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Lures respected and popular with avid fishermen when fishing for predatory fish. They appeared for a long time, but now is not the cease of development of new models. Among the manufacturers included in the top ten is Bandit Lures. The company produces lures of the same name.


lures banditLures of "Bandit" has earned the trust of fishermen due to the fact that they can "play" on any current. They provide high catch under different circumstances. In addition, the bait behaves like a real live fish.

In Russia, this product appeared quite suddenly, but immediately became a favorite of many professional anglers and beginners. Such rapid popularity is because the lures under the name "Bandit" has many positive characteristics and distinct advantages.

Especially for the fishermen of the Russian American company produced lures that are ideal for our fishing conditions. For example, the lures of "Bandit" for walleye. Scenarios were developed yellow and lemon colors, patterns with stripes and dots on the abdomen and the characteristic colors of the backs.

Form data crankbaits similar to the products from the company Bomber, but their blades are original. Due to this lures is inherent in the game and the opportunity to make a special deepening.


lures bandit feedbackLures of "Bandit" can be classified according to different parameters. For buoyancy, they are divided into several types.

  1. Sinking of the product. Their is not so much because they are only designed for fishing at depth.
  2. Neutral buoyancy. Their individual feature - freeze in the water.
  3. Shlamoprovoda and floating model. Used for fishing in waters that have weak current and small depth.

Distinguish different lures in the form of bait:


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  • "Rattlin" is used for catching perch.
  • "Jerk-Beit" - designed for jerk of the transaction.
  • The"Crank" - is unique to your game.
  • "fat" - ideal for bass fishing. However, he makes special sounds, as filled with balls.
  • "the Shed" - a narrow and volume Wobbler.
  • Minnow - they can catch fish on small depth.
  • "Popper" is perfect for fishing in shallow water and in the grass.

This diversity allows you to choose the best product that is suitable to the different characteristics of the reservoir.


The Lures of "Bandit" although not the cheapest, but they are characterized by the presence of a variety of advantages:

  • High-quality coverage of baits in several layers of glossy paint;
  • Use in the production of the best materials;
  • The technique of art casting;
  • Option of fishing in various conditions - in shallow water, in the grass, pits, drop offs, at a considerable depth;
  • Wide range;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Use for any predatory fish or poluhina;
  • The ability to make extremely precise casts,
  • Durable.

The advantages of these crankbaits is obvious. They are interesting and catchability, and fishing with them brings a real pleasure.


lures bandit walleyeLures of "Bandit" reviews, mostly positive which can be easily used even by inexperienced people, because of the additional knowledge and tools they require.

A Negative impression from these baits are only for those anglers who correctly picked the product. Particular model is designed for certain conditions of the reservoir. For example, if you buy a jerk-Beit, apply smooth slow and posting is pointless. Popper is not intended for catching predators in the depths.

The Lures of "Bandit" effective helpers of every fisherman. They have many positive features, interesting features and patterns. If it is good to examine the place of the alleged lov, you can buy the most suitable instance.

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