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Famous brands typically aim to consolidate the image of a reliable supplier of products in a particular segment. However, increasingly the phenomenon, when under a single brand name out completely different products. A similar situation occurred with the manufacturer of Caterpillar equipment. American brand well known worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality construction machinery. Nevertheless experts of the company can name a few trends in the market, which are the products of Caterpillar. In this case we will focus on phone CAT B25, which, though irrelevant to developers of construction machinery, demonstrates high levels of reliability and durability. We can say, the unit suffered its “off road" character in the segment of high-tech gadgets that allowed him to win some popularity.

General information about the model

cat b25

The development of the model involved the British company Bullitt Mobile, which purchased a license to use the trademark Caterpillar. At the first glance it becomes clear why the manufacturer chose this brand to represent apparatus on the market. The model should be associated with reliability, performance and durability. Largely phone Caterpillar CAT B25 to this specification. Another thing is that for the rest of the evaluation criteria of a modern mobile device, this product looks quite modest. If we take the model to a specific niche, it is the class of conventional push-button devices that have low functionality but are long and reliably. By the way, this phone has a close relative in the Russian market. Machines from teXet and, in particular, the TM-510R, looks very similar to the Bullitt Mobile product, although the devices are in different lines and does not formally connect to one another.


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caterpillar cat b25

Technical data of the device should not be compared with other modern models. The fact that the mobile phone CAT B25 is seriously lagging behind on key characteristics – again, its main advantages are not with hardware. However, something the creators still tried to embody in your product.

  • Weight – 161
  • Dimensions & ndash; 125 in height 55 in width and 22 in thickness.
  • Display   TFT, 2,0”.
  • Display Resolution – 320x240.
  • Protection Level corresponds to the marking IP 67.
  • Main memory – 78 MB.
  • Camera   module for 2 MP.
  • Camera Resolution-1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • Diet – the Li-Ion battery with capacity of 1,300 mAh.
  • Extra volume – it is possible to use a micro-SD card up to 8 GB.
  • More options – music player, voice recorder, radio, flashlight, composer.

As you can see, the model focuses on practical operation, and in harsh conditions. This is evidenced not only the presence of the flashlight, a high degree of protection and a capacious battery. Camera CAT B25 is impact-resistant, water-proof and dust-proof cover available. For those who use phones in extreme conditions it will be a very decent option for a lot of money. By the way, the price of the device is about 4 thousand.

Body and design

cat b25 reviews

The Body is made in a utilitarian style, which is characterized by the solidity of form and strong feeling of the Assembly. Despite its apparent complexity, the device is quite lightweight and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. A large part of the surface, particularly functional sockets and connectors framed by a grooved protective rubberized plastic. Thanks to this trim model and gained the status of one of the most reliable phones. Even the display Caterpillar CAT B25 has protection in the form of a thick, scratch resistant glass. In the lower pane, as befits the push-button models, is a five-way joystick and keyboard. Even lower can be detected with the cell openings of the microphone. It is worth noting improved protection block battery. On the back area there is a strong rubber plate with logo CAT, is made of thin metal.


mobile phone cat b25

Realizing that in performance this unit of competition will not be, the developers decided to bring to the limit of its convenience and simplicity. It is present not only in the ergonomics of the physical handling of the phone, but also controls its functions. So, the CAT B25 user gets a classic five-way joystick, which is enough for convenient control of the menu. On the screen this displays all the necessary data, including the status of SIM cards, time and names of operators with indicators of the battery. The menu contains 12 icons with podustali. In addition to the standard icons you can mark the Internet and multimedia. Still, from a utilitarian push-button models these functions are not so common. Also the model is rare for this class of phone app in the form ubojnoj “reader” e-books.

Camera and entertainment

The Model is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera and a whole set of different programs. Immediately I must say that the developers responsible attitude to the choice of applications, focusing noton quantity but on practical use. As for the camera, it does not particularly surprise. The user gets a standard set of shooting settings, including white balance control and the inclusion of effects. In terms of the image quality Caterpillar CAT B25 is a very mediocre device, so much hope to hold his camera is not necessary.


phone caterpillar cat b25

All that relates to practical use, the phone is implemented at the proper level. Of course, comparing the functionality with premium smartphones out of the question, but some database creators are still provided. First we must mention the possibility of the use of dwmh “love” and broad support for GSM. In addition, the device is provided with Bluetooth and Internet access is provided using EDGE or GPRS. For communication with the computer, the CAT B25 is equipped with a microUSB connector and a wired headset. By the way, after connection, the user is prompted to synchronize in multiple formats. In particular, it is possible to choose the mode of data storage to use the device as a media or storage device, and also as a web camera.

Reviews on phone

The Model is expected to have positive responses about its design, the quality of the housing and the outer ergonomics. As noted by the owners, the device is comfortable, practical and visually appealing. He has a loud speaker, though the microphone, protected by a coating of the protective layer, distorts it. As for other shortcomings, they mostly belong to the last detail. For example, users have noted small print CAT B25. Reviews about the battery quite controversial. The machine keeps the active state longer than smartphones, however, compared to its competitors in the class that loses in this index.


phone cat b25

The Model as a whole makes a good impression. Partly it is due to its original appearance. Despite the brutality and severity, the CAT B25 phone looks quite nice. Supported by a pleasant sensation of physical contact. As noted by the owners, to hold this device in hand-a pleasure. Impressions change with familiarity with the inner stuffing, but not much. Modern apps, powerful operating system and a 5-pixel camera in this device. But there is a convenient menu, many useful options and a basic set of tools for communication.

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