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The ship "Costa Diadema" - perfect creations of Italian masters of the Costa.

General information

Launched in Genoa in early November 2014. This liner is able to accommodate almost five thousand passengers who will be comfortably accommodated in luxury cabins. The construction of the vessel, the company spent nearly five hundred million euros.liner Costa Diadema

The Liner runs along the Mediterranean sea with access from Savona or Barcelona with stops in the beautiful cities of Spain, France, Italy (Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, La Spezia, Civitavecchia). Cruise, usually for up to seven days.

A Real decoration of the liner are the works of Italian sculptors, photographers and artists.

Liner "Costa Diadema": features

On Board of the ship is 4947 passengers, number of crew - 1253.

"Costa Diadema" - liner, amazing for its size. Its length is 306 m and a width of 37.2 m, the displacement is one hundred thirty-two tons! The speed of the vessel "Costa Diadema" - 22.5 node.

Only on the liner cabins 1862, nineteen of the passenger decks, including a huge wrap-around deck for walking.

"Costa Diadema" is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and interesting recreation for passengers of all ages, Spa centers, a school of circus arts, bars and restaurants, a casino, a 4D cinema, a laser maze, a teat, discos, shops, a library and a huge children's club.

On the ship there are elevators, free Wi-Fi zone for smokers. Cabins are equipped with air conditioning and television, are served round the clock. Provides rooms for disabled guests.


The ship "Costa Diadema", which cabins are available in seven different versions, hospitably opens its doors to travelers who wish to fully enjoy the sea journey.


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Costa Diadema liner

Grand Suite Stateroom (total - 12). Gorgeous cabin with an area of 42 square meters is equipped with:

  • Two single beds which on request can be transformed into one.
  • Storage space.
  • Small Seating area with all necessary furniture (sofa bed, two armchairs, coffee table).
  • A TV, telephone, Minibar, safe and Hairdryer.
  • Separate bathroom with shower. cabin and Jacuzzi.
  • Terrace with Jacuzzi/balcony, which is separated from the cabins large picture Windows and sliding door.

Staying in this room enjoy the following privileges:

  • Continental Breakfast (free).
  • Dinner for two at a posh restaurant (for free).
  • Fresh fruit.
  • In the afternoon of canapes.
  • Thick cotton bathrobes.
  • Priority check-in, disembarkation and reservations.

Balcony Stateroom (total 795). This cozy cabin is 17 square metres and contains everything needed for a comfortable stay of 2-4 people:liner Costa Diadema review

  • Twin beds that are easily transformed into one.
  • A Desk.
  • Spacious wardrobe.
  • Separate bathroom with shower. cabin.
  • Small balcony area 3 sq. m.
  • Panoramic Windows and sliding door leading to the balcony.
  • Living area with sofa bed.
  • TV, Hairdryer, dressing table, telephone, safe and mini-bar.

Suite Stateroom (the ship "Costa Diadema" has 49 such options). Sufficiently large (31 square meters) cabin, where comfortably accommodate 1-3 traveler, equipped with:

  • Two beds (can be turned into one).
  • A Fairly large area.
  • A Desk, a sofa bed.
  • Dressing table and wardrobe.
  • Large balcony that is separated from the cabin by a sliding door and floor to ceiling Windows or terrace, which has a Jacuzzi.
  • Bathroom with shower. cabin and Jacuzzi.
  • Safe, mini-bar, Hairdryer, telephone and TV.

Staying in the cabins of this type have a number of privileges, among which: continental Breakfast and dinner in the restaurant (free of charge), cocktail party with the captain and so on.

Cove Balcony Stateroom (number 110). Capacity this cabin - 2-4 passenger. 18 square meters all necessary for comfortable stay:

  • Two beds and a sofa bed.
  • Relaxation Area with coffee table and armchair.
  • Spacious wardrobe.
  • Hair dryer, bathrobes, telephone, safe, TV, Minibar.
  • Balcony 4 sq m with two chairs and a table.
  • Bathroom with shower. cabin.

