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For decades sneakers Eksis not lose its popularity among people of different age and sex. The reason is simple: high quality and affordable for any average citizen prices.

About the brand Eksis

Eksis - sneakers and other athletic shoes created by a Russian manufacturer. When designing products apply the latest technology and advanced computer programs. It also meets all international standards. Eksis - shoes that will satisfy even the most selective buyer. Choose them as professional athletes and ordinary people leading an active lifestyle or frequent travelers.

Before production gets to the market, it is tested on athletes-professionals. They, like anyone else, know a lot of good sport shoes, can indicate defects in the goods which they offer, and suggest a solution to the problem. Thus, it appears that Eksis - running shoes high quality the most convenient and correct from a physiological point of view.

The company Eksis has its own design center where professionals develop the appearance of the Shoe, following all fashion trends. It's true, shoes, even athletic, should be not only comfortable but stylish.

The Range of shoes Eksis

sneakers eksis

Products Eksis varied: it includes about 200 different models of sports shoes designed for people leading an active lifestyle, and professional athletes involved in different sports.

The company has a special line of Casual, which includes flip-flops and sandals are intended for everyday wear, and a series of Outdoor for those who are accustomed to active recreation or long travel trips.

A Huge range of shoes designed specifically for those who are either professionally engaged in sports, or going to the gym or the fitness center. In the professional collection includes men's football shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, volleyball and fitness, tennis, handball and Boxing shoes, figure skates and boots for skiing.


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Creating shoes for casual wear, experts Eksis first of all pay attention to the appearance of the products and ensure that it complies with all fashion trends this season. Producing a sports model, first think about how to use the technology to in the classroom, decreasing the risk of injury.

For Example, designing the sneakers for basketball, manufacturers choose material for sole, because it is the most important part of the shoes. Sole in the classroom in the hall in any case should not slip on the wood floor. To do this, use 3 or 4 layers of various materials, attached to the lower part of the Shoe.

eksis sneakers photo

The Next step is the choice of color and pattern. Designers study fashion trends and "paint" sneakers more stylish. But for the same basketball Shoe drawing - not a decorative element, and one of the most important parts. The fact that the pattern on the sole depends on the degree of slip shoes, so it is important to pick the right design decision.

After that, the experts design the top of the Shoe and insert an arch support designed to protect the foot.

One of the models Eksis (sneakers)

A Photo of men's sneakers brand Eksis presented next. Sole and the inside of the Shoe is made in green color, the upper part is made of special material, blue color, breathable. According to buyers, these sneakers are comfortable to wear and practical.

Eksis men's shoes

Eksis (sneakers): feedback

The Winter men's sneakers Eksis attract the attention of buyers. They say that the shoes are insulated, looks good. Natural materials in it. Some parts of the sneaker is made of textile, the other in faux leather. The laces tight. For better fixation in the sneakers are special hooks which cling to the laces at the very end. The inner part of the Shoe is made of faux fur material. The sole is quite thick and solid, corresponds exactly to our harsh Russian winter. A definite plus for buyers is that the shoes are warm, but feet don't sweat in it. Wear comfortable and safe. This model has a few color options: black-yellow, black-red and black-blue.

eksis running shoes reviews

Often receives the attention and model 6690mB brand Eksis. Sneakers for men, according to buyers, different quality, practicality and convenience. To wear them maybe for a long time. Can be used as a gym, fitness and fresh air. Sizes start from 41. The owners of the shoes Eksis warning: if you order shoes online, keep in mind that sneakers malomeryat 1 size.

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