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“Sochi-Park” — it's amazing fabulous world of goblins and mermaids, kind of Russian heroes and the dense oak forests. Here, there are five lands in which the tale coexists with modern technology and amazing adventures — with high-speed rides.

The journey Begins with “Alley lights”, followed by “land of giants”, where everyone can turn into a fairy knight. Then you get in “Enchanted forest" where is the house of fairy tales. After you can visit the ‘Edge of science and fiction” — this is the place for interesting research. And finally, visitors enter a “eco-village”, which stores a lot of useful things.

Sochi Park dragon

The Uniqueness of the Park

“Sochi-Park” of the unique primarily because the most breathtaking modern attractions here are based on the historical heritage of our country, as well as on Russian legends and myths. In the Park there are single ticket. When buying you will be able to go on adventures with fairy tale characters. On any rides you can ride indefinitely.

Today «Sochi-Park” has twenty new modern theme. Slides, breathtaking even the most desperate fans of extreme sports, a wonderful family rides, carousels and playgrounds for children-all created in a wonderful place to entertain young and adults. And now we offer you to get acquainted with some more rides.


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“Enchanted forest" offers incredible flight upwards. Today it is the highest in our country, the attraction of free fall. Height “Firebird” - 65 metres. Seeing this huge construction, many are beginning to experience the excitement.

The Essence of this attraction is that you a powerful jolt throws up. Feelings hard to describe. The top offers a great view of the surroundings. But you can admire them for a long time: a moment construction falls sharply down.

Sochi Park ride the dragon

Slide «dragon» in «Sochi-Park”

On the top of a high mountain in the Park lives a fire-breathing dragon. His lair incredible crosses the road. The length of the route – more than a thousand meters, speed three hundred kilometers per hour, height – thirty-eight meters.

In November 2014 added a new, amazing facility «Sochi-Park”. Attraction “dragon” – the tallest and fastest in our country roller coaster. Three seconds is required for the composition to be dispersed on the track to 103 km/h. It passes the hill, the elevation of which more than 50 metres in just 54 seconds, makes a loop and intersects the helical part of the track, spinning around a tilted axis.

Many believe that after “Firebird” this ride is not scary at all. But that belief evaporates once the ride starts moving with great speed, twisting and turning in the air.

Sochi Park dragon photo

The Russian and foreign experts created a “Sochi-Park”. “dragon” was designed and built by experts well-known company MACK Rides, which is one of the leading manufacturers of amusement rides in the world and the owner of a theme “Europa Park” in Germany. I worked here and other foreign experts.

Today, many tourists visit to Sochi amusement Park. “dragon” is limited to adults and children ten years old and taller than 130 cm For the younger children the Park offers many other interesting attractions.

Russian filmmakers drew attention to the «Sochi-Park”. “dragon” was filmed in an episode of the feature film, which carries the working title “Class”. In this romantic Comedy stars beginners and already well-known actors: Ekaterina Vilkova, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Olga Kuzmina, Eugene Kulik, Daniel Yakushev.

If you visit the “Sochi-Park”, “dragon”, a photo of which is posted in the article will amaze with its scale and speed, of course, if you decide to ride him.

“Quantum leap”

And this is probably the fastest and highest in our country, extreme water slide. The composition speeds up to one hundred five kilometers per hour. This is the sixth in the world and the only inverted giant boomerang. First part is going back and up the vertical section up. You then stop in the suspended state. After a few seconds the structure dramatically breaks down and flies in a loop, making a few “barrels”. The feelings of attraction overshadows all the famous «Sochi-Park”. “dragon” next to him seems to be a carousel for kids.

 slide dragon in Sochi Park


Visit the Park by car or by public transport. From the train station here there is a bus № 124. From Adler station can be reached by bus No. 100. You need to go to stop “Olympic Park”. You can use the train “Swallow”, which takes you to the same stop.

Operation Mode

Winter Parkworking only three days a week — from Friday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00. Since the end of March the operation mode is changed: the Park is open during the same hours, but daily.

Cost of attending

The Cost of an adult ticket of 1900 rubles, children - 1615 rubles. The birthday admission is free. Children under five and over seventy guests visit the Park for free.

In addition, discounts apply to visitors with disabilities, seniors, families and combatants — the ticket is 500 rubles.


All who have had the opportunity to visit “Sochi-Park”, believe that the impressions they will last a long time. There are many great attractions for children and adults. Many have opted for a family (for example "Geese” or “the Isle of Buyan”), and the time your kids spend on ‘Carousel of fairy tales”, will turn into a fascinating journey, however, accompanied by an adult. The negative reviews about the Park are only associated with a very high price for tickets.

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