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Sable is considered the most valuable representative of the fur-bearing animals. It belongs to the Mustelidae family and its structure, appearance is very similar to an ordinary forest marten, although somewhat smaller. In addition, he has a very silky coat and its tail shorter.

Due to the relentless hunting of Sables in the Royal years their population was reduced to a minimum, however, due to strict supervision, its population managed to recover. The most valuable is considered to be representative of the Barguzin sable.

Hunting of the sable is only allowed with a special license. Due to the fact that in the land of Siberia in recent years has increased its livestock, hunting these valuable animals is quite simplified. So that the season can produce about three dozen Sables, even a novice hunter.

Many have today to conclude a contract on the supply of fur skins on the blank base. So the hunt for the sable has become a very popular and profitable.

Many Sable in the taiga of the Altai, Sayan, and Baikal regions. He lives in the low valleys, and mountain tracts. This furbearer prefers other cedar taiga forest.

Today, the hunting of the sable is produced and Evenk Siberian huskies, which are very excitedly take the trail of this animal, and upon him, persecuted until then, until you drive a convict or a tree. For this case, the hunters take the mesh, which immediately surround the place where lies the victim.

Sable kicked probe, because Smoking is not accepted.

Leaping, the animal immediately falls to the pressed down. And then the hunter's special glove takes its prey.

Traps for sable - Almaty - installed with “ivok”, special sticks. Attached to the top of the bells, and that the animal does not slip under the pressed down, the lower the edge you need to ditch in the snow and to trample down.


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Sometimes a sable hiding in the hollow. In this case, the hole in the wood plug, and then gradually rattling the trunk, find the end of it. Then the barrel cut through a few holes and pinning the animal to the end, is extracted, jamming his hand in the MITT.

And when a lot of snow, and hunting for sable with impossible dogs, the hunters start to catch using traps and other samolovama. Most commonly used was near Rubicon-trough.

Sable in many areas, so hunters are being built in these places a small square Slubice about a meter high. Top STUBICA very tightly closed with planks, and the walls cut a small hole, which could easily penetrate the animals.

Inside STUBICA put Achatina or goats. Sable is easier to found a bird feeder, hunters rely on the forest lure: drag a piece of meat tied to the rope. All potaski lead to rubico and end on the spot. Valuable fur-bearing animal, sensing the smell, quickly finds sroubek and eagerly takes the treat hidden in the trough. So the food comes and the rest.

When they are beginning to resort to the trough, the hunter is alarming to their nearby trails. To set traps for sable is needed in those places where the animal need to jump over the obstacle.

And mining dragged the trap of the latest tie wire. The samolovama need to carefully mask and zamorachivat snow.

To the rest of the inhabitants of the taiga, especially Wolverine's and jays did not spoil the Sables caught in the traps and the samolovama, tackle need to look at the latest through the day. The hunter must strictly comply with the rules for hunting these valuable animals of the weasel family.

As a rule, hunting on sable starts right after the first snow, lasting two to three months, to the Epiphany frosts.

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