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If you are looking for the option for year round family holidays, stop attention to the camp "rainbow" in Samara (photo presented in the article). It is just 60 km from the city center, in a beautiful pine forest. Here you can spend a wonderful time, by selecting the appropriate method of settlement. So, read more.

Hostel "rainbow" Samara

Tourist base "rainbow" (Samara): description

With 30 years of history, recreation, more recently, has another name - "the Alps of Samara". It is symbolic, because one of its main advantages is a picturesque hillside covered with young pines. There is a beautiful view on the opposite Bank of the Volga and Zhiguli mountains. In base territory there is a special observation deck where you can observe nature of the Middle band.

B/o can simultaneously relax 175 people, choosing one of the following methods of settlement:

  • Room in a brick building with shared facilities (no. 2) or territory (No. 1).
  • Comfortable room in a two storey hotel.
  • Separate cottage. These cozy two-story houses, operates year-round, there are 16.
  • A room in a triplex house with amenities on site.Camp rainbow, Samara, reviews


The Campers of the camp "rainbow" (Samara) provide three meals a day. Dining room is able to accommodate 175 people. The range of dishes is very diverse: it is mandatory in the diet include pastries, vegetables and fruits. For children there are special menus. Dining room easily transforms into a Banquet hall where you can hold any festive event.


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The b/a has four restaurants. The biggest is called "Royal" and is able to accommodate 350 guests. "Italian" can accommodate 50 people, "Basic", 150, "Knight" - 60. The last time the institution sought after for weddings as their wedding outdoors has become a common phenomenon.

How to reach

Where the hostel "rainbow" in Samara? Coastal village located in the city on the territory of the Krasnoglinskiy district - the nearby residential building to the "Samara Alps". It is possible to reach by train (station "125 km"), and the buses 79 and 447 on route. If necessary, in the Coastal, you can also find a pharmacy, post office or market. Further, the route shown on the map.

Hostel "rainbow", Samara, Coastal

To overcome several kilometers to the recreation center, it is better to use taxi.


What are the conditions for interesting pastime offers hostel Raduga? In Samara it is not always possible to find something similar that is in a pine forest "the Alps of Samara". Exclusive is, of course, the husky club, and a petting zoo. This game suitable for both adults and children. Communication with the friendly Northern breed sled dogs will help relieve stress and make gorgeous photo shoot. Surcharge in the winter you can participate in riding on the Malamute and husky.Camp rainbow, Samara, photo

Not leaving the territory of the Volga region, it is easy to find yourself mentally in the far North. In animals living on the base. Even in the Moscow zoo cannot meet reindeer, and here two of them: Simon and Alex. Vacationers animals are allowed to feed, but be sure the moss that is sold in the local bar.

There is a stage in the evening there are dances, competitions and other entertainment events. Lovers baths can relax in the sauna, which has a plunge pool and a relaxation room.

The Property is well laid out and comfortable for kids. Play area (kids club) includes a slide, dry pool, the bright labyrinth. Here you can leave the child under the supervision of a tutor or spend time with him. In the club there is a possibility to organize children's parties and birthdays.


A Huge sports complex, an area of 900 square meters, provides enthusiasts the opportunity to not only play table tennis or game types, but also access to the gym. Free of charge for guests. Its doors are open from early morning until 22:00.

The Camp "rainbow" (Samara) as a supplementary service provides the possibility to play Billiards and tennis. On its territory there are two outdoor pools (for kids and adults) equipped with places for sunbathing and modern methods of water purification. The length of main track is 25 meters.

Recreation practices of the target arrivals for students and staff. Provides the opportunity for corporate events, including sports (relay races, laser tag, paintball). It is impossible to imagine its activities without regular customers: the company "Argos", a network of drugstores" Vita", Samara cable company, Fund "Auchan".Camp rainbow, Samara, description

Tourist base "rainbow" (Samara): feedback

"Vkontakte" created a public group where customers share their experiences about being on b/O. Reviews are exclusively positive. Noted the comfort for relaxing at any time of the year, as housing is heated. Winter pineforest fun to ski. In summer you can swim in the lake nearby, or in the swimming pool in the tourist center Raduga.

Samara is located in the area with a favorable climate (temperate continental) for people with various diseases. Health effect has also the scent of pines and ability to communicate with animals. Visitors will find courtesy and friendliness of the staff. Regularly sanitizing areas, so many are pleasantly surprised by the lack of mosquitoes.

Special thanks sound to the staff b/o about leisure time activities and assistance in conducting events. The camp site is ready to take on their service.

A Single disgruntled reviews relate to the supply and replacement of obsolete furniture in one-story houses.

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