Garden maintenance in autumn. What to do in the fall in the garden?


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Every true master knows that the garden in autumn needs a lot of attention and care. The work done in these months, is designed for the cultivation of the soil, enriching the earth the necessary nutrients and protect plants during the maintenance in autumn

Formation of landscape design

Gardening in the fall involves the planting of young fruit trees. As the soil is still warm after the warm summer time, the roots of young seedlings quickly take root in a new place. The more plants in the fall do not emit excessive energy into leaf growth and the formation of the fruit. So all their power they send into the roots. What to plant in the fall in the garden? It is up to you. Practically there is no such perennial plants that had not begun at this time. Despite the fact that autumn is considered the rainy season, it is recommended not to neglect watering the newly planted trees, as the wind can be too quickly dry the top layer of the earth.what to plant in the fall in the garden

Best fertilizer

Of Course, a lot of time taking the garden in autumn, tillage and tree trunks. You can easily prepare a fertilizer. Many believe that the main task of work in the garden in autumn is cleaning the fallen leaves. Their gardeners are usually raked into piles and burned. This is the biggest mistake. Why burn or throw out the life-giving substance, and then separately to buy fertilizer, if you can make them yourself? We offer you to behave rationally and not to spend extra money in order to was carried out fertilizing the garden in the fall. Wait until the tree loses all the leaves, then go over it with a mower to grind it well. Next, around each tree carefully without damaging the root system, make a small hole. Experts recommend raking them crushed leaves. All of this begins to rapidly decompose. Our small leaves will turn into a great organic additive to soil. Thus you will have a mulch and insulate the roots of the trees for the winter. Here's a triple benefit for your garden!dressing the garden in autumn


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Preparing fruit trees for winter

Usually in the summer in the garden not carried out any work. During this period, there is accumulated a considerable number of pests. Garden maintenance in autumn also provides for the processing of trunks and crowns of trees. When would be best to do it? Immediately after harvest, fruit trees should be treated with urea. In this regard, a solution. We will need 500 grams of urea per 10 liters of water.

In cases where the trees were attacked by scab or a larger quantity of the crop affected by rot diseased plants be treated with copper sulfate. To cook just. His solution consists of 100 grams of the sulfate and 10 liters of water. And the fruits which have suffered from rot, it is necessary to remove from the territory of the garden plot. Trees must be carefully oblati. It is better to use the fork, so as not to damage the roots. You can then make fertilizer and water the tree. It is not recommended to level the soil after obkatyvaniem. This is the explanation. Uneven surface for better absorption of moisture after rains and melted snow. They subsequently will perfectly level the soil. These are the tasks to be carried cottagers, preparing your plot for winter. Now you know what to do in the fall in the garden.the garden in autumn treatment


Pruning fruit trees make usually twice a year. This must be done in the spring and autumn periods. Consider the procedure for the preparation of plants for winter. Trimming the garden is in the fall after all the leaves opal, but before the onset of frost. Experts are of the opinion that this process increases possible next year's crop. But not to overdo it. It is better to adhere to certain rules in order not to bring harm to the trees. One of the goals of pruning is a thinning of branches for better air flow and penetration of sunlight to the entire crown of the tree. And in young seedlings this procedure is performed for forming a proper crown. What to adult trees, their thinning is to cut the branches that grow toward the trunk or down. They are not needed. Also remove branches that crisscross other. Thus a properly formed crown. Branches should be evenly distributed in all directions. So the plant will get enough light.

An Important factor is the shortening of the branches, which is done to control their growth and direction in the right direction. The most basic aim of pruning is to remove dry or diseased branches. They need to be removed from the garden and burn. To do so, the disease does not spread to other trees. Pruning dead branches does not cause any damage to plants. This procedure does not require additional manipulation. But the sick branches, in fact, alive. Places they are cut for wood - like open wounds. They need to process. It is better to use varnish or oil paint. It will not hurt as well to water the tree and add soil fertilizer after pruning.what to do in the fall in the garden

Secretsthe formation of the crowns of fruit trees

Gardening in the fall is pruning trees, as we have already mentioned. But it must be done not randomly, but based on covered normal. Not worth much to trim young trees. This will slow their growth and delay the time of receipt of the fruit. To form a robust skeleton of the tree, it is necessary to leave only one main branch-leaders, and all competitors should be removed. If the annual growth of plants is too weak, then you need to achieve stronger pruning. There are times when it is better to remove one large branch than to take many small ones. If the diameter of the cut is greater than 1 centimeter, then it should be processed garden pitch, linseed oil or oil paint.

Pruning must be done after petal fall and the leaves before the frost. Should not exist the branches that depart from the axis at an acute angle, they must be removed. Pruning each tree – setting individual. The intensity of the procedure depends on the species and varieties of plants. If the tree has suffered from frost, his haircut should be postponed to spring. When exactly we will see the affected area. Old trees and shrubs can apply severe pruning to rejuvenate the plant. All waste should be put out of the garden and burn. All tools should be sharp to during the procedure they didn't pull the bark off the plants.pruning the garden in autumn

Clean up tree trunks

We are increasingly convinced that the garden in autumn, processing trees require a lot of time. Attention also should be paid to cleaning the trunks of fruit plants. This type of work is carried out usually every two or three years. Using a metal brush or scraper needed to scrape the dead layer of the bark. But this is done very carefully so as not to damage living tissue. This process is also aimed at the destruction of the pests that often live in layers of dry bark. After cleaning the barrel, it is necessary to whitewash. This is done in order to protect from extremes of temperature, winds and new pests.

Planting trees in fall

Many wonder: “What to plant in the fall in the garden?” In fact, all the fruit trees. Can be transplanted in the fall all you want. Most popular plants-apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots. The main thing is to prepare the soil and seedlings. Also the autumn – it is a favorable period for transplanting of these shrubs, as the gooseberry, currant, honeysuckle, raspberry. Do not forget them abundantly watered and properly fertilized. garden in autumn

The value of the autumn works

Gardening in autumn – it is an integral part of every cottager. Thus it takes care of your plants, prevents disease, promotes better growth of trees. Quality autumn works determines future harvest. The condition of the trees after the winter, too, will depend on the preparation for the winter. Therefore, do not neglect autumn works in the garden.

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