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For Those who have decided to purchase property in the building, should give preference to reputable construction companies that are on the market for years and can boast a large number of positive reviews. These firms can be attributed, OOO «dal'piterstroy”. The company provides a wide range of construction services in the market of St. Petersburg. Reviews of investors “dal'piterstroy" speak for themselves.

Company Information

The History of the construction company began in 1998. For 15 years, the developer really managed to win the trust of customers. Today it is one of the largest organizations in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. On the Russian construction market the company acts as a developer, customer, General contractor and General designer. Thanks to the specialists in the Northern capital appear residential buildings economy and business class. Buildings in the city centre are implemented in accordance with architectural style. On an individual project can be accomplished countryside construction.

feedback shareholders of dal'piterstroy

Due to the developer there are whole residential areas in Saint-Petersburg and the region. It is not only house high-level and administrative buildings. Developers care about the fact that people lived in areas with well-developed infrastructure. Pre-planned shopping and entertainment complexes, shops, kindergartens, schools and clinics. Due to the developer already has several sports complexes with swimming pools.

Today it has commissioned a 73 facility “dal'piterstroy”. Reviews show that it is a quality building with original design. The people who managed to move into houses built by the company, noted the good work of engineers. Pleasing cozy layout. In the house there is no dampness. In winter there is enough heat in the summer is very pleasant coolness. In buildings from the company «dal'piterstroy” such large organizations as “the Federal Treasury” and “Peterburggaz”.


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The company's Work is carried out with increased pace. To date, the construction and design of the 65 sites. This residential and administrative buildings, educational institutions and entertainment complexes.

Construction technologies

Use only the latest techniques and high quality materials specialists «dal'piterstroy”. The testimonials show that the buildings constructed by the company can survive over 100 years with regular repairs and safety. At raising high-rise structures used monolithic strip Foundation, which can reliably hold a lot of weight. All the houses are built with piles. Due to this construction work more sustainable. For load-bearing walls using cast-frame technology. Pure monolithic technology is used only in the construction of the houses.

dal'piterstroy reviews

Any expert will tell you that high-quality ventilation plays a decisive role for the living comfort in the building. Reviews of investors “dal'piterstroy” show that the developer pays great attention to ventilation. Everyone who invests money, has the opportunity to study the project documentation, to obtain comprehensive information from our specialists. Residential houses are designed in such a way that fresh air flows not only through the ventilation shafts, but through a special breathable materials.

Offers not only high quality but also the beautiful real estate developer «dal'piterstroy”. The opinions of local residents show that buildings in the city centre do not stand out from the General architectural picture. Houses look perfectly even in historic districts North of the capital. Used in the construction of not only quality, but also attractive materials.

District Shushary

In the southern part of St. Petersburg is actively developing the Shushary district. This is a very convenient place to stay. After all, excellent transport interchange allows for the shortest time to reach any point of the city. In the immediate vicinity there is a railway station Shushary, where you regularly stop trains local importance. In just 20 minutes you can reach the historical centre of Northern capital.

dal'piterstroy Shushary plot 463 reviews

Reviews of investors “dal'piterstroy” show that the neighborhood is developing rapidly. The developer is constructing residential and office buildings, building shopping and entertainment centres. More recently, with the construction company opened new roads on streets may day, School, Vishera, Valdasta. Was restored in Novgorod Prospekt. The first premises were commissioned in the second half of 2008. Construction is actively underway to this day. Already designed 23 of the property, 9 of them – high-rise residential buildings. Other buildings – shops, schools, kindergartens, and other administrative buildings that can provide tenants with all necessary amenities.

Put objectsreal estate Shushary district

Residential real estate it is possible to examine reviews from buyers. “dal'piterstroy” today is actively selling apartments in buildings commissioned. Already working well and the administration building. A lot of good reviews heard about Parking, which is located on the street Vishera, 10. This four-story structure is in place with excellent infrastructure. Parking space for one-time payment can be purchased for 730 thousand rubles. Parking will be especially convenient for people living in the vicinity. The cars in here, guarded around the clock.

dal'piterstroy education 85 reviews

Already commissioned children's clinic, finding by address Pushkinskaya street, 40. Many of the reviews about ‘dal'piterstroy” in Shushary affect this facility. Construction was started in 2005. And in 2007, the building was already put into operation. Medical facility more than 5 years functioning for local residents.

