Portable DVD player with TV tuner – a good travel companion


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Tiring standing in “traffic”, journey family to a picnic or a long flight – in all these cases one is confronted with the problem of how to pass the time, how to entertain yourself and friends on the road. Help portable DVD player with TV tuner that has a lot of interesting features.

First of all, is a compact and portable device that makes it indispensable in a way. Its easy to take, it will not take much space. It is possible to arrange the preview pictures, play DVDs, play and listen to music. As a result, all family members will find something useful for yourself. The child stops whining, he will be fascinated by the cartoon. Adults, after putting him to bed, satisfied with himself for the show, and during the way your favorite tunes are provided. Among other things, a portable DVD player with TV tuner takes TV channels.portable dvd player with tv tunerTypically, the device is multi-format: DVD, SD Card, MS-Card, CD, USB-Flash, MMC-Card. It can play files from media such as a DVD Video, Audio CD, MP3, AVI, JPEG, VCD, WMA. But MPEG-4 and DIVX do not support all models. Listening to music can not only drive, but on the FM radio waves. Meet electronic equipment with karaoke function, which will entertain you and your family, and friends. Portable DVD player with TV tuner will allow for a while to feel like a star. Connect to headphones. If you want to listen to music without them, it is necessary to consider versions with powerful built-in speakers.

portable DVD player TV tunerFor comfortable viewing of films is necessary when choosing the device pay attention to the characteristics of the screen: resolution, viewing angle. Seven-inch – light in weight, and good picture quality is guaranteed by 11" monitor. Thanks to Li-Ion battery ensures long Autonomous operation of the device. Without a break to recharge portable DVD player with TV tuner allows you to listen to music and watch movies for three and a half hours, and to watch television programmes – up to six hours. The duration of operation of the device depends on the size of the monitor. If he has a small format, then the model consumes less energy.

DVD player portable tunerThe car will become just indispensable portable DVD player, TV tuner the device – analog, it takes almost all television channels. Therefore, even in case you will not part with the characters of your favorite series and don't miss the hockey game. In addition there is an antenna, but it suggest to buy one with amplifier. Electronic multimedia device reads the information from the flash. Special USB connectors are adapted for memory cards or joystick. Because the player is a wonderful gift for games lovers. Includes adapter cable, and two charging: mains and motor, which is very comfortable on the road. Film fans will get a lot of pleasure from watching your favorite bands, after all, is equipped with a DVD player (portable, tuner) 3D glasses and disc movies. Among firms producing the multimedia devices include Samsung, Toshiba, XPX, LG and others.

Electronic device will be a nice gift for the whole family or for your friends who love to travel.

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