Mini-Suite Stateroom (number 14). Very comfortable cabin with an area of 23 sq. m, designed to accommodate 2-4 people.

Cabin features:

  • Bed.
  • Closet.
  • A Desk.
  • Balcony.
  • Sofa bed.
  • Mini-bar, Hairdryer, safety Deposit box, TV, telephone.
  • Bathroom with shower.
  • Sliding door and Windows.
  • Vanity.

Oceanview Stateroom (on the liner 240). Occupancy of the cabins - 2-4 persons, on 18 sq. m located:

  • Bed.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Vanity.
  • A Desk.
  • Small Seating area with a sofa bed and a coffee table.
  • Bathroom with shower.
  • Window.
  • In the cabin there is a Hairdryer, TV, safe, mini-bar, telephone.

Interior Stateroom (number of rooms 666). The area of the cabins - 14 sq. m. It is equipped with all necessary furniture and technology, allowing you to comfortably accommodate 2-4 passengers:

  • Twin beds.
  • Vanity.
  • A Desk.
  • Area.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Safe, mini-bar,telephone, Hairdryer, TV.

Benefits for passengers cabins luxury

Of the Passengers staying in suites can enjoy a Butler service, 24-hour room service, possibility to order Breakfast in the room, in addition, guests are welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a fruit basket.

Among the suites, inner cabins and rooms with a balcony there are spa cabins, located on the 11th and 12th decks. Passengers here have unlimited access to the Spa, where an experienced specialist will choose the program and will advise; the restaurant of healthy food at any time. Vacationers are provided linens and cotton bathrobes, air ionizer and a great selection of teas, which you can cook right in the cabin.

Health Care

The Cruise liner "Costa Diadema" is equipped with everything necessary to maintain good physical shape.

Lido Diana

A Huge indoor pool with a large screen, located on the 11th deck. Thanks to a sliding roof for a swim in the pool both in winter and summer.liner Costa Diadema features

Samsara Spa

The Incredible size of the Spa (almost eight thousand square metres) consists of sauna room with latest and a variety of fitness equipment, Jogging track, outdoor sports Playground, steam bath, treatment rooms, a thalassotherapy area, Solarium, swimming pool and eight whirlpool.branded music on the liner Costa Diadema

Stella del Sud Lido

Swimming Pool with sea views, a wet bar, a waterfall and a balcony. In this pool located on the 10th and 11th decks you can fully enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

Entertainment on the "Costa Diadema"

Emerald Theatre. The theater is located on three floors (respectively on decks 3, 4, 5), the decoration of it is amazing, lots of lights, heavy Drapes, a combination of glass, expensive fabrics and precious stones makes it Shine.

liner Costa Diadema cabins

Every night, this magnificent theatre opens its doors to passengers of the liner "Costa Diadema". Incredible magic shows, performances of actors, dancers and singers of international acclaim will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Discoteca Pietra di Luna. Night lights lights disco on 11 and 12 decks. You can dance to trendy tracks favorite DJ's.

The Country Club Rock Club. A place with a relaxed atmosphere where you can relax with friends under the classic rock hits and Blues compositions performed by the groups.

Stay on the liner

Travel office. Pick up any tour/excursion, taking into account any of your wishes can specialists tour Desk located on the fourth deck.

Shopping Gallery. It is 100 meters shining shop Windows of fashionable boutiques, small shops and stalls with original gifts.

Eliodoro Atrium. In the heart of the "Costa Diadema" is located in the beautiful atrium, down into which a panoramic lift (four of them). The radiance of lights, luxury marble finishes and pearls will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Promenade. In the evening you can stroll around the circular deck, dine under the pergola and enjoy the warm rays of the setting sun and the sound of the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

 cruise ship Costa Diadema

"the Waterfront" has a length of 500 meters and is located on the fifth deck.

Library. After a busy day you can sit in a cozy room with an armful of favorite writer. The library has collected on their shelves a number of masterpieces of world literature.

