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Pentium J2900-processor is the perfect solution for compact and energy-efficient computer systems. Both for stationary and for mobile. It is about its options and capabilities will be discussed.

pentium j2900

Positioning chip

Intel Pentium J2900 aimed at the segment of computer entry-level solutions. However, he boasts a high degree of efficiency and low cost. Also, this chip due to the relatively small size and low heat dissipation can be successfully used in its personal computers. In General, where there are no special requirements to the performance of the PC, and imperative energy-efficient solution that can fit in a compact housing, combined with a low cost with success it is possible to use a semiconductor solution.

The Socket for the processor of this product

This silicon crystal is designed for installation in the socket marked FCBGA1170. Only here, unlike the usual portable processor sockets, in this case, the chip has soldered directly on the motherboard. It allows manufacturers of computer equipment to reduce the cost of its production and reduce the cost of finished products. But here's the repair or upgrade of such equipment can no longer be performed. In this case, it is easier to buy a new laptop or system unit.

Technology of the manufacturing process of the silicon crystal

The Pentium J2900 is manufactured according to the norms of one of the most advanced technological processes to date - 22 nm. It use in this case allows the CPU against similar third-party products boast a high degree of efficiency. In addition, it should be noted that the code name of production technology of semiconductor elements TriGate. Due to the three-dimensional layout significantly reduced the sizes of transistors in this case, and similar engineering solution reduces the dimensions of a silicon substrate.

intel pentium j2900


Rather modestly organized subsystem of fast volatile memory in the Pentium J2900. Overview technical specifications this product indicates the presence of only 2 levels of cache. On the one hand, the lack of the 3rd level of fast memory significantly reduces the performance of the computer system. But at the same time reduces the size of the silicon die and decreases the heat dissipation of the chip. The total size of the cache of the first level in this case is 224 KB, and the second — 2 MB.


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Types of RAM. The number of channels

Pentium J2900 features an integrated dual channel memory controller, which aims to work in combination with DDR3 memory modules. Therefore, the composition of such a PC is better to use just 2 strips of RAM and due to this, albeit small, but still an increase in performance. Again, the usual, full-length strips of RAM will not get to see on the PC. Compact size motherboards impose limitations, and in this case, you can only find slots kind of LPDDR3. That is applied to the cropped strips of RAM, which focuses on the use of laptops. The maximum size of RAM that this chip can be addressed is 8 GB.

pentium j2900 review

Thermal Suite

In Addition to the four computing units on a semiconductor chip also has a built in memory controller, the cache memory 2 levels and an integrated graphics accelerator. If similar equipment was on a high-performance processor, its TDP would be in the range of 75 to 100 watts. In this case, the manufacturer set the value of this parameter at 10 watts. So you can even restrict even passive cooling system. The maximum temperature for J2900 equal to 105 0S. In reality, this chip operates in the range of 35 to 65 0Depending on the level of complexity in the current time of the task.

Capacity Frequency

The Reference clock frequency in the Intel Pentium J2900 is equal to 2.4 GHz. In this mode, the model CPU operates in the case of a decision undemanding tasks or in the event of overheating of a semiconductor crystal. In all other cases, the chip switches to the Burst mode, and its frequency is automatically increased to 2.6 GHz.

Architectural features processor solutions

The Number of compatible x86-x64 computational modules in this case is four. Technology «HyperThreading”, which was implemented in the previous generation of power efficient chips from Intel, is missing in this case. Therefore, the number of program streams of information processing equal to the number of cores of chip — four.

pentium j2900 reviews

Graphics accelerator integrated into the CPU

Pentium J2900 equipped with integrated graphics accelerator. Its name — HD Graphics. With a similar name you can find the video card and CPU more productive. Only in this case we are talking about the truncated version. Accordingly, the level of productivity below. Clock frequency equal 688-896 MHz, and the number of supported displays — 2.

Comparison withcounterparts

Now in the camp of Intel's direct competitors are the eponymous J2900 CPU line N3XXX that at almost equal value provide faster performance. Therefore, the cost of solutions, which are based on the hero of this review has decreased significantly. From the AMD competitors of the chip are processors Kabini A6 family. At a comparable level of performance and value the latter much better than the graphical part. As a result, more preferable the purchase of a PC, which is a competing solution from AMD, for example, the A6-5200. But if on the forefront of energy efficiency of a computing system, it is preferable to have look chips from Intel, especially J2900.

Price, expert opinion and user reviews

94 USD manufacturer rated Pentium J2900. Owner reviews indicate that it is possible to purchase a fully assembled based on this chip for 250-300. E. the Only drawback of such computational systems — a low speed. Otherwise, she has a number of advantages: high efficiency, reasonable price, passive cooling system (it also implies a minimum level of noise during operation), small size. All of this leads to the fact that this system blocks aren't so rare.

the pentium processor j2900


Balanced energy-efficient entry-level solution is a Pentium J2900. Now the purchase has become even more favorable in light of the availability of the updated line of CPUs for this segment of the market in the face of Pentium G3XXX. Therefore, the cost J2900 further declined and this CPU was affordable.

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