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Every woman wants to have a thin waist, believing that it will emphasize femininity. Really, a beautiful waist is really attractive. But unfortunately, not every lady can boast of it. Even if the girl is very beautiful figure, the waist may not be very pronounced. What to do to reduce it? Many are convinced that it is due to inflated press can remove the extra inches in the waist, but that's really not enough. Muscles are located under fat, which you should get rid of. The best exercise to achieve this goal is considered to be vacuum.

Effects on muscles

vacuum for belly reviews

If the girl itself is slender, it does not mean that she had a flat stomach. It is often such that even the thin people he sticks out. Many do not know how to deal with it, everyone is saying that the Deposit is a well-proportioned body is a proper diet and cardio activity. But what if none of this helps to remove the volume? That's when you should pay attention to this exercise, as the vacuum belly. Reviews about it say that it is very effective as it works directly with the internal muscles. The main scope of the exercise - internal press. Transverse and partitioned muscles provide retraction of the abdominal wall. They are necessary to maintain posture and are under the direct and oblique external muscles, that is, form a kind of corset, embracing the waist.


vacuum for belly reviews results

  • Because of the immaturity of the transverse muscle, many women suffer from the problem of distended belly. To cope with it will help the vacuum belly. The reviews claim that it really tightens the muscles, due to which the abdomen becomes flatter.
  • With this exercise you can reduce the layer of fat in the abdomen.
  • In a relatively short period of time can significantly reduce the waist.
  • Due to the fact that the waist becomes thinner, the chest visually increase
  • The development of the transverse abdominal muscles.
  • To perform exercises you do not need any additional equipment that allows you to perform it from the comfort of home.
  • If there is a problem such as pain in the lower back, then come to the aid of exercise vacuum belly. Reviews of people confirm that it really helps stabilize the spine.
  • Some girls don't like strongly pronounced relief press, so they are afraid of the pump. Exercise vacuum this will not happen.
  • Vacuum prevents sagging internal organs.

Vacuum lying

exercise for the stomach vacuum reviews results


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The simplest form of this exercise is to vacuum from the prone position, as when you are on the back, on the stomach is the force of gravity, which greatly facilitates the exercise.

To execute it you first need to lie on your back, bend your knees, feet placed on the floor, your arms should be outstretched at your sides. Take a strong breath, trying as much as possible to empty the lungs. At the same time, draw the belly, straining it. Mentally you can imagine what you are trying to get the navel to the spine. It will not be as difficult as this still helps you and gravity. In the position with retracted abdomen need to hold out 15 seconds, but not to breathe all the time is difficult, so make small light breaths. While exercise is very important to concentrate and to remember to keep the abdomen tense.

It is best to do this exercise on an empty stomach, that is, the ideal time is in the morning. You should perform 3-4 approach several times. Will be more effective if you repeat it during the day, when the stomach is empty. If you feel that exercise is easier, then increase the time.

Vacuum on her knees

If you have reached such a level that you can easily are given for 5 reps in a set lasting a minute, and you want to make the task easier, thereby making the exercise more effective, you can go to the vacuum on his knees. And harder due to the fact that there is gravity, you will not help, as when you are lying, but rather in the way.

To complete the exercise you need to kneel down and rest your palms on the floor. Ensure that the hands were straight. The knees should form a right angle, and the shoulders, elbows and hands - to be on the same line. This position is considered correct. Make more deep breath and pull your stomach. At this time, the head slightly lower down, and the back vignette. Otherwise, everything is the same as in the supine position. To start, challenge yourself to go 30 seconds and each time gradually increase the time, gradually reaching one minute. Do the exercise in 5 sets.

Vacuum standing

vacuum for belly reviews before and after photos

This is the most difficult version of this exercise, as the vacuum belly. Reviews, results indicate that this variety helps to develop also the muscles-stabilizers that affect the spine. Here not only the force of gravity complicates the problem, but also that you have to strain your back to keep straight position.

To start stand in a comfortable position for you. In principle, alldone in the same way as in other types of vacuum. It is necessary to involve the stomach on the exhale and stay as much as you can. If you can hold out for more than a minute, do until, until it becomes very difficult.

In fact, this exercise can be performed throughout the day. Just keep tension in your abdominal muscles constantly, thereby exercising. And soon this state will become natural and your stomach flat, because you carry out exercise vacuum belly.


exercise vacuum belly reviews

Results even after a short period of regular exercise are amazing. Many years active in sports, diet, but can not achieve a slim waist and flat stomach. Though actually it's simple. It is enough to perform the exercise vacuum belly. Reviews, photos before and after girls can not help but surprise, because this is quite simple and does not require additional equipment exercise is so effective.

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