Veronica Lario: the main stages roznego the way from low-budget actress to the first lady


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In Italy the title of first lady shared just two women: the wife of the President, Clio Napolitano and the Prime Minister's wife Veronica Berlusconi. And talk about the second person much more.

Young age – time to conquer

Veronica Lario

Veronica Lario (Miriam Raffaella Bartolini) was born in July 1956 in Bologna, in Northern Italy. 23-year-old Miriam managed to win the heart of Silvio Berlusconi, the famous business tycoon, when she, being a low-budget artist, performed at the theater in the Nude.

First lady

Veronica Lario in his youth, being a hot blonde with a perfect figure, conquered not one man's heart. However, the proposal Silvio to be together young beauty reciprocated. Their tempestuous affair lasted 5 years and led to the birth of a daughter called Barbara. Berlusconi had to divorce the first wife and to offer the hand and heart of Miriam. Becoming the legal wife of a successful businessman, she had to leave the stage. But the stage name of Veronica Lario, the former actress decided to leave. A year after the birth of Barbara, the light appears Eleanor - their second daughter, and after a couple of years – the son of Luigi.

Pride, independence, ambition…

Veronica is considered the most unpredictable woman in Italy. As it turned out, the status of the first lady of the state it absolutely does not appeal. With special zeal she defends the right to privacy. Veronica rarely attends formal events, accompanying spouse. Therefore, the Italian media very quickly spread sensational news that it had been present in the government residence for dinner with the couple Putins. Any world leader more such an honor was not provided.


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Veronica Lario young

Absolute independence from the views of the domineering wife Veronica demonstrated in 2005. Then very acutely the question of the use for research purposes of human embryos. For this reason a referendum was held. The Prime Minister did not dare to go contrary to the opinions of the Vatican and chose not to Express their position. However, his wife openly took part in the vote. Veronica Lario, photos and intriguing interview which was published in the newspaper "La Repubblica" shocked all Orthodox Catholics. The first lady admitted that she had an abortion in her youth and believes real progress to use for research purposes of human embryos. This is a very bold statement, considering the fact that some Italian doctors still refuse to perform abortions for religious reasons. By the way, the political views of the spouses differ on many issues. Veronica was clearly sympathetic to the left, publicly expressing his opinion, opposite the opinion of your spouse.

From love to jealousy one step

Veronica Lario photoSecond marriage of the Italian Prime Minister is difficult to name ideal. The couple rarely see each other. Veronica often complains that her husband even at the holiday table are not released from the hands of the phone. Besides, from time to time she has a reason to be jealous. One such incident ended with a public repentance Silvio Berlusconi through one of the most influential Italian Newspapers. In it the Prime Minister calls the wife a lovely woman, asks for forgiveness, humbling my pride, and swears eternal love. It should be noted that this step, in the opinion of the public, caused damage to the reputation of politics.

The couple Repeatedly Berlusconi had to refute rumors of divorce. Likely to talk about their falling out was caused by the fact that Veronica is living separately from the spouse in the small town of Macherio near Milan.

Interest in this couple of years continues unabated. Their behavior, interests, tastes and preferences are discussed in the press, in political circles and in the families of ordinary Italians. Probably an autobiographical book written by Veronica Berlusconi a few years ago, will be in demand from readers.

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