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Using well-established interior styles allows a comprehensive approach to the design of the living space, keeping it in one piece design format. The Scandinavian direction of the development of apartments and private houses has its own characteristics, largely due to the climatic characteristics of the region. Despite the persistence of older traditions, this style is complemented by new features. The branches from the General concept can be attributed to the Scandinavian minimalist interior that focuses on optimization of design from the point of view of ergonomics and functionality.

Scandinavian minimalist interior

General information about Scandinavian minimalism

The underlying style was founded in the XIX century. As the name suggests, the style originated in the Nordic countries-Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc. In the middle of the XX century the concept has undergone a transformation and is often called – «Swedish modern”. He was exquisite and specific highlight in the form of simplicity with the rejection of fanciful forms and unnecessary accents.

On this basis, it is logical shape and modern understanding of the style based on minimalism. Cold climate and lack of sunlight still dictate the rules of design of the house. Therefore, in addition to the aesthetic qualities of modern Scandinavian minimalist interior also requires the inclusion of functionalities aimed at the creation of coziness and comfort. About the design features of the style is to talk separately.

Special features of the style

Scandinavian minimalist interior photo

Originally Scandinavian design houses expected maximum convergence with nature – it was the interior with natural materials, and the overall architecture of the buildings, which were usually made of wood. These advances gave rise to a feeling of lightness, simplicity and naturalness of style. The fundamental quality of such housing is a minimum of luxury.


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The Nature of the installation of facilities due to practicality and comfort. It can be noted in a sense of kinship with other conservative styles, but also remains a place and decorations that are a specific tone, Scandinavian minimalist interior. Features decorative design associated with the neutrality and unobtrusiveness of the elements. While the décor and decorations are not just doing the task of installing an aesthetic shades, but can also have functional content.

In General we can say that the style is close to the needs of the average person, with each part necessarily brings practical benefits. Thus organized, balanced, functional and liveable space.

The best materials to reflect the style

Usually the most common material for this style is wood. As already noted, it is considered the basis for classic Scandinavian house. Even today, there are century-old recipes of processing pine and spruce special solutions with protective properties that help to retain the home for many years of use.

Widely used stone. In addition to the construction of houses, it is used as the basis for furnace structures. In the interior are also used natural fabrics of cotton, wool and flax. Is tile made of natural clay without the inclusion of artificial and environmentally harmful components.

And still does Scandinavian minimalist interior application non-natural materials? Of course, that the modern trend softened this restriction in favor of the same practicality and functionality. Can be used in items and finishing materials, metal alloys and plastics. However, a requirement still remains for environmental safety.

Distinctive color solutions

Scandinavian minimalist interior an urban apartment

Regardless of the material or object, in the choice of colors should follow a neutral and calm tone. Win-win options are light blue, light green and white colors. However, they do not have to be dull and faded. Pastel solutions are more suitable for the bedroom, textiles and ceilings. But in the functional zones in the living room or kitchen for a change it is possible to make light contrasting colors with blue, orange and red.

However, from the bright and colorful colors still need to drop – they violate the General atmosphere of tranquillity and naturalness. Scandinavian minimalist interior in its essence is formed by natural components. So, there is almost all natural shades-brown or ebony to rich green vegetation. Natural origin of these objects compensates the created contrast.

Interior surfaces

It is Recommended to stick with the traditional tools of design. If possible be limited to protecting the base surface, it is necessary to use it. That same frame allows the competent treatment of the surface to do without the walls. In other cases, can be used Board, paneling, parquet, plaster, patchwork paths andstretched canvas on the ceiling.

In the bathroom you can use tile neutral light blue or white. As for the Wallpaper and paint, Scandinavian minimalist interior rarely uses these solutions. This is partly due to a deviation from the principles of naturalness, but also the artificiality of paint coatings. They are technologically advanced and universal in use, but the same trim Board with natural patterns may be better suited for the style concepts.

Choosing furniture

The Items of furniture most clearly reflect the character of the Scandinavian style. The product must occupy a minimum of space and have a natural color of the material. As a rule, the basis for furniture is most frequently a tree, as separate elements may be used glass, metal and textile in color, typical Scandinavian minimalist interior. The photo below shows the features of the structural performance of such items. Beech, pine and spruce is made the basis, and upholstery can be used suede, linen, cotton and genuine leather.

interior in the style of Scandinavian minimalism

Approach to lighting

One of the main problems of regions with cold climate and long winters is the lack of light. So artificial lighting plays an important role in home improvement. In this respect, the requirements of the style is very democratic, so to use suitable fixtures of different types. For example, you can use floor lamps, chandeliers, table and wall lamps as well as candles.

However, when selecting specific shapes and design designs should be based on General requirements to material and color. Don't forget that Scandinavian minimalist interior of the house eliminates the cumbersome and involves the use of small forms. Design is better to choose a thin but functional and reliable buildings. As for the lamps, the style is more suitable radiation filaments, but the current queries again cause many to compromise and choose LED devices. Despite the artificiality of the luminous flux of such models, they have a high level of energy efficiency, which is a significant advantage and the spirit of the style.

The Window openings

Scandinavian minimalist house interior

The Possibility of using natural lighting cannot be ruled out. Windows should be large, so they will fill the house with sunlight. If in the Nordic countries this possibility is limited to the hard climate conditions, in Russia this factor is less tangible, although, of course, is not completely eliminated in cold regions.

The Important point is the technical performance of the frame. As mentioned, Scandinavian minimalist interior of the apartment allows, if necessary, the use of plastics – and this is the case of practical expediency. If there are strict requirements for conservation of heat in the house, modern glass is a good choice for the decoration of the large Windows. If we are talking about a warm region, there is no reason to abandon the classic wooden frames.

Decorative Elements

modern Scandinavian minimalist interior

Scandinavian interiors involve the use of small, but distinctive details that also carry some meaning. It is important not only aesthetic value, but also a deeper meaning for the residents themselves. For example, it may be family items, handmade creations, photos, etc. of Course, without a functional and decorative elements does not do the interior in the Scandinavian style. Even minimalism with a touch of austerity it allows the use modest vases for flowers, mirrors with original frame, candlesticks and nappy mats with harmonious patterns. Decorative accents it is possible to arrange with cookware if it is made of ceramic, natural clay or porcelain.

For whom?

This style is suitable to lovers of domestic peace and comfort. This design does not require large monetary investment, which expands the range of potential users. Of course, the overall concept of the style rather close to suburban homes that are surrounded by nature. But you can organise Scandinavian minimalist interior an urban apartment, if you follow the above rules internal registration.


Scandinavian minimalism in interior design

As attractive and positive features of the housing arrangement, Scandinavian style still restricts designers to use certain stylistic decisions. By choosing this direction, you should refrain from excessive posting of Hi-Tech elements.

New technology and Scandinavian minimalist interior design contradict each other, although this conflict can find a way out. For example, in the lines of modern manufacturers of household appliances and electronics many stylized models of products, oriented just to use in traditional interiors. This style can be expressed in the form of buildings, made of natural material, and also imitating the natural patterns of the external surfaces, etc.

In any case, iftalking about modern living, such a compromise is inevitable. Main – to strike a balance, maintaining a commitment to Nordic minimalism, and not to forget the convenience of today.

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