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Irina Trukhina is quite noticeable in the domestic segment of the Internet figure whose name is closely associated with literature and children's literature. Her reviews on a particular children's book can be found on the pages of the online stores for relevant publications, and the "centralized" to read in its "Live Journal". In any of these places in addition to the review, you can also find a dozen photos of the book. Although, as she admits herself, books are bought, mostly for myself, in my collection, but because the emphasis is not so much on the artistic value of the text, but on the artistic value of the design of any publication.

Irina Trukhina

What do we know about Irina?

About the biography of Irina Troinoi know very little. Was born in January 1966 in Moscow, has an adult son and young grandson. It is, perhaps, all that can be said about Irina the dry language of facts.

Only children's books

"Only children's books" - part of the name of the blog of Irina in "Live Journal", where she collects all their reviews from different pages of the online store. The full title of this interesting blog is a line from a poem by Osip Mandelstam. But reads: "Only children's books to read, only children thought to cherish".

Irina's Blog can be read sequentially, the records, considering the diverse works of typographic art and refer to an overhead of the list highlighted in the blog works. Children's books with Irina Troinoi sorted or at work (if we are talking about such important phenomena in children's literature as "Peter pan" or "Timur and his team"), or author (if the books of this writer are quite frequent among records). Also there were collections on narrower topics, such as "winter books", "books about school, books about the great Patriotic war" and a collection of books, timed to any holiday.


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Irina Trukhina children's books

For Example, a collection containing five different editions of the works of Olesha "Three fat men". Illustrations of these books very different style that largely determined their purchase in the collection since the very tale of Irina, according to her, dislikes and while writing reviews always remembers a phrase that very accurately describe her feelings when you purchase a regular edition Olesha: "my tea with eight spoons of sugar and stir, I do not like sweet". But nonetheless, "fat man," on her shelf sitting for fifteen Grand. As expected, three for the book.

Irina Trukhina reviews

If to speak about foreign children's literature, we can say that a lot of attention paid to Lewis Carroll and his "Alice". This book blog Irina Troinoi presented in a huge number of options. There is as already bought her publications, and those that are in the "wish list". For example, English-language edition of "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" in an African style. The book, striking for its unfamiliarity, those who are accustomed to disney blond girl, not cause rejection at all. On the contrary, consider it quite interesting, it is possible to notice a lot of unusual items.

Public Opinion

Reviews Irina Troinoi find a large enough response from readers "Live Journal" and buyers in online stores. Even the files in the blog were collected thanks to numerous requests from readers to show the different editions of the same book so they could choose for themselves what they and their children prefer that will become part of the family library.

Often the records in the "Only children's books" can be found the grateful response or lively discussions of a publication as part of the design, and the translation, if we are talking about foreign authors.

Irina Trukhina biography

In Addition to the many thankful comments can be found and a certain amount of negativity. However, the main reproach to be played with third party resources is the so - called "omnipresence" Irina, tiring dissatisfied. But even this category of Internet users recognize the value and usefulness of her reviews.


Reviews Irina Troinoi very interesting for the reader, especially for those who value the book not only the content but also the form or looking for the edition with illustrations by a particular artist, for example, because is a fan of his work. In any case, when you open "Only children's books", I understand that, despite all the years you lived, you still can bring in real children's immediate delight.

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