Crafts on the theme of "Autumn" from the natural material. Ideas for creativity


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Autumn gives us a huge variety of natural materials for crafts. This and cones, and acorns and dry twigs, and driftwood, and leaves of different colors. It's hard to resist not to do any DIY on the theme “Autumn” from the natural material.

crafts on the theme of autumn from the natural material

Autumn applique

The Most common type of manual labor is applique. An interesting option may be a picture or postcard made with this technique, but using autumn leaves. These crafts on the theme of “Autumn” from natural materials to hang on the wall or even give to someone as a greeting card. It's important to note that autumn leaves better be not quite dried, not brittle. Then they can even be some places to cut with scissors if necessary. It would be good in this technique to portray the red squirrel that lays in the hollow of the mushroom or Apple, flying South for the birds, the autumn woods in a beautiful gold dress. Glue should be lubricated only part of the leaf, then the spines of a hedgehog, tail of a squirrel and the wings of birds is more voluminous, which will give the application a special charm. But after sticking all the necessary details of work can be put under load, for example, under the book, placing on top of something heavy – let the leaves dry under pressure. Then they will not bend.

Mushrooms are made of natural material

Interesting crafts on the theme of “Autumn”, one photo of which is posted here represent a variety of Souvenirs, in which the main part are the mushrooms. Make them out of acorn caps and twigs of the chestnut trees. Connect the “mushroom caps” and “legs” glue, dough, clay, window putty or plasticine. But if chestnut in the place of dings to lubricate the yellow clay and a stiff brush to apply the relief, you get a beautiful mushroom that mimic the greasers. Look great DIY on the theme “Autumn” of natural material on the shelves at home. You can use them as Christmas tree decorations.crafts on the theme of autumn photo


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Pechorsky textile is a good choice for hand and machine knitting

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Autumn trees surround made from natural material

The main sign of autumn are the trees changed the color of the foliage. This hack is easy to perform even the baby. Foliage on the trunks of trees fastened with glue or clay. The trunks themselves are made either of branches or of clay or of cardboard cylinders left over from toilet paper rolls. Leaves are used by those that collected on the street or in the woods, in the woods or in the Park while walking. And guys Mature even able to sit on the branches birds made of acorns. Under the trees, “sit” the mushrooms & ndash; how do the mentioned above. These crafts on the theme of “Autumn” of natural material develop in children the ability to see beauty in the simplest things.bulk crafts from natural materials

Three-dimensional paintings

You Can make a painting without using brushes and paint. “Artist” you will need only the frame, glue and beautiful twigs. You can take even those that still have rare leaves. Luxurious picture will turn out if to use for its manufacturing branch plants of physalis, which is popularly known as "Chinese lantern".

The Hedgehog with an Apple or a mushroom on the back

We All know that the winter many animals cook their supplies. For example, Jerzy diligently carry mink mushrooms, fruits, berries. To make a hedgehog carrying the back stock, very easy. To do this, roll the paper tight ball, to lower left of clay. Then, the paper ball to coat with clay, to sculpt the face. Back gently to attach sunflower seeds to the outside edges. Eyes and a nose on the muzzle to make buttons or beads, but you can take black peppercorns. From an acorn and a chestnut mushroom is done, and Apple can take the current. A lovely hedgehog is obtained from the cones. Need only instead of seeds on the back to attach the cones spikes up.

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