How to change the language on the iPhone: the basic methods


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“Apple” the iOS platform where you work extremely popular nowadays iPhones and iPads, in addition to numerous chips has another interesting feature – a multilingual. This implies the presence in your tablet many preset locations. Among other languages, of course, there was a place called "great and powerful”.

how to change the language on the iPhone

Not so important exactly where you bought the gadget – even at the North pole. In the settings there is always Russian language system and keyboard. But sometimes it happens that in the hands of some users gets the device where localization of the interface is designed in a language different from Russian.

Lost in translation

Of Course, with English letters still somehow you can understand, but what to do with Eastern or Asian characters? Here there is quite natural question: how to set the iPhone on the Russian language and to make it painless for the gadget without damaging system settings and user. The problem can be, and is not as sharp, but some of it enters into this stupor. So, let's figure out how to change the language on the iPhone, empirically. The following methods are suitable for absolutely all versions of the gadgets, including iPads and iPods with.

First start

If the device was bought in the store distributor, that is Packed, they never used, the question of how to change the language on the iPhone almost disappears. Here it is sufficient to turn on the device, and after the welcome screen you are immediately thrown into the category of country selection and, consequently, localization. Select the desired language and then work with the platform on the familiar letters.


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iPhone menu

It is Also worth to note that many of the CIS countries support Russian language, but each different from the domestic location has its own nuances. So do not be lazy to scroll through the sections of the regions and choose Russia, not Armenia or Kazakhstan. Pay on this special attention, before you change the language on the iPhone.


If you fell into the hands of the gadget is already installed on unknown location, then will be guided by pictures. The first thing we find in the menu of your iPhone the icon with the gears, that is, settings. In the opened window, click on the identical label and scrolls the screen down to the inscriptions iTunes Wi-Fi. Regardless of the location the item will always be depicted in English letters, so confusion shouldn't be.

We are interested in the item above this inscription, which is responsible for working with languages. After clicking on it a new window opens, where you select the topmost line in the menu. This item opens a list of all available languages, including Russian.

how to set the iPhone on the Russian language

Click Next note the selected language before the appearance of the blue checkmark and click the icon in the upper right corner, which is located right under the battery indicator. It is a kind of “to Accept/Enter". After some time required for the installation of localization, your gadget will take the usual Russian look. If something goes wrong and you somewhere missed, it is best to turn off and then turn on the device again and repeat the procedure from the beginning, rather than trying to continue to wander the characters. Keep this point in mind before you change the language on the iPhone.

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