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One of the largest in the Ulyanovsk shopping malls “Plane” opened the doors to its first visitors in April 2007. It is located in the center of a densely populated area of the city and has good transport accessibility. Near the Mall is the Central shopping centre and several shops, typical of any residential district. For residents of the city and district is not the only area for shopping, but also a place for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends.

Convenient location

Major thoroughfares-Prospekt Sozidateley Prospekt and ul - are close to shopping center “Plane” (Ulyanovsk), whose address is and opens one of these avenues – St. Ulyanovsk, 1.

Passing By the routes of public transport and for personal transport will have underground and surface Parking, a total of 380 Parking spaces.

TC aircraft Ulyanovsk

The Building comprises 2 ground floor and basement. The total building area is 22 thousand square meters. Of these, 12.6 thousand squares leases retail and entertainment centers, shopping centers “Plane” (Ulyanovsk). Shops, cafes, children's entertainment area, corporate offices and banks are located on all three floors of the Mall. Here you can buy clothes and shoes for the whole family, household goods, household appliances.

Shopping Mall “Plane” (Ulyanovsk)

A Large part of the ground floor occupied by such anchor tenants of the center, and a supermarket of household appliances and electronics “M. video” and store of goods for children "Detskiy Mir". Here are several women's clothing stores and lingerie, men's clothing stores, shop of fur and leather Mon Blan, Shoe store “Pin”.


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On the ground floor is a grocery supermarket “West-March” and representatives of almost all the mobile operators and communication salons: "Svyaznoy", MTS, "Beeline", "MegaFon", "Euroset".

A Wide range of cosmetics offers a well-known specialty shop "L ' Etual". Apart from the fact that it presents high quality and reliable products, periodic discounts give the opportunity to purchase natural cosmetics and perfume at affordable prices.

After a cosmetics shop to continue to choose their own gifts in jewelry stores. Articles of gold and other precious metals offer a “Golden fleece” and “Onyx".

TC the plane of the Ulyanovsk shops

The Mall first floor their customers expect the men's and women's clothing, leather goods, denim clothing. On the Islands sold watches, jewelry, Souvenirs, handmade soap, dot original gifts “Expedition”, a coffee shop, "the City of Coffee."

On the second floor there is another key tenant of the shopping center “Plane” Ulyanovsk – shop for sports apparel and Adidas goods. Among the shopping malls of the latest there are such well-known chain stores, as InCity, "Your", O'stin, Colin's, and other boutiques mostly women's clothing and accessories.

Discounts in the shopping center “Plane” (Ulyanovsk)

The Mall's Stores focus on buyers with average income. Even more affordable and attractive prices are in the days of discounts and various discount programs.

Most of the branded shops periodically offer discounts and seasonal sales of clothing and footwear, using which you can buy quality branded goods at very competitive prices.

Special interest of the buyers are discounts and promotions in “M. video». High-quality and reliable appliances is expensive. But in the period of holding of shares (and this happens very often) this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a new reliable home appliances such famous companies as Samsung, Bosch and others at a price cheaper brands. Often, small household appliances, buy a gift, and this is another reason to watch for special offers in the shop of home appliances.


Not only shopping program leads residents and visitors in the shopping center “Plane” (Ulyanovsk), the mode of operation which makes it available for all categories. He works from 9 am to 9 PM. Have a nice time and just take a break from shopping, visitors can on the second floor. In the area of food court snacks and drinks, a sushi bar, "Good Pancakes" Sbarro, "Kroshka-Kartoshka", "Grilmaster", "Brotherhood".

TC aircraft Ulyanovsk mode

For children on the second floor near the food court is a children's Playground and entertainment complex for the whole family “star galaxy”.

Services and facilities shopping centre

In addition to shops and cafes in the shopping center “Plane” Ulyanovsk there are a number of facilities that provide various services. The fit of clothes can be done on the second floor in the Studio «Ludmila”. There is also a salon contact lenses, phone repair, beauty salon, design Studio. On the islet between the row of stalls services Express manicure.

TC aircraft Ulyanovsk address

For the convenience of visitors in the shopping centre has escalators, freight and passenger elevators. Comfortable any time of the year provides an air-conditioning system.

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