Smartphone Meizu M5 32GB: reviews, characteristics, advantages, and features


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Chinese companies are very focused to capture the market. Smartphones are entering the “bundles”. Series for series takes its place in a segment where everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable option. Among the models this year looks good Meizu M5 32Gb. Reviews it collected different. Try to understand that it is good, and bad will not forget to mention it.


More and more domestic buyers began to trust Chinese devices. If earlier they were skeptical, but now often see a passerby who holds the device from Meizu.

The company caught on and loved by many people. She's only 14 years, during which time she was able to become a leading electronics manufacturer.meizu mobile phone m5 note 32gb reviews

The Most popular were the smartphones like Meizu M5 32Gb. Reviews about them are mostly positive. Buyers praise the quality of materials, and technical component. Like many strategy of the company.

In Addition to smartphones, the manufacturer offers to sell the players. During the existence of a huge number of models. Not so long ago began to gain popularity and other gadgets. This could include portable charging, “smart” watches, fitness trackers and music equipment. Good they and headset.

In General, for such a short time, Meizu has made a huge leap in development, interested many buyers and purchased fans.


In Front of us cell phone Meizu M5 32Gb. Reviews about it are good, as, however, and his "brother", released earlier.

All because he became the most available in the line of “M”. According to the manufacturer, the novelty has become the successor of the previously known model M3. We have about it, few have heard because it was not published outside China.


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At the same time becoming a popular model Meizu M5 Note with improved specifications and increased price tag, which has replaced the most popular smartphone of last year, Meizu M3 Note.

meizu m5 32gb reviews

In General, as you can see, the family with the index "M" really became popular and important.

As you may have already noticed, models with the number “4” was not. This is due to the fact that the Chinese are wary of her. But despite of the superstition, smartphones MX4 and MX4 Pro, was presented to the audience.

The Surprise in the news was the fact that, despite the recent trend of metal cases for the budget segment, the new “change” in plastic. Good or bad is up to the users, but we move on.


Regarding the packaging of the mobile phone Meizu M5 32Gb, then it will leave a good. The company continues to delight fans with his minimalism. The box does not load unnecessary information.

The Smartphone placed in a compact white package. It is made of thick cardboard. Looks expensive and good quality. Everything inside is Packed tightly, which ensures safe transport.

Opening the lid, you can see the top of the phone. Underneath is a tray with everything you need. The Chinese are not very generous. In a special envelope to put the documentation. There is also a paperclip to eject the SIM card. It reminds us that the system works with a proprietary shell Flyme.

mobile phone meizu m5 32gb reviews

In Addition, in the box were network adapter 2 ampere and a cable with a USB connector. Despite the fact that quick charge is not, and has not added a universal connector Type-C, still the device is charged quickly.


Find out what's in the hand of a passer-by Meizu it already is easy. The familiar rounded body shape, glass 2.5 D on the back of a major “eye” lens, front borrowed mechanical oval button fingerprint scanner.

As already mentioned, the peculiarity of this model was the plastic case. On the one hand, he's not the first time used in the apparatus of this company, on the other – the latest released model “dressed” the metal.

But to say that the plastic – this is a disadvantage, it is impossible. To each his own. In addition, in order to appease the buyer, was released a few cool colors for Meizu M5 32Gb. Reviews on this subject. Customers liked the matte black and blue. Did not remain without attention of glossy white and turquoise. But the gold proved to be less popular than other options.

The dimensions of the phone are standard for such models. In it reaches a height of 14 cm, width-7 cm, and its thickness-8 mm. due to the fact that the hull is plastic, it was lighter than its predecessor – only 138 grams.

Detailed description

The Main area of the front panel covers the screen. Around it quite noticeable frame that for some aesthetes may be a negative trait. Above the display is earpiece. On the left side of it the front facing camera. Don't forget about the notification light and sensors.

According to the majority of owners of the device, the earpiece was very good. It produces a clear sound, there is a stock volume. I can even hear low and high notes. It seems that he got from an expensive device.meizu m5 32gb white reviews

Below the screen of conventional mechanical button. She was the same oval shape. In this model, it can function as a fingerprint scanner. There is even a heart rate sensor.

The Reverse side of the concise. Top middle, as usual, has large "peephole" camera. Underneath the two-tone flash. The manufacturer did not forget to leave your logo.


The circuitry is well-placed for the former owners remains familiar. That's probably why so many good reviews. Meizu M5 32Gb White stayed true to the details. Therefore, on the bottom face, still have a place to connect headset, microphone, USB port for the charger. From the edge of the grille placed speakers.

The Upper end is free. Although the older models it is possible to find an additional microphone noise reduction.

On the left side is barely noticeable combo tray. It traditionally can work with two nano-SIM, or you can replace the SIM card to the card memory. Actually, originally this design of the tray caused smartphone owners discontent. Now accustomed to it, even managed to cram in there all at once.cell phone meizu m5 32gb reviews

The Right side is the volume button and power. Both made of plastic. They have a mild stroke. To use them uncomfortable, well, or only if you use the case without the slits.


The New model comes with a diagonal of 5.2". Smartphone Meizu M5 32 GB (blue) became universal due to its size. Previous models were offered with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. It is considered an edge. Someone this display will seem large. Pro version 5 generally appeared with a screen of 5.7 inches.

But the five-inch mini M3S, on the contrary, some may feel uncomfortable due to the small screen. In General, the size of the display is always the debate between the advocates of the compact models and «shovels».

This model Resolution 720h1280 points. It's a budget choice, which could be increased to Full HD, but then would have to increase his price tag. Therefore, this permission is clear. A matrix IPS.

Actually, the screen is not the best. It is not too a high rate of brightness, viewing angles are disgusting. The normal color of the screen issues only in the normal position. If its tilted forward or back, it is noticeably loses brightness and distort the notes.


With a camera at the Meizu M5 all just. The core module works with a resolution of 13 MP. He has the phase focus and aperture on f2.2. Front camera 5 MP.5 2 smartphone meizu m5 32 GB blue

This is a budget camera. Nothing special from it should not wait. Day good bright pictures. Pictures are vivid, crisp. But at dusk the image is not pleasing. Noises appear because there is not enough light, the image becomes dim and “soap”.

Video is recorded in FullHD resolution. Day results frequency of 30 frames per second, at night, the processing speed falls – up to 20 frames per second. The focus slows down a little. But the records sound good: light scratches and noises.

Front camera can also record videos in FullHD. Better not to experiment at night. But the day turn out good videos. You can use it as webcam.


Reviews on cell phone Meizu M5 32Gb mostly positive. This is due to the fact that despite its budget, the manufacturer decided to equip the model a good “iron”. Inside works processor MediaTek MT6750 on eight cores. It contains two clusters of four “crystal”. The first half runs at a speed of 1 GHz, the second-1.5 GHz.

According to tradition, working for the graphics Mali-T860. It supports all modern functions. To say that will pull the latest HTC phones on “ultra”, it is impossible. But still will give you the opportunity to enjoy all that you find on the “Play...

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