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Quite often students wonder, how to apply for a social scholarship. This question interests many. After all, payment is a kind of material support from the state. The students seem very useful. However, not everyone has the possibility of registration scholarships social type. Who can have it? And in what order? To understand all this is not as difficult as it seems. It is important to know basic nuances of the process.

What kind of payment

How to apply for a social scholarship? To understand this issue, we need to understand what kind of payment it is. It was already mentioned that not all students have the right to such financial to apply for a social scholarship

Student loans - monthly payment of a fixed size, which is issued to certain students. For this the student must be enrolled in full-time education. The direction the specialty. It is assigned only when training on budget. Suspension of payment is possible only with the withdrawal of a certain status or after graduation from the University.

But how to apply for a social scholarship? This is not so difficult as it seems. But you'll have to worry about the availability of certain documents. It is actually easier than it seems.

Who is eligible

Has Already been stressed that not all have the right to social scholarship. What students secured this privilege? Today in Russia is presented for the scholarship can apply the following categories of persons:

  1. Children without parental care. That is, orphans, and those who have no guardians. Thus, if the student's parents have limited rights, it is up to 23 years is eligible to receive study payment.
  2. Disabled Students. to Think, how to apply for a social scholarship at the University, can people with 1-2 groups of disability. Or disabled children.
  3. People who are under radiation influence Chernobyl and other accidents.
  4. The Citizens of which 3 years he served in the interior Ministry or the armed forces, received in this period, the disability or serious injury.
  5. The Poor students. the Most common category of citizens who draw social benefits in the universities.

Now I understand how people can get a scholarship social. Another question - how it is made? What do I need? Each case is individual, but a General list of securities provided by a particular organization for the purpose of to apply for a social scholarship student


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Where to go

An Interesting social scholarship? Where to place it in a particular case? At the moment citizens have to only go to 2 places for an idea embodiment in life. Of course, if you have a complete list of documents.

Exactly Where to ask?


  • Social service;
  • The Dean of the University where the student is registered.

Nowhere else is made the corresponding payment. At first with a certain package of securities, the citizen comes to the social protection bodies, then to the University. In the last payment on assigned student. But this will require to comply with some conditions.

Terms and Conditions

You need to draw a social grant? If a citizen belongs to one of the categories of recipients, you will have to check compliance with rest requirements. Some of them have already been scholarship profile

The Thing is that to get the scholarship social is possible only when the following requirements are met:

  • Training on full-time;
  • Successful completion of the session (well);
  • Belonging to one of the categories of recipients;
  • Age limit - usually up to 23 years inclusive.

No significant restrictions. If all requirements are met, it is possible to think, how to apply for a social scholarship. Nonresident student or not. The principle remains the same. What documents do I need most?

Help on family members

So, the first thing you want to pay a visit to the bodies of social protection of the population at the place of registration (or temporary registration). There is the provision of a specified list of securities, the staff will issue the student certificate which you will need in the University for the purpose of fellowship, of belonging to a particular category of recipients. Accordingly, this item should be given special to apply for a social scholarship at the University

What documents are needed to issue a social scholarship? The first paper - certificate of family composition. She is taken to the housing office or the UK at his residence. You can obtain this certificate at the passport office. It includes all living in the apartment. The document is valid 10 days. This fact must be considered when collecting other papers. Otherwise, you will have to take the help of family members in the passport office.


You need to draw a social grant? Another document requested by social services, are income. Required from all family members who live together with the student. The time required to bring the relevant papers?

The Period needs to reflect the income - 3 months. That iswill have to submit income certificate of the family for the last 90 days from the date of treatment to social services. Takes into account not only earnings but also grants, pensions and other benefits. To take income needs or in social services (allowances) or pension Fund or at work.what you need to make a social scholarship

Important: sometimes parents of a student registered at different addresses. How to apply for a social scholarship in this situation? Income certificate is required from both parents. It is important to remember. Otherwise the possibility of obtaining social benefits in the University to forget.

Certificate of training

What's next? How to apply for a social scholarship? Order citizen gave social services permission, you must obligatory to order a so-called certificate of the student in the University. It proves that citizen is really enrolled in a higher education institution. In addition, it is prescribed course of study, the age of the citizen and his date of birth. For social protection is important only 2 points: belonging to a particular University, as well as the age of the student.

Help the student ordered in the Dean's office. Or you can take it in some cases in accounts or contract Department. It all depends on what the rules are at the University. It is advisable to take a licensed and accredited educational institution. Fit certified copies of documents. Only the help of the student must be in the original.


How can I place a social scholarship? To get the appropriate help in bodies of social protection, citizens need to previously listed document to attach identity card and its copy. Temporary passport (or rather, the reference of the appropriate type) is also good. But, as a rule, the social security agencies require a student passport. How to apply for a social scholarship student?

Nothing difficult about it. If a citizen has a certificate of membership in a large or poor family, these documents are needed when applying for a certificate from the social to apply for a social scholarship nonresident student


But that's not all! How can I place a social scholarship? Additionally, a citizen may request (especially if the person changed personal data or during training married/divorced) some papers. These include:

  • Birth certificates of children;
  • Documents indicating the marriage/divorce;
  • Birth certificate of the citizen who submits an application for a scholarship;
  • Certificate of adoption of the applicant;
  • Documents on disability;
  • Statement on passage of contract service or work in the interior Ministry;
  • A medical opinion about the health of the citizen.

It is a legal requirement. Especially if you plan to recognize the family poor. Now it is clear what documents are needed to issue a social scholarship. The failure of these securities are able to deliver a lot of trouble. Indeed social protection is able to refuse to issue a certificate to the candidates for scholarships social type due to insufficient information about the family.

The University

When you can draw a social grant? After all the previously listed list of papers related to social services, we can expect the production of a certificate from this body. It is, as mentioned, will be written about the affiliation of the citizen to one or the other category of recipients of monthly payments.when can I draw social scholarship

As soon As the corresponding certificate is on the hands, you must write the application form to the University and to attach to it:

  • ID;
  • A certificate from social security;
  • Documents previously provided to social protection (not necessary but desirable).

More may be required to attach the account details for the calculation of scholarships. Nothing more is needed. For some time the application will be considered. Other cities will have to compulsorily apply reference pointing to a citizen living outside of that particular locality.

Issued student loans usually until the end of September of that year, which will be assigned to the payment. Therefore, after admission to the University are advised to do the paperwork. Nothing difficult about it. Now it is clear how to apply for a social scholarship student.

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