Cartoons are not for everyone: anime yaoi. List of the best and a description of the plot


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Sooner or later the connoisseurs of anime I decide to watch something hot and go to the next level of animation, calculated on the category «18+». Someone is watching normal hentai, and someone interested in a little naughty video: anime yaoi (list of movies will be presented below).

It Is necessary to warn that homophobia watch is strongly not recommended: this genre of anime talks about love between men. Love in all aspects, including sexual. It's not Shounen-AI with his hints and understatements, leaving place for the imagination of the viewer. Yaoi naked sensual and full of passion.

“Wedge of love”

A List of the anime genre yaoi is not so great as it might seem. And really good things not much. Is considered a classic “Wedge of love”. The story was released in the 90-ies, but is still considered one of the best.

On the planet Amoi, there is a rigid caste hierarchy, which all strictly follow. The world is ruled by the elite: “Blondie” - genetically modified people. Then there are the citizens-the common people, and at the bottom place the half-breeds, who do not have even civil rights.

yaoi anime list

Jason Mink – representative of the upper class, never considered half-bloods for the people. But he surprised even himself when he saved one of them from death. The insolent guy for the salvation offered to pay body, and Jason, not knowing why, agrees. And goes further, making Riki his... pet. Between young people are forming relationships, but society will not tolerate such blatant disregard for established rules. And the heroes have to make hard choices.


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What else can please their fans anime yaoi? A list of the most popular designs continues another famous story found in the list of top 5 animated movies of this genre.

The First season of the anime talks about the relationship between Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami. Misaki is a student in the last grade of high school and going to University.

list of anime genre yaoi

However, the guy confident in his abilities, and he hired a tutor Mustache. Dating is a very peculiar: Misaki finds his tutor hooking up with his older brother in the corridor…

In Addition to the main storyline, in all the three seasons shows the relationship of two couples.

“the world's Best first love”

If you are viewing a list of the anime genre romance (yaoi), please pay attention to this cartoon. The rave reviews about it.

Never forget your First love, isn't it? However Onodera Ritsu can argue with that. No, he remembers, as he confessed to his object of admiration in his feelings, but his face as if in a haze. However, since it's been ten years, so it's easy to forget.

list of anime about yaoi

And Ritsu are more concerned with other matters: to make a good impression on colleagues in the new job and prove that he can be the best without using communication. However, fate decided to play a joke and instead of the literary Department of Ritsu falls in the Department of manga. And its new boss looks suspiciously like his almost-forgotten first love.

“In his hands he held a spring”

This cartoon is rightly included in the list of the best yaoi-anime. The plot is based on the relationship of the two pretty-boy actors. Both popular and ambitious, and do not want to recognize each other's successes. Passions run high when they have to compete for the role.

a list of the best yaoi anime

Choose the Iwaki, but due to the popularity of the film the producers decided to shoot a series and the second lead are invited Kato. Now young people have a convincing love for each other, because your scenario requires. But by the time this feeling becomes a reality, and the actors decide to live together, despite all the difficulties through which you have for this pass.

“Love scene”

Another project of the anime genre yaoi. The list continues, this time a romantic Comedy.

Izumi Sena – a typical otaku. Despite his famous show-business family (dad and brother are singers, mother – actress), he does not want to follow in their footsteps and is going to become a manga artist like his idol. The guy didn't even own inability to draw. But relatives convince Izumi to play in advertising.

list of anime genre yaoi romatica

The more experience guy in this business already exists and the new movie will be a continuation of the previous one, only with a difference in 10 years. Doubt and reluctance Izumi is clear: in his first film he played the role of bridesmaid. Yes, he was a cute little girl. And now, to play the role of the bride.

An Even greater shock will be experienced by his colleague Rema, Itize. The young man still was convinced that the role of the cuties played a girl. He fell in love with her almost at first sight.

“Ebisu Elite”

How lucky for those whose boss is kindness itself, and how lucky for those who got in the heads of this wicked tyrant. If there is love at first sight, and hate too. It is understood Haruka Fujinami, only acquainted with his new boss.

yaoi anime list

It's Hard to say what annoyed me most: self-confident, nasty habit longerbut responsibilities so that all the hard work getting to the beginner, or snide comments. However, after a while Haruka catches himself thinking that this tyrant he's starting to like. What is it? And how to deal with it? And is it necessary?

“no Money”

This entertaining story is also in the category «18+” and is a prominent representative of the category of anime yaoi. List of the best projects of the genre can't do without this cartoon for adults. The plot is quite original: the main character, Ayase Yukiya sell at auction for debts of his brother. It cost its new owner a fortune – 120 million yen.

list of anime genre yaoi

But his behavior Yukiya managed to piss off the Kano Sonucu, and he offered him freedom, after the young man fully give him the whole amount. Possible parts: one night is 500 000 yen. The students money, as you know, is not found. Yes, even those. So I have Yukiya work.

A List of anime about yaoi is not as great as many think. Despite all the quirks of the Japanese, this direction is no different variety, and new cartoons take off often.

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