Embalming in the morgue? The embalming of the deceased


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In the last 10 years, people are more likely to seek help from professionals to those embalmed their dead relatives. This is not surprising, since this procedure helps to preserve the normal color of the skin, and does not cause unpleasant smell. Therefore, this article will detail the event called embalming the process of preserving the body, as well as what methods of preservation exist at all. You will also learn how to save the deceased leader of the proletariat-V. I. Lenin in 1924.how is the embalming of the deceased


Embalming – this is a procedure aimed at preserving a certain period of time on exposed areas of the skin of the deceased. Special handling tissues of the deceased of their slow decomposition. Due to this complicated procedure really to keep the body for a sufficiently long period of time.


To understand how the embalming, you need to know what methods are available to perform this procedure. To date, there are 4 options:

  1. Abdominal technique.
  2. Inject the embalming.
  3. Surface technique.
  4. Arterial, vascular, or preservation.

Cavernous reception

In this case, processed internal organs of the body, as it begins with them rapid decomposition of the body. There are 2 ways of processing: the method of puncture and incision. In the first case are punctures in the abdominal and in each pleural cavity. Specialist makes a shot and then pours antiseptic solution into the hole. Normal fluid volume is from 1.5 to 2.5 L.


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Now briefly consider how the embalming of the body method of cut: performed on a small nadechka to pass through the abdominal wall directly into the cavity. This method is used when we need a long transportation of the deceased, and putrefaction had already started, or in the case if the body fat.

Injecting preservation

This technique is often performed along with a puncture. Then there is the infiltration (impregnation) of the soft tissues of the face, neck and hands with special antiseptic solution. This uses a small amount of liquid, as well as specialist during the procedure, making a light massage necessary to ensure that the preservative is evenly distributed.

Surface products

Occurs when the corpse is visible obvious damage or wounds on the skin. Then the body is covered with a special liquid composition, as well as tantowel.

Arterial or vascular preservation

How is embalming? The solution of a specific composition is injected through the system of blood arteries. This method allows to preserve the dead body for a very long time. However, this technique is used very rarely and to do his will, not every pathologist, as this method is rather complicated.how is the embalming of the body

Intravascular embalming: stages

This method of preserving bodies is the most popular and is carried out in this order:

  1. The injection of blood vessels.
  2. Cleaned cavity.
  3. Will the introduction of the solution into the soft tissue.

Basic solutions used to preserve the body

The Embalming of a man whose photo you see in this article is performed using special fluids, divided into 4 categories:

how is embalming

  1. Preinjection – helps to release the vascular system of the blood and restore the color of the skin.
  2. Pregnantamerican – liquid, which is intermediate between the first and third categories. This solution contains up to 5% formalin.
  3. Arterial Embalming fluid – includes up to 15% formalin, carbolic acid – up to 20%, glutaraldehyde, ethyl alcohol – up to 10%, glycerin-5%, acetic acid-0,5%, as well as the dyes, for example eosin and aromatic substance – 0.5%.
  4. Embalming band solution – has the main element as much as 30%, sometimes higher. This fluid differs from blood. Also in abdominal solution does not contain cosmetic ingredients.

Prepare the body to procedure

Now to get to know how the embalming of the deceased, but first comes a provisional organization of this process, which is as follows:

  1. Before the corpse is completely stripped and put on a special table. Place it so that the head was above the rest of the bodies.
  2. The processing of the body with a disinfectant solution. To do this, the specialist uses both liquid detergents and aerosols. All the natural openings of the corpse are cleaned, and then they define a cotton swabs soaked in disinfectant.
  3. Specialist completely washes out the body with warm water and antibacterial soap, followed by complete drying.
  4. Hair Treatment. They can be washed either at the beginning or at the end of the embalming. Processed hair with warm water and shampoo or soap.
  5. Shaving the body. Hair removal on the face is in the direction of their growth.

Basis of preparation

Many people know that the word refers tothe embalming. How this process occurs in the morgue, for many it remains a mystery. Now, however, we will open the curtain of secrecy and try to briefly describe the whole process of this event. So, after preparatory procedures, the expert starts main points:

  1. Be sure to closes the eyes of the dead. He does it very carefully. The eyelids tend to SAG and form a depression, it defines a piece of cotton, sometimes for this purpose, the expert uses a plastic cap. Some people think that the worlds of the dead sew, but this is not so. Specialist can simply glue.
  2. The attendant closes the mouth of the deceased so that it seemed natural. And just in this case, the master can sew it or use a special injector.
  3. Moisture. Expert spreads some cream on the eyelids and lips – so it protects them from drying out and gives a natural.how is the embalming in the morgue

Treatment arteries

That completed the main preparations for the holding of such events as the embalming. How is the treatment of the arteries of a dead man? This will be discussed below.

1. Specialist selects the area of the incision. Then the expert enters the solution for embalming, pumped out the blood from a nearby vein or the heart. Spent an average of 8 liters of liquid. As a solution is a mixture of formaldehyde, water and additional chemical substances.

2. The so performs the incision, and men – near sternum muscle and clavicle; women – in the hip area. Previously, the specialist cleans the area where is Vienna, pierces it and inserts the tube. To block artery the expert uses the forceps, and with the clip it stops the blood flow.

3. Specialist includes apparatus for embalming and injecting the liquid. During this process, the attendant massaging of the limb for the withdrawal of blood and administration of the solution. When the liquid reaches the arteries, the pressure goes through the veins, that would mean the movement of funds through the body. Specialist says it's bulging veins. Periodically, the expert gives the blood flow out through the neck tube.

4. The attendant should slowly reduce the pressure. And when there is approximately 20% of the fluid, he moves the cannula in a different artery. This is done in order that the liquid might fill all veins. How is the embalming of the man in the morgue, if an incision was made in the thigh? Then this process is subjected to right leg.

5. When the event comes to an end, the expert disables the device, removes the cannula and ties all the veins and arteries that were used. The cuts it imposes seams.

Embalming bodies

  1. Now, when the artery has been prepared, the specialist starts to clear the chest, bladder, colon, etc. For this purpose, the worker uses a trocar.
  2. Expert sucking of the chest fluid. To do this, he inserts the trocar 5 cm to the right and the same distance above the navel. Specialist cleanse the hollow organs: stomach, small intestine and pancreas.
  3. Then How is embalming a person? The attendant then clears the lower cavity, sucking and pulling the contents out of the colon, bladder, and uterus in women. The liquid is not passed, sometimes in the anus and vagina is inserted wool.
  4. Then the attendant enters the abdominal substance. In this case, the liquid is usually 30% formaldehyde. The same must be done with the upper and lower bodies.
  5. Final stage – the specialist pulls out the trocar and seal the hole with a plastic screw.the embalming of man

Definition of the body in the coffin

After reading information about the preparation of bodies for burial have curious people will no longer have a question: “How does embalming in morgue?” After all details described above. It's time to learn about the final events. So, the final paragraphs of preparing the body