What could be the reasons for the delay menstruation, also pregnancy, what to do?


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Today, we will be interested in the reasons for the delay menstruation. Besides pregnancy, what could it be? And how to behave if there is no menstruation, and the test is negative? To understand all this and not only do we have next. In fact, a simple answer to find. And to properly diagnose the woman has to remember what happened with her that time or another time. It's not as easy as it seems.

When menstruation


Menstruation is a sign of puberty. It begins in adolescence and persists until older. Menstrual bleeding - a sign of an unfertilized egg that died in a particular cycle.

The difference between the critical days is the menstrual cycle. It can be divided into 3 phases. Namely:

  • Follicular;
  • Ovulation;
  • Luteal.

At every stage there is a process. For example, the first is the follicular phase. At this point the follicle is growing and developing oocyte. Then comes the ovulation, the female cell leaves the follicle and moves down to the uterus in the fallopian tubes. It is ready for fertilization.

If conception did not happen, the egg dies, there comes the luteal phase, which ends with a period.

It's not so difficult. But what could be the reasons for the delay menstruation? In addition to pregnancy secrete a lot of reasons for this situation. And not all of them safe.


To talk about the delay of the critical days, the woman will have to figure out how much it lasts for the duration of the menstrual cycle. This will depend on many things.

Pain during menstruation

Average monthly cycle is of 28-30 days. Short critical period can vary from 20 to 22 days, and long as 32 days or more.

Important: start timing of the menstrual cycle from day of menses.

Standard deviation

Delay in menses? Test is negative? Reasons (except pregnancy) can be varied. But it is not always a cause for concern.

The Thing is that the body rarely works "like clockwork." He may falter. And therefore it is considered that a slight delay menstruation is normal.

Standard deviation is about 3-6 days in both directions. That is, if I got my period a week earlier or later, do not panic. This is normal and quite common. It can be seen even in perfectly healthy women. But even the standard deviation from the usual menstrual cycle can make you worry.


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The Delay period for a week? In addition to the reasons that seems obvious, there may be other reasons for concern. Some believe that a negative pregnancy test immediately after the delay - is the guarantor of the lack of "interesting situation."

In fact, the assertion is fundamentally wrong. A negative test in early pregnancy is normal. The second strip may not appear about 7-8 days. The test will be negative due to low HCG levels. This hormone rapidly increases during pregnancy.

Consequently, the woman at the delay of the critical days you need to be patient and to wait a week and a half, then do a pregnancy test. Most likely it will be positive.

Important: if you do not want to wait, you can go to the ultrasound to a gynecologist for examination and blood HCG. All this will help to rule out pregnancy or confirm it.

Medicines and delay

Ectopic pregnancy

There is a delay period for 5 days? Besides pregnancy, there are different reasons - from standard deviation to serious disorders in the body. But usually 5 days is not such a great time. The company is included in the standard deviation of the normal menstrual cycle.

However, diagnosis latency will have to spend the first days. Otherwise, you may miss serious disease.

For example, a pregnancy test will be negative, and the girl will face a lack of timely menstruation ectopic pregnancy. To determine its own problematic. Therefore, if the test is negative (or it shows the second pale stripe), need to repeat the test in a few days. When you save a situation is to hurry to the doctor. Specialist will quickly identify an ectopic pregnancy.


But all this is only the beginning. What could be the reasons for the delay monthly, except for pregnancy?

Early or late menstruation in adolescence should not cause panic. Especially if I got my period recently.

The Thing is that the body just gets used to the new state. The menstrual cycle will be sought to several years. Therefore, the delay of the critical days of the girl-teenager is the norm.

After birth

Besides pregnancy, reasons for the delay menstruation sometimes cause a woman to think. After all, menstruation is affected by many factors in life.

For example, childbirth. After the baby is born women suffer serious hormonal changes. Critical days will not be immediately. And that's fine. Some menstruation notresumed until the cessation of breastfeeding.

A year and a half after the first menstrual bleeding after the birth the girl will be confronted with "irregular" menstruation. This situation could be repeated throughout the lactation period + 1.5 years after termination.

Important: if there are concerns about the delay menstruation after childbirth, you need to go to the gynecologist. The doctor clearly explain why it happens.


The reasons for the delay of the period (except for pregnancy) after 40 years is usually attributed to a separate category. The older the woman the lower the fertility. Sooner or later the body stops producing ready-to-fertilize eggs. This period is called menopause. He is in the age after 40 years.

First period may to jump. She usually arrives late. And at one time menstruation cease altogether. This is menopause.

Important: in the modern world, menopause can occur even in 30-35 years. So the self can diagnose it will not work.

Fatigue as a factor of influence on menstruation


There is a delay menstruation for 3 days? Reasons besides pregnancy sometimes are not cause for concern.

For Example, even a healthy woman 2 times a year to deal with anovulation. It is the best time in a particular cycle of ovulation was not. Accordingly, the menstrual bleeding is not the same.

If the phenomenon is observed as a "single action" or rarely, no need to panic. But suspected frequent anovulation are the reason for the visit to the specialist.

Hormonal disruption

Of Course, the body of each girl is under the influence of huge amounts of hormones. Thanks to them, in the body there are certain processes. Critical days including.

Any hormonal failure is the reason for the delay of the period (except for pregnancy). What to do? Just wait. And try to understand the cause of hormonal failure. Ideally, you want to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism and to understand what hormone excess/deficiency, and why.

Usually hormonal disruptions happen rarely and not on a permanent basis. They can increase menstrual cycle for 10 days or more, or may lead to anovulation.

