Painting by Vrubel's "pan", the Greek Satyr or Russian Goblin?


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Mikhail Vrubel was one of the most talented and original of Russian artists. Each of his painting is notable for its emotional depth and unique vision of the characters. No one can't imagine the demon and Satyr is so beautiful and complex, as they saw Vrubel. His Faust is calm and peaceful, majestic and beautiful Marguerite, and Mephistopheles almost caring. Vrubel is not just interpreted that exists, he created new worlds in which nothing is subject to the prejudices and prevailing opinion.

The Painting Vrubel “pan” completely different is the viewer of the ancient Greek demigod, rebel, rowdy and sladostrastnye Satire.

picture of Vrubel pan

The legacy of the artist

Mikhail Vrubel-Russian painter, has a unique gift of not only images of reality and create new worlds on canvas. Vrubel lived a remarkably rich, but at the same time hectic life.

His career has seen many UPS and downs – critics alternately called it picture of the “horrible daubs” and “a brilliant Symphony of colors and shapes" of the Academy of Arts has repeatedly deprived him of his patronage, only to later again to take him under his wing. All his complex creative way Vrubel was one – it was never part of the professional associations, large collaborative projects and certain movements and trends in painting.

Today the art of Mikhail Vrubel is an integral part of Russian art and represents the original page in its history. Many critics see in the paintings of Vrubel the influence of the High Renaissance, early Byzantine painting, modernist and impressionist influences. However, as in the artist's life, creativity Vrubel not only has similar, but cannot be clearly identified existing in contemporary art terminology.


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Vrubel pan description of the picture

History Painting

The Painting by M. Vrubel “pan” belongs to the series of paintings that the critics called a fairy tale or folk Nocturnes. These paintings depict characters in the background of a night landscape: for example, such films as "Swan Princess”, “night”, “lilac", ‘Swan’ and others.

Many of the subjects of his paintings, Vrubel found in theater and ballet productions, travels and stories about them, but the richest trove of inspiration was literature. Painting by Vrubel “pan” was created under the influence of the story of the Nobel laureate Anatole France "Holy Satyr”. The story so impressed the artist that he painted a picture a few days - on top of the unfinished portrait of his wife.

picture of the m Vrubel pan

Painting Vrubel “pan”: the analysis

The paintings of Vrubel are like no other. All of them – the motives, tonal palette, characters and even individual strokes – unique and unrepeatable. Preferring the dull and unremarkable landscapes, dark tones and deep stories, Vrubel managed to create the most colorful characters of Russian art, including the Demon, the Swan Princess and the pan. Painting by Vrubel “pan” is considered to be the peak of his “fabulous Suite”.

In addition to uniqueness, the identity of the artist is that Vrubel-the native Russian artist, and as a lover of folklore, native landscapes and rich culture. Even borrowed from other cultures stories out from under the master of the brush a little “Russian”.

In Any film, this trend is not observed so clearly as in the painting “pan”. Description paintings by Mikhail Vrubel “pan” says only "Russian style” - as in the film and its main character. The painting depicts the demigod from Greek mythology, but absolutely nothing in the Greek story and song.

Mikhail Vrubel, “pan”: a description of a picture

Against the background of Russian landscape night sitting, after remaining thoughtful, the character is incredibly similar to the devil; it belongs to the Aegean myths gives a hoof. It tells us that the old man sat down not on the stump, and their goat-feet, and therefore it is not ours, the devil. See this thread for details.

Even goat hooves and name of the work “pan” does not prevent the viewer to see sitting in the satire of the character of the native folklore. Vrubel replaced in its Pan on a carefree tranquillity, a riot to calm, steady music for a short moment of silence. Not in the picture and a bright variety of dishes and wines, not running around a satire of the beautiful nymphs and dryads.

description of the painting of Mikhail Vrubel pan

Pan quiet and a little sad, his bright blue eyes Shine in the night light untold stories of stride and of other days. Fancy laughing dryads it is replaced by a thin white birch, not less beautiful in its silence.

In General, and the hero of the picture, and the landscape, and the color palette is filled with mysterious symbols fascinating world of the artist. The symbolism of the artist emphasizes his interest in the dual nature of fantasy creatures. In many of his works Vrubel combines the mystical and the human, creating a single indivisible image. That is why it is “pan”, despite the serenity, tranquility and good view, still embodies the strength and unknown powerbehind the scenes, magical world.

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