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Various games for children and adults created not only for entertainment: they contribute to the physical and mental development. There is a large amount of fun, but the most favorite and useful there are various types of puzzles. They not only help a fun and exciting time, but also give the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

What is the puzzle and what is its principle of operation

A Puzzle is called a difficult task, which do not have to have special knowledge of a high level. For its solution it is necessary to apply intelligence and logic.

The name of the puzzle were not accidental. The principle of most of these mysteries lies in the fact that through stereotyped thinking to send a person down the wrong path. Based on stereotypes, first people choose pseudopath, which initially seems correct. In this case, the expression "break down” means “to break the stereotype of thinking”. To solve the puzzle, you need to abandon a path that seems only right, and reflect on the correct answer.puzzles

To solve the puzzles, which are varied and innumerable, you must use all your skills. You need to gather information and to be able to properly analyze it. It is important to understand what data is really needed to address and which it should discard. With all this, it is important to find the missing information, which can lead to victory.

Through the logic puzzles brain remembers that such a causal connection, involves the imagination, while the man learns to seek the necessary clues to ask the right questions, to make assumptions and test them.


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Types of puzzles

The commonly Accepted classification of puzzles no, but conventionally, they are divided into several groups:

  • Mechanical puzzle – they are mechanisms with moving parts and fasteners.
  • Puzzle - their essence consists in gathering images of flat figures. There are also volume and puzzles.
  • Rope puzzles similar to confusion. The meaning of the games in unraveling the ropes and release of individual parts.
  • Educational puzzles – similar to the toys contain various missions and tasks that must be performed by applying creative thinking.
  • Graphics and text jobs.

Children's puzzles

Such games for kids are the most fun and rewarding. The decision task can occupy their attention for a long time. All kinds of puzzles for kids require attention, curiosity, unconventional thinking, and perseverance. It often happens that children solve these puzzles faster than adults because their thinking is still not limited by stereotypes. Sometimes children come up with decisions that even adults can't think.puzzle types

The smallest it is best to pick simple tasks to the development of logic. These can be puzzles, riddles, mazes. It is very important to choose a puzzle that the kid was able to solve it. If the job will be difficult and the child will be hard, he may just lose interest in him. The same thing will happen if the puzzle is too simple. When selecting the puzzle it is best to start from the individual characteristics and age of the baby.

Celebrity puzzle

Since 1975 and to this day the most famous puzzle in the world is the Rubik's cube. To assemble it correctly, it will take a lot of time. This puzzle is considered to be the sales leader among the toys in the world. The peak of popularity of this game peaked in 1980, at that time it was twisted by every fifth inhabitant of the Earth.puzzles for kids

No less a fascinating puzzle in the globe – to take it apart quite easy, but to get this design, you will have to work hard. And the cube and the ball – this is an interesting puzzle game for kids and adults. To solve such problems in logic, you need to exercise considerable ingenuity and patience.puzzle types

The Benefits of puzzles for children

In the first place by solving different types of puzzles, the child becomes more diligent. Secondly, examining these tasks, the kid finds and the rapidly developing problem-solving skills that will be needed not only in school but also in adult life.

Moreover, when solving puzzles, children develop the quality of perseverance, because the tasks are so complex that they have to solve again several times. In this way the child comes to understanding that life is not all easy, and to succeed, you need to put a lot of effort. The obvious advantage of such studies is the improvement of fine motor skills, which in turn has a positive effect on the brain.

The Benefits of puzzles for adults

Many experts are not tired to insist that the person should train your brain. Over time, the brain cells get old, they just need rejuvenating.

A Logic puzzle similar games help to stimulate thought processes, this kind of exercise for the brain.Incredible use of puzzles is also the development of memory. With age in mind, you cannot store this amount of information, as in his youth. To keep a healthy memory, it is necessary to train. Solving puzzles is gradually, but systematically, can keep sharpness of mind.puzzle game in the form of a ball

All kinds of puzzles are so diverse that they just do not count, but they all have a positive effect on the development of intellectual abilities and stimulate brain activity. To choose the puzzle you need, depending on their preferences.

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