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This article presents information for young parents or people  who still await the birth of the baby. Phenomenon, about which speech will go, is called the “spontaneous reflex Moro”. In the absence of basic knowledge about the functioning of the body newborn babies some people, when confronted with it,  you can get lost. The fact that children are born with a set of reflexes designed to survive.

Not all young couples are well briefed by the time of birth of children, therefore, some phenomena may even cause them to panic. In particular, when the baby suddenly throws up her hands, inexperienced parents easily become confused. This is documented in the Moro reflex, also sometimes called ‘startle reflex”. Not having a clue about the existence of this phenomenon and understanding of its mechanisms, some parents rush to call the pediatrician or even carry a child to a specialist-neurologist.

Moro Reflex inherent in newborns and usually disappears completely after a few months. In neonatology, he is well known. For the first time this reflex was described in 1918 by a German pediatrician, after whom the expression got its name. For his demonstration, Dr. Moreau has produced an unexpected slap the plane on which is located the head of the child.

During my experiment was to apply the cotton with both hands at the same time on both side of the head of the baby. Provoke reflex is that bent at the elbows of the child apart and rastarivanie fingers. Then he kind of rushes in to hug, to squeeze something to himself. Lifting the lower half of a newborn calf in the straightened legs will also induce reflex Moro. The same can happen at a sudden noise, sharp cotton in the vicinity of the crib, which the Moro reflex is also called the ‘startle reflex”.


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Actually this is a normal reaction of a newborn and the parents can be calm. The other extreme from which to warn adults, is the transformation of the startle reflex in the fun. Behavior kids always touched by loving parents, but raised handles your child occurs as a result of strong internal experiences – in particular, fear. Presumably the baby feel the fall and reflexively tries to save his life, trying to grab the mother. Thus, the triggering of the reflex causes the experience of stress the child's body.

Manifestation of the Moro reflex is accompanied by the child's increased breathing and heartbeat, the production of adrenaline. As a consequence, the baby might start to cry. On the other hand, deliberately try to prevent the manifestation of reflexes should not. Moreover, to avoid them will not succeed, because the unconditioned reflexes of newborns are prepared for active growth and the mental and physical development.

These reflexes are inherent in all healthy infants. One of the most famous –  a sucking reflex that manifests itself when feeding or even getting into the child's mouth, his fingers. While the baby is there reflex sucking movements. Sucking reflex diminished after the child is fed, but approximately 30 – 60 minutes again revived. All these reflexes about twenty, and talk about them on training courses  for childbirth and child care. Fear should cause, on the contrary, the absence of the unconditioned reflexes of newborns.

As for the Moro reflex, typically around six months of life a newborn its symptoms disappear completely. If he continues to persist, it could be cause for consultation with a specialist.

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