Travel with children

The ship "Costa Diadema" care about the little travelers, they will definitely not be bored.

Star Laser. Laser maze is a unique place where it will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. Fighting with laser swords and the solving of puzzles to the exit of the maze will fascinate anyone.

Racing attraction. Here, anyone can feel the driver of racing car.

Cinema 4D. To fully feel the presence in the film will help cinema 4D. Odors, smoke, wind, moisture and incredible adventures await visitors to this unusual attraction.

"Costa Diadema": restaurants

"Costa Diadema" is a real Paradise for gourmets. On the liner just fifteen restaurants, each of which is able to satisfy the most demanding and unusual requirements of passengers, every time a surprising delicious dishes of the cuisine of different countries.

Samsara Restaurant. The restaurant, where exquisite Japanese cuisine blend perfectly with the restrained interior and excellent service.

Teppanyaki Restaurant. Institution in Oriental style with a delicious meal on the grill, the preparation of which is a show taking place in front of guests.

Corona Blu. The restaurant will provide delicious snacks and meals for Breakfast or after a big party, that is, to have a meal here at any time, because the facility operates around the clock.

Fiorentino Restaurant. Near the aft deck, this restaurant offers delicious dishes combined with a magnificent view of the sea and light sea air promotes excellent digestion.

Adularia Restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in classical style with elements of pearls and gold, which creates an incredible romantic atmosphere for dinner for two.


Gran Duca di Toskana Wine Bar. Wine bar- a unique place where you can get acquainted with the sophisticated taste of Italian and French wines combined with cheeses and other appetizers.

Bar Bollicine (sparkling wine bar). Institution, offering a huge range of sparkling wines from Italy, Spain, France and other countries, where each guest will be able to find your drink.

The Dresden Green Pub. A real German pub, where the atmosphere of the traditional holiday "Oktoberfest". Great for get-togethers with friends in a casual atmosphere over a pint of beer with a mouth-watering sausages.

Orlov Grand Bar. In this bar you can immerse yourself in the fifties of the last century, to enjoy a cozy exterior that is made in warm colors, and classic cocktails, relax to the melodious sounds of musical instruments and spend a wonderful evening in the company of friends.

In this branded bar sounds the music on the ship "Costa Diadema", performed live by well-known musicians.

There are daily dance lessons, bingo, and so on.

Teodora Bar. It's an incredible atmosphere of the Brazilian carnival, dancing to rhythmic Latin-American music in combination with delicious exotic cocktails.

Only the sea liner "Costa Diadema" has eleven bars decorated in different styles with different music. Each one offers a unique cocktail menu and delicious snacks. Also almost every bar on the ship has its own dance floor.

Dining on the liner

Piazza Pizza. Pizzeria the best Italian tradition, with a huge selection of classic and original pizzas, cooked by the best masters.

Ice Cream Parlour. Paradise for sweet lovers. Many types of ice cream, eclairs, cakes and a huge chocolate fountain - a dream come true for any sweet tooth.

Liner "Costa Diadema": a review of routes

The Ship begins its seven-day journey through the Mediterranean from Savona (Italy), alternately calling in Marseille (one of the largest ports not only of France but of the whole Mediterranean), Barcelona (the largest commercial and industrial city of Spain), Palma de Mallorca (the capital fee Balearic Islands), Naples (beautiful city in Italy), La Spezia (luxurious resort town in Italy), and then returned to Savona. A seven-day cruise may start from Marseille, Rome or Barcelona.

"Costa Diadema" - liner, which reviews only rave offers not only tours of the above cities, but Cycling and gastronomic tours.

Another option of traveling by ship is an eight-day cruise with the release of Rome via La Spezia, Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Cagliari.

The ship "Costa Diadema", a photo of which can be seen above, runs along the Western Mediterranean year-round.


The Price of the cruise depends on the number of days, the cabin class and power.

It is Worth noting that the price of the trip on the ship "Costa Diadema" is quite democratic, in addition, children under 18 years travel free of charge.

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