Cream with retinol – a panacea for ageing and problem skin?


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To date creams with retinol, especially advertised for those who have crossed the 30 year mark, became very popular. What is retinol and what for praise?

Retinol is actually vitamin a in its pure form, which is necessary to maintain normal condition of skin, hair, good vision and smooth operation of the immune system.

Cream with retinol is valued primarily for its ability to reduce wrinkles, remove age spots, smooth the skin and reduce pores on the face. And what woman does not dream about it?

Retinol really does wonders in the recovery process of skin cells constituting the skin. Penetrating into the cell nucleus, the vitamin A creams based on retinol accelerates healing of skin with various injuries that is why it is used in the treatment of such diseases as acne, psoriasis and other skin lesions, including sunburns (one has only to remember that using products with retinol, you must protect your skin from the sun funds with a high SPF to avoid problems with pigmentation).

Cream with retinol is ideal for oily or troubled skin as it helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands.

Part of medical cosmetics retinol not only reduces the risk of infections, but also stimulates the synthesis of collagen, the development of whose age is markedly reduced. Face cream with retinol in combination with other natural biological substances, helps the cells of our skin to be updated. Due to these properties of retinol and its derivatives included in the composition of cosmetic products, skin stays elastic, wrinkles disappear.


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Cream with retinol predstavleny on the market of cosmetic products quite extensively, the best known are: Vit-A-Plus Illuminating Serum manufacturer, MD Formulations,Retinol+Vitamin C'actifs Purs from Garnier, RoC RETINOL ACTIF PUR Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Treatment Day ROC, and many others.

A Well-established line of SkinCeuticals Retinol made in the USA with retinol concentrations from 0.3 to 1.0. Of course, you should start with the lowest concentration, and strictly adhere to the instructions for use. Even funds with a concentration of 0.3 you need to start applying at least a day, and for very sensitive skin to accustom a person to the cream, starting with 2 times per week, with possible reactions such as peeling, tingling, and slight hyperemia.

Cream with retinol usually used as night means, and to effect visible, you need to apply it quite a long time. However, the cream with retinol can not be applied continuously for more than 6 months, as vitamin a can accumulate in the tissues, while its excess it acts as a prooxidants, that is causing excessive oxidative processes in cells, which results in their death.

Retinoidy peeling

Skin Rejuvenation, wrinkles, and in some cases, and full deliverance from them, without resorting to plastic surgery, can be achieved by applying the peeling with retinol (it is also called retinoeva or yellow peels ).

The procedures provided, which due to the pronounced stimulating vozdejstvija on the dermis allows to achieve excellent results even for those who have thin skin and very sensitive. This peeling is most physiological in comparison with other types of chemical peels. Advantage of it still is, then it is a very gentle recovery period (a maximum of 8 days), and during this time, you virtually continue to lead a normal lifestyle. The feeling of redness and itching from the peeling skin will certainly take place within 2-3 days after the procedure, but since these reactions are expected, then you just need to apply a soothing moisturizer to the treated skin. But after a course of 3 treatments you will receive intensive rejuvenation, eliminate pigmentation, the scars.

Of Course there are contraindications to this procedure, namely: pregnancy and breast-feeding, severe inflammation on the skin, herpes (in its active phase), severe somatic diseases, individual intolerance of components, on what certainly will warn you in a beauty salon.

Keep this in mind in the pursuit of youth and beauty and use products with retinol in accordance with the instructions, and peels need only specialists who have undergone appropriate training.

Take Care of yourself, and you unfading beauty, dear women!

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