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In the Chekhov district near Moscow, there is a small village of Talezh. The Holy spring, which is located here, is one of the most interesting places in the area. A little further on, in the village of New Life, is the male monastery. Every day many pilgrims decide to visit the Talezh. The Holy spring of St. David is a symbol of purification from worldly desires and sins.

the Holy spring talezh

Description spring

The territory belongs to the source, surrounded by a fence, the only way in is the front gate. They are made of red brick in the form of a small arch with metal doors decorated with forged roses. In addition to the spring here lies the chapel of the Mother of God and two baths for men and women. I must say that the first few more the second. Also there is built a small temple with a chapel in honor of St. David, the founder of this place.


The time of the visit starts in the morning from 8.00 am and ends at 21.00. Only day off is Monday, this day is cleaning. All the baths are thoroughly cleaned and washed so they always looked properly. All religious holidays there is a service that brings many residents of the area. This is a very popular place for honeymooners who plan to strengthen their Alliance in the face of God. Many believe that this marriage will be very strong and permanently connect the hearts of lovers. In addition, throughout the year, there is carried out the rite of Baptism, which contributes does not freeze even in severe frosts the water. Holy spring - the place of Holiness and sacraments, therefore, to conduct photographing and video recording is strictly prohibited. Although the territory formally belongs to the land of the village of Talezh, a Holy spring is under the control of the Orthodox Church. And being here, you need to adhere to all rules and regulations stipulated by monastic Charter, in any case to prevent inappropriate behaviour, rudeness and boorishness. talezh Holy spring of St. David


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History spring

How did this place many legends and tales. According to one of the most famous, the place appeared due to one simple girl. She really liked the count Orlov, and he tried to get her, but in his outburst crossed the line. Realizing what he had done stupid things, he wanted to make amends with a gift in the form of a ring with a huge diamond. However, the girl accepted the gift, throwing the ring, ran away in bitter tears. And in the place where fell the ring, there was a spring, pure as a maiden's tear. Giving it the passed many years among local residents. If you rely on official data at the disposal of Talezh, a Holy spring was known only in the 90-ies of XX century. Custody this place has instructed the ascension of David desert, which was near. The years went by, and began to build all new buildings, erected a fence and a house for the priest. talezh Holy source photo

Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary

Another Orthodox building in the village Talezh is the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. It is located in the Eastern part of the village, and also refers to the desert. It was built under the supervision of Prince Vladimir Orlov in 1795. After a half century, and in 1939 the Church was closed. Long time he stood without a care, and the building walls began to crumble. Only at the beginning of the XXI century it took to restore. The money for the repair of the temple were raised by the whole village, and also helped entrepreneurs from around the Chekhov district. And although full recovery is not over, the service in the Church began to rule. And those areas that are managed to restore, can please many fans of old Orthodox architecture.

How to get to the spring?

To reach to the source is easy enough to take the train to Chekhov. From Moscow, she comes back about an hour. Then you will need to take a minibus which goes in Talezh. Sacred source find to be pretty easy, as there are many pointers on the way to it. So it is enough to follow them, and soon you will be in the right place. Car owners will be able to get there on the Simferopol highway. You will need to go straight to the turn to the village of Melikhovo. The rest of the section of the route should be guided by the signs of the path to Talia. The road from Moscow to the village amounted to just over seventy kilometers. water Holy spring If you want to restore the spiritual connection, or to be cleansed of fears and anxieties, we recommend you to visit the Talezh. Holy spring, a photo of which is presented above, has always contributed to the achievement of these goals. Because the atmosphere that reigns there, gives harmony and peace to even the most tormented soul. And the beauty of nature and the spring will not leave indifferent any visitor of this wonderful place - the Holy spring of St. David.

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