety rules on the ship that require compliance. All required to step voice instructors, so you need them to listen carefully to and follow theirinstructions.

safety rules on the ship for kids

The alarm every passenger must go up on deck, wearing in front of this life jacket. After announcing the start of boarding the boat to get ready to leave the ship (the first to do it women and children, the wounded, the last captain). This should be done only at the command of trainers.

When you use lifebuoy it is important to observe the entire sequence of actions, in particular in any case be allowed its location to below the breast.

Water transport is one of the safest because car accidents happen more often. However, the preservation of human life in many respects depends on observance of safety rules. So you need to carefully study the safety rules on the ship before to land on Board. In an emergency, this knowledge can save a life. When traveling with children it is recommended to use the sketch "safety Rules on the ship", which demonstrates how to behave on Board.

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