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Deciding to play sports, many beginners, especially those who want to get rid of excess weight, examine the recommendations of the experienced athletes in the media. In addition to comfortable clothes and Jogging sneakers with shock-absorbent soles, many recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor. Wrist device can not only demonstrate cardiac rhythms, but also to control the constant load, giving the owner information on expended calories. In this article, the reader will get a lot of information on heart rate monitors, find out what they are, read the owner reviews and the actual price of the device.

heart rate monitor wrist

“Announce please all list!”

The Principle of operation of heart rate monitor, hardly anyone cares, but its functionality will be very useful to the future owner. After all, in addition to the basic function of reading the frequency of heartbeats there are many utilities that can perform a heart rate monitor. Wrist device depending on the manufacturer and the modifications can:

  1. When you set thresholds lower and upper values heart rate to warn the owner about exceeding the limits audible signal. Very convenient for weight loss this form of training should be established by the intensity of cardiac rhythms.
  2. Built-in pedometer allows you to calculate distance while Jogging on rough terrain.
  3. Calorie Counter maintains statistics on the consumption of energy during the exercise.
  4. GPS-tracker allows you to blaze new trails or follow a prescribed earlier.
  5. Sync with other devices enable the exchange of information. The data for careful analysis, you can save to your computer or receive information from another device for internal processing, for example, with bike computer.

wrist watch with heart rate monitor


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Important – to please the customer!

Not only the functionality of the device affects the price. A lot depends on the installed sensor which reads the information about the heartbeat and transmits it to the base unit. Therefore, the focus is another parameter that requires attention, learning, heart rate monitors, –. The pros and cons of the installed sensors are evaluated based on the convenience of gadgets, as their functionality is completely identical: to read the data and transfer them to the monitor.

  1. Built-in sensor bracelet is the most comfortable. Wearing watch on hand - and enjoy the training. However, due to the looseness of the fit of the bracelet to the wrist measurement accuracy will be very low.
  2. Chest strap that is worn on the chest in the form of a nylon wrap, creates some discomfort in the initial stages of training. However, the accuracy of these measurements is very high.
  3. Sensor on the ear lobe or on the finger can not be called accurate, but there are training, when possible just be stopped.

In Addition, the sensors are wired and wireless and is also capable of transmitting information in digital or analog form.

The cheaper segment

Chinese devices in the domestic market has always been considered the most affordable for Russian citizens. Moreover, the certificate of quality from the seller clearly shows all buyers that quality should not cause any problems. An example is the heart rate monitor wrist “Zebra”, which has excellent functionality available only in expensive devices:

  • Pedometer
  • Calorie counter
  • GPS tracker
  • Backlit display
  • Sound indicator.

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, the biggest drawback of Chinese devices is the accuracy of the measurement of the cardiac pulse, after all information is removed from the wrist. The problem can be solved by a strong tightening of the strap, but it can lead to numbness in the wrist.

pedometer watch with heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors consumer

For most beginners, the priority is the price of the monitor. It makes no sense to overpay for features that will be in demand. Therefore the market is niche special pricing for buyers who need the most simple and affordable device (about 3000 rubles). And if the reader thinks that this device will be of poor quality, he is seriously mistaken. Because heart rate monitors are medical instruments that are subject to rigorous validation and have international quality certificate.

Options in this niche a bit, but range of enough to make the right choice. No need to expect that the heart rate monitor wrist will have a decent functionality. Price category assumes a typical measurement, which should be given to the buyer in the first place.

wrist watch with pedometer and heart rate monitor

Recommendations of professionals in the affordable segment

The simplest device must be able to read the heart rate and provide the information to the owner. All other functions, which has the heart rate monitor can be regarded as a nice gift from the manufacturer.

  1. About wrist watch with heart rate monitor from the Taiwanese manufacturer Sigma PC 3.11 know of any beginner. The model in various color colorings housings are available at any sporting goods store. Measurementheart rate, clock, stopwatch and the ability to dive to 30 metres – all of the essential functionality for a beginner.
  2. The Germans have always been known for their thoroughness in the production of measuring instruments, so the Beurer PM15 heart rate monitor is no exception. Measurement of heart rate, clock and water resistance are considered to be the baseline. But a nice bonus is the set upper and lower values of heart rate with an alarm when you exit the ‘training zone”.
  3. German Sanitas SPM10 heart rate monitor wrist, unlike competitors, reads the data from touching your finger to the sensor. It is clear that the accuracy of the data may be a problem, but the lack of chest belt adds to the comfort device.

wrist heart rate monitor without chest strap

Consumer class

In category of heart rate monitors from 3000 to 6000 rubles includes devices that are designed to attract customers with its appearance. In fact, this is a niche beautiful gauges pulse with simple functionality. Although the potential buyer can meet wrist watch with pedometer and heart rate monitor in this category.

  1. Legendary heart rate monitor Sigma PC 22.13 has no extra functionality, unlike the older model, but looks much more attractive.
  2. German devices Beurer (PM18, PM25, and PM26) become more attractive and their functionality was supplemented with calorie counter and training calendar.
  3. In this category and hit the legendary Finnish brand Polar which models FT1-FT4 and their various modifications. The heart rate monitor looks very stylish, but has the usual functions: measurement of heart rate, calorie counter and clock with stopwatch.
  4. Device LifeTrak C300 has a built-in pedometer in addition to the usual functions of measuring the pulse. Heart rate monitor is able to synchronize and transmit information to Apple.

heart rate monitor wrist Sportmaster

Business class for the real sports guru

All devices in excess of 6000 rubles is considered to be multifunctional devices, and their price directly depends on the information provided, and from the brand, material, workmanship and appearance. The buyer decides what to choose: wrist heart rate monitor without chest strap in titanium or the navigation system in one device with a built-in thermometer and barometer.

Three serious players in this segment divide the market: the Polar, Garmin and Mio Alpha. And the first brand-oriented business style of the owner, and the second player is positioned as a device for sports and outdoor activities. Mio Alpha has a youth style, and devices of this manufacturer are more popular among creative individuals. Recently, the market of business devices has added an Apple Watch that can measure heart rate and transmit it to your iOS device. Judging by the feedback, it is a regular sensor, but that's how far the manufacturer will go through its possibilities, is still unknown.

heart rate monitors types pros and cons

In conclusion

To actually choose heart rate monitor is not so difficult. Important - before buying to determine his destiny. By figuring out what functionality will be demanded, and counting the money, you can safely go to the store for purchase. The majority of athletes is enough to see the pulse. The lifters do not interfere with the setting of threshold heart rate with a sound alert. But runners cross-country, away from the city, very useful pedometer watch with heart rate monitor.

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