How to switch graphics card in the BIOS: standard and alternative methods


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Modern computer systems (desktop PCs or laptops) may have a graphical system involving the installation and use of multiple adapters. But at a certain point in time can work only one of them. And then sometimes you have to solve a fairly serious problem associated with the way through the BIOS to switch the graphics card, because standard “device Manager” such a procedure may not be available. Special difficulties there, but to consider some important points still have.

What you install multiple graphics cards?

Before addressing the main question should be given a little information about what the computer system integrates multiple graphics accelerators and how they can be. In the future it will help in determining required for the operation of the device.

Two video cards on the motherboard

As standard on Board can be integrated and discrete chips. The first is a chip soldered directly to the motherboard. The second is a removable device that is connected by inserting into special slots. Rare that you see the configuration, which establish a special dual model of discrete accelerators. But they can work in tandem, providing such a high performance graphics system for gaming computers, which in the case of budget PCs or laptops, this can only dream about.

It would be simpler to call the “device Manager”, to disable one chip and activate the other. Yes, indeed, such actions in the Windows provided, however, the primary BIOS and UEFI have higher priority, so actions you take proper effect is not given. Here we have to look for a decision on how the laptop or computer to switch the video card in the BIOS. This can be done simply. And to begin to pay attention to the entrance to the actual primary system input/output.

As in the BIOS to switch the graphics card: the initial settings for the desktop

Almost all of the stationary terminals except for a few non-standard modifications, the entrance to the primary system when the computer is turned on or reboot using the standard method – by pressing the Del key on the connected keyboard standard PS/2.

Entrance in the BIOS on a PC

However, when deciding how to switch the graphics card in the BIOS, to determine how access settings, you can just see on the screen. When the computer is turned on and initialization of the device from the bottom or center will show a special line with a hint, which key to press to log into the primary system.


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How to switch graphics card via the BIOS on my laptop: options access the options

With laptops is not so simple. In considering the question about how to switch the graphics card in the BIOS, first, again, should decide how access to primary functions.

And then everything will depend on the model of the laptop, since each manufacturer sets its own key or their combination-and on some devices the buttons are even made on the main keyboard panel.

Entrance in the BIOS on the laptop

However, the most common solutions should be recognized using the function keys (F2, F12, F8, etc.), and combinations with the Fn button (at least – Alt or Esc).

Graphic adapter

Finally, we turn to consideration of a question on how to switch the graphics card in the BIOS on a laptop or stationary terminal directly.

First of all you should decide where to look for these settings. They can be located in the main menu (the Main tab) or in other locations, depending on the developer and version of the primary system. There should be a line move to the desired parameters like Init Display First, Primary Display, Primary Video or something similar.

Select graphics card

As for determining the type of device you are using, options also can be quite many (PCI, Onboard, PCI-E, AGP, etc.). Please note that all devices belonging to the category of Onboard, are integrated directly into the motherboard.

Saving BIOS settings

After entering in the appropriate section will only need to choose the right accelerator, save changes on exit (F10 + Y), and then wait until the system is rebooted, the installed options in force (a restart will be made automatically).

Alternative actions

In principle, the question of how to switch the graphics card in the BIOS, should be closed. However, for a full understanding of the situation, you should add one more explanation.

The fact that the call to the primary system to change the default graphics adapter is not always needed. When installed on the computer utilities like Catalyst or specialthe NVIDIA control panel, similar actions can be performed directly in these programs, and thus the system reboot is not required at all. In other words, their use simplifies the task even more.

Brief summary

If summarizing, it should be said that the interference in the settings of primary system I/o should be performed only in the case when devices have problems or standard actions have no effect. Nevertheless, even in this formulation of the question action particularly difficult can not be called, and execute them, any user. The main thing-to define what device you need to activate at the moment. Variants, actually, not so much, but it's important to understand what equipment you are going to activate the parameters of the primary systems.

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