Late ovulation

Another scenario is a late ovulation in a particular cycle. Because of this, there is a delay. The pregnancy test is negative, women do not manifest certain illnesses.

Late ovulation Typically occurs due to external factors or due to hormonal failure. To determine this alignment will easily be able to women, constantly leading the schedule of basal temperature. In the relevant figure will be able to understand when was the "day X".

Important: late ovulation is not dangerous, but it brings a lot of problems to women. Especially if you want to plan an "interesting position". Rare late ovulation requires no observation. But the constant delays of the critical day and the "day X" are cause for concern. The citizen will have to go to the gynecologist and to pass a number of tests.

Factors that affect ovulation

Now a few words about what can affect ovulation. There are a number of factors that could quickly accelerate or postpone the "day X".

Among those celebrating:

  • Stress;
  • Fatigue;
  • Habits;
  • Acclimatization;
  • Long flights or transfers;
  • Improper diet;
  • Diet;
  • Sharp change in weather conditions.

This is not a complete list of situations that affect ovulation. Just these circumstances meet in real life more often.

Pregnancy and delay

Emotional trauma

Among the reasons for the delay menstruation in addition pregnancy often isolated emotional turmoil. It comes as a positive shock and a negative.

A lot of stress or great joy affect ovulation. It can come earlier or later than scheduled. And so it is important to establish the emotional background. After this menstrual cycle will return to normal.

Important: constant exposure to stress not only delays ovulation but also negatively affects women's health. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from stressful situations away. Especially in the period of pregnancy planning or infertility treatment.


The reasons for the delay menstruation in addition to pregnant for 10 days can be an overload of the body. Both physical and psychological/mental.

For anybody not a secret that physical activity and sport very weary. This leads to the adjustment of the menstrual cycle. Typically, the delay of the critical days observed as long as the woman is not rest.

A Lot of worries, psychological stress, a sense of increased responsibility, fear or just mental work - all of which can have a negative impact on the female body. In the end she will face early or late menstruation.

Important: to bring critical days as usual, have a good rest. After this, doctors often recommend not to overwork your body in all respects.

To blame drugs

The reasons for the delay menstruation pregnancy except for 10 days or more oftenare taking certain medications or hormones. In particular, in the treatment of infertility or anovulation.

If a woman takes gormonoterapii drugs, it can indeed face a delay of menstrual bleeding. Or critical days will come faster than normal.

It is Recommended to go to the doctor and to pick up other drugs. Either accept "irregular" menstrual period during a specific treatment.

After the abolition of the "harmful" drugs in a month critical days will be back to normal. And therefore no need to panic.

Sickness and delayed menstruation

Oral contraceptives

Your period is Delayed for 10 days? Reasons besides pregnancy are sometimes amazing. They find it hard to believe.

For example, you can face the problems of formation of the critical days during or after taking oral contraceptives. While she is drinking OK, it postpones ovulation. Ideally after discontinuation of hormone medications comes "the day", and then menstruation starts.

However, sometimes this does not occur. And delay critical days for 10 days or more is the norm. Usually this happens when the wrong selection of oral contraceptives or in the individual characteristics of the organism.

Weight Problems

What are the reasons for the delay menstruation in addition to pregnancy can be found in practice?

Often changes in the menstrual cycle contribute to weight problems. Anorexia or obesity - processes that can deliver a lot of trouble. Menstruation returns to normal only after weight will be adjusted. So, I have to try.

Most Often, the critical delay of days or their complete cessation is observed at strong deficiency of weight. To get rid of anorexia is extremely difficult. Such disease require monitoring by a doctor.

Swelling and inflammation in the body

The girl has a delay period of 7 days? Reasons (except pregnancy) can be the presence of diseases in women. For example, for tumors, cancer, or inflammatory processes.

In real life, the delay of menstruation often associated with inflammation in the urogenital system. For example, if:

  • Polycystic ovaries;
  • Multifollicular ovaries
  • Inflammation of the uterus and its appendages;
  • Dysfunction of the ovaries;
  • The irregularities in the functioning of the kidneys and endocrine system;
  • Problems with the cervix.

Usually, in such circumstances, a woman can observe fever and pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes the inflammation and diseases are asymptomatic.

In any case, if a woman suspects she had the presence of diseases that affect ovulation, it is better to go to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive examination of the body. The delay period for a month? Reasons besides pregnancy can be is in the presence of disease.

Important: if the girl has an STD, they can also cause the delay of the critical days. The cycle returns to normal immediately after recovery.


The reasons for the delay menstruation for a week besides pregnancy, in some cases, seem incredible.

Hard to believe, but problems with menstruation cause abortions. This is a serious hormonal punch. And immediately after the interruption of the pregnancy possible problems with a critical cycle. This situation could be repeated for a long time.

Important: if you order 3 critical cycles delayed or early period, it is required to go to the doctor. Have to go to the gynecologist. Be sure to tell us that she had an abortion.

my Period will come or not

Bad habits and food

In rare cases menstruation comes late or prematurely due to abuse addictions. For example, if alcoholism or drug addiction. Sedentary lifestyle resulting from computer addiction, also contributes to the delay of ovulation.

Improper diet and diet - faithful companions the problems with the body. Women most frequently suffer menstruation. And then one has to abandon diets, as well as from the usual lifestyle and nutrition. Typically, the the exception of fatty, sweet, salty, spicy and flour in large quantities causes the menstrual cycle to normal. What are the reasons for the delay menstruation except pregnancy? With the basic and most common layouts we were able to see.

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