If you examine the reviews about the company «dal'piterstroy”, a lot of good statements you can read about residential building located on the street may day, 15. This is a quality building in a modern architectural style. Shareholders are happy with the height of the ceiling is 2.65 meters. People who buy an apartment here, you have to make only minimal cosmetic repairs. The entrances feature metal doors with intercoms, inserted quality double-glazed Windows with sound insulation. The building is in place with well-developed infrastructure. In the immediate vicinity there is a kindergarten, school, clinic, shops.

Many can already feel the advantages of living in the residential complex Shushary (“dal'piterstroy”). Feedback about the houses, commissioned to hear only positive. Significantly managed to save those who signed the contract with the developer at the stage of construction of houses. If you have the opportunity to wait or there is another option for temporary accommodation, you should pay attention to the properties that are still under construction.

Future buildings LCD "Shushary"

Much attention is riveted to the plot 463 LCD "Shushary", located on the street of Enlightenment. It will be a complex consisting of two high-rise buildings. Today there is the possibility of concluding a contract with “dal'piterstroy”. Shushary (section 463) reviews has been mixed. Do you plan luxury complex with excellent infrastructure. But when at home will be commissioned, to date, is not known. Specialists of the construction company argued that residential houses will be commissioned in early 2016. But at this point, you have completed only two-thirds of the entire work.

LCD Shushary dal'piterstroy reviews

It offers to customers. the company “dal'piterstroy" (Shushary, plot 463, case 2)? Specialists ' opinions show that it will be a multi-storey building with comfortable apartments. You can purchase real estate for finishing. Building can be classified as economy class. Customers will be offered one -, two - and three-bedroom apartments. The smallest space will have an area of 32 sq. m. Maximum area will reach 88 sq. m.

Offers houses, located in area with excellent infrastructure, the company «dal'piterstroy”. Education, 85 reviews is very good. The street is characterized by excellent transport interchange. There are many shops, a post office, a kindergarten and a school. Several taxi stops functioning hospital.

Area of Pargolovo

The Northern part of St. Petersburg is the most scenic. Here is located the area of Pargolovo, which also leads the construction company «Dalnostroy”. The area is famous for its extraordinary beauty and rich history. At the end of the XVIII century Saint Petersburg was considered a suburban village, which enjoyed great popularity among the local aristocracy. In ancient times rested here such famous people as Pushkin, Nekrasov and Mike. Today, the Pargolovo district almost resembles a holiday village. It is a town with a beautiful high-rise buildings and well-developed infrastructure. His contribution to the development of the district also made the company “dal'piterstroy”. Reviews of shareholders shows that real estate here is very popular.

reviews on dal'piterstroy

Many properties today have already been commissioned. In early 2014, the first tenants moved into the house located on Pacific street, 1. The structure is characterized by comfortable apartments with high ceilings. The object refers to a range of economy class. In each apartment, regardless of size, have a balcony. In the hallways Concierge, video surveillance. On the first floor of the building operate commercial premises. Operate pharmacies, beauty salons and grocery stores.

Cares about the comfort of its shareholders, the company «dal'piterstroy”. Pargolovo feedback is mostly positive. This is due to the well-developed infrastructure, which creates a construction company. Even before he was commissioned the first residential building began operating a kindergarten in the street Pacific. The building was commissionedat the end of 2013. Some kids have managed to graduate from preschool. At the end of 2010 due to the company “dal'piterstroy” in the Pargolovo district began operating the clinic. Today come here almost all inhabitants of nearby houses.

Properties that are not yet put into operation

In the area of Pargolovo to date the construction of five high-rise residential buildings. All these buildings belong to the category of economy class. Real estate investors will be offered a comfortable apartment with a different layout. Ceiling height will reach 2.65 m. possibility to conclude a contract for the purchase of one -, two - and three-bedroom apartments. Offers comfortable housing company “dal'piterstroy”. Reviews of shareholders (Pargolovo) show that structures in this district being built fast enough. The developer promises to put into operation all the houses under construction by the end of 2016.

Properties are spacious. There is a possibility to conclude a contract for the purchase of three-room apartments a total area more than 100 sq. m. Minimum area of one-bedroom apartments is 46.5 sq. m. areas are characterized by large kitchens and bathrooms. Those who enters into a contract for the construction phase, it is possible to save significantly. After the commissioning of the house property price may increase by 25-30%.

Lensovetovskom community

Pushkinsky district of the Northern capital is characterized by beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure. Here is the neighborhood Lensovetovskom, which also leads the construction company «dal'piterstroy”. Lensovetovskom the feedback from shareholders has at most good. Most of the planned facilities have already been commissioned. Available comfortable seven - and ten-storied house with balconies in each apartment. In operation, the property comes fully finished. The buyer is not necessary to do the repair. You can move immediately after registration of documents and receiving the keys.

In the district Lensovetovskom construction company «dal'piterstroy” constructing monolithic and prefabricated houses. The second option is less popular with investors, though is much cheaper. This is due to the fact that prefabricated houses worse than the hold temperature. In the winter you have to expend more energy to maintain the room warm.

Buildings, developed by “dal'piterstroy”, are in places with excellent infrastructure. A 15-minute drive by taxi to the metro station «Star». During the same time walk to Pushkin Park, a favorite of young couples and moms with children. Lensovetovskom neighborhood, ideal for a peaceful family life. It is no coincidence that the equity holders of the company «dal'piterstroy” choose a home in this area.

Mortgage software “dal'piterstroy”

Any construction company is interested in inflow of new customers. However, the unstable economic situation plays in favor of the business. Many young couples do not have the financial means to purchase housing. That is why the company has developed a special mortgage program that allows to acquire the property to everyone. The program of mortgage lending “Affordable housing" is valid only under the condition of conclusion of the contract in the primary market. At the same time offers reasonable terms. Customers are pleased with the fact that the loan currency is the Russian ruble. Mortgage amount is not limited, provided that the initial payment will be 10%. Regardless of the loan term is set a fixed interest rate that is charged on the remaining debt is 15%. There is a possibility to conclude a contract for a term of 5 to 25. The penalty for early repayment is not provided.

dal'piterstroy Shushary plot 463 2 reviews

At the conclusion of the loan shall also sign the insurance contract. In case of disability of borrower's obligations for the payment of the loan are borne by the insurance company. Additionally also insured the property in the event of any damage in case of force majeure.

Special conditions, offers to conclude the contract the company “dal'piterstroy" (Shushary, plot 463). The testimonials show that you can obtain a loan with a rate of 9.5% per annum, subject to a down payment on 30%. The interest rate is fixed and is fixed for the entire term of the contract. The overpayment amount depends on the loan term.

“dal'piterstroy”. Reviews real estate investors

Shushary – residential complex, which is the most popular, according to feedback from shareholders. The first properties here were commissioned in 2007. The construction began in 2005. This means that to bring some projects to their logical conclusion, the developer has managed in just a few years. LCD Shushary is characterized by comfortable apartments and an excellent infrastructure. Today there are such social buildings as a clinic and a kindergarten. Residents of the neighborhood no need to commute to other districts of St. Petersburg.

Unstable economic situation, unfortunately, has caught many areas of business. Construction is no exception. Loss is the company also“dal'piterstroy”. Perhaps this is related to delays in construction of some objects ZHK Shushary. However, experts of the company to reassure shareholders. The completion of construction of residential houses on a plot of 463 is scheduled for the end of 2016.

Excellent real estate projects are implemented also in other districts of the Northern capital. Real estate investors say that a construction agreement the company enters into fully transparent. But if any questions arise, specialists happy to answer them. To get any information at the hotline number +7 (918) 305 36 36. In addition, official website, describing facilities under construction and buildings already in operation.

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