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Family Skanavi was very well known and respected. Almost all of its members studied music: alone on a professional level, others as lovers. One of the most famous pianists of our time - Ekaterina Skanavi. Pictures, details, creativity and personal life can be found in the material.

Notable name

The Grandfather of the pianist on my father's side mark Ivanovich, was a talented mathematician, wrote good poetry and create plays. He was the author of many books in which scientists, students and schoolchildren still use today. Father – Vladimir, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory and an excellent pianist. Grandfather mother's side - Alexander Zarkhi, film Director, whose films are interested in the audience today. The list of his works belong to such films as «Anna Karenina” and “Altitude”. And her mother Nina is a successful critic, articles that are published in scientific journals. Accordingly, Ekaterina Skanavi childhood lived in a creative atmosphere that helped her to develop.

Ekaterina SkanaviFrom an early age she knew that she was born in a difficult family. This feeling remained with her throughout life. Even today she meets people who speak well of relatives, when you see the name of the pianist.

Unlike the grandparents, the girl had no inclination either to mathematics or to the cinema. It should be noted that the music was not particularly interested in the baby much.

Hard lessons

Little Ekaterina Skanavi was extremely active and restless. It was hard to focus on one activity, so piano lessons were very boring. Today, the famous pianist notes that there are people who from the cradle love music and most want to spend my life with. However, the woman was not treated.


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More than focus on the music, it was hard for her to sit in one place. In the same class with Kate doing the girl who played the flute. Girlfriend could during the game to approach the window and watch what's happening on the street. And the main character, which was “tied” the chair, very envious of such a “freedom”.

Soon, However, Ekaterina Skanavi realized that can't live without a piano. Then the girl began to play with elementary fear. Despite the fact that she didn't like she was afraid that if you leave the music will lose something very important.

Another 8 years, Kate has played with the orchestra. And at 12 she performed in the Great hall of the Conservatory.

Ekaterina Skanavi photo

The Best teacher

Significant was the scientific way of well-known musicians. She was sitting at her Desk is not one of the prestigious educational institutions. Among the Alma mater she attended the Gnesin music school, the Central music school, Moscow Conservatory.

She visited the courses of Sergei Babayan in the US and went to lectures in Paris. Especially impressed by her training in France. Ekaterina Skanavi, pianist of world renown, said that domestic institutions are still far from European universities. There, according to the woman, not the Institute, and a musical town, where students can offer any instruments, halls, and orchestras. Among her teachers were such a popular personality as an outstanding teacher Tatiana Zelikman, and public figure Vladimir Krainev piano Professor Vera Gornostaeva.

Ekaterina Skanavi biography

Talented girl often performed, however, most of the concerts took place on cool evenings and school holidays. Your music lessons it is not perceived as something serious and big. But that all changed in 17 years. In 1989, she took part in the competition named Marguerite long and Jacques Thibaud, which took place in romantic Paris. Then the judges have decided, the talented Ekaterina Skanavi worthy of the third step. However whimsical the French public disagreed with the jury and was awarded the beauty prize of spectator sympathies. After this victory, Kate knew that now wants whole life is connected with the stage.

World tour

At this time, the young pianist had his own Manager, who arranged for her concerts around the world. It should be noted that in the next competitions, she represented themselves and not the country of the USSR. In 1994, Kate attended the international piano competition named after Maria Callas in Athens, where he received the prize. In 1997 she was waiting for the victory in Fort worth.

After that, the pianist has toured extensively throughout Europe and America. The halls where she played was filled to capacity.

Almost half of the world traveled with concerts Ekaterina Skanavi. The biography of the artist is full of encounters with such stars of the stage and conductor Gidon Kremer, Yuri Bashmet.

Of Course, has its own preferences in the world of music a talented pianist. Above all, she likes to perform songs of Schumann, Chopin and Liszt.

First feeling

Enough is rapidly developing, and personal life women. My love she met in the theater. Katya's mother advised her to go to the show. The ticket proved fatal. That night on stage playing the young actor Jack. The girl immediately liked talented artist. Roman young people has developed very quickly, and within a short period of married love.

Evgeniy Stychkin Ekaterina Skanavi - public person, so their family life was constantly under the supervision of the public. Soon the family was expanded. Firstborn calledAlex. A year after first son Leo was born. And then Katya and Zhenya got and a daughter who was named Alexandra. The difference between the children is very small.

the pianist Ekaterina Skanavi

Often, the women ask, was it hard to sell yourself as an artist in a time when she had to care for three children. But Kate says the kids did not tear off from her work. Often she was told that she one hand plays, the other feeds the baby.


After the birth of Crawinkel young mother has not stopped touring. Moreover, at concerts in other countries it was accompanied by young children. Never stopped playing, but rather inspired by the music of Chad - says Ekaterina Skanavi. Photo of sons and daughters, as beloved, have long been out of framework pages of the family album became available to fans of the pianist and the actor.

Once, during a performance in Italy, she was accompanied by her lion. While my mom was playing on the stage, the toddler was walking with one of the hired hall nearby. The program included a composition in which the orchestra stood for a few seconds silence. At this point, my son loudly shouted “Mom”. All the musicians froze in anticipation, because I thought that Kate will rush to the baby. However, the woman continued to play.

The Perfect pair

After several successful films Eugene (“Aprel”, “From 180 and above” and “Love-carrot") the audience was most interested in his wife Ekaterina Skanavi. The personal life of the couple was a frequent subject of various materials.

Back In 2007 in their little family reigned idyll. Although the woman very little took care of the house and way of life, loved ones managed to maintain harmony. She is a pianist claimed that to survive the hardships of life to her husband and help the children that make a marriage stronger. In an interview the woman said that is absolutely not jealous of the beloved to work. Even when he starred in a candid romantic scenes, she understood that all this takes place in a fictional world.

Because Of the constant work of time wasn't home, but the woman tried to create a warm atmosphere for a loved one.

Ekaterina Skanavi personal life

Divorce and a new passion

The Audience thought it one of the most beautiful and the most faithful couples of domestic show-business. Indeed, very well looked Evgeniy Stychkin Ekaterina Skanavi. Artist photos can confirm this.

Free time the family spent together. This weekend Kate and Jack sat by the fireplace and watched as their children play. Wife and kids went to the premiere of new movie head of the family. Often the patient visited the concert of your favourite.

However, during the filming of one of the films Eugene had an affair with a colleague on the shop floor Olga Sutulova. The man hesitated to leave his wife and children, so some time concealed his affair. In 2009 Stychkin has announced a new relationship. In a few months once beautiful couple broke up.

Evgeniy Stychkin Ekaterina Skanavi photo

Life is full

However, the mother of Eugene argued that the cause of the rupture was Ekaterina Skanavi. Personal life, photos and private information of public figures is always open. Today the public knows that the famous pianist were not long alone. In 2010, the mother of Zhenya Stychkin said that she has a foreign boyfriend, so she wanted to break off relations with the legitimate husband.

It is Now known that new lover of the woman was Claudio Bojorquez. This German musician playing the cello. Touring the lovers together and organize solo concerts. Very often children are traveling with Katya. The kids normally took new Hobbies parents. Eugene after five years of marriage with Olga made her an offer.

Ekaterina Skanavi personal life photoNow actively engaged in the work of Ekaterina Skanavi. The age of the actress, and she next year will mark 45, allows you to travel freely around the world and to plunge into a new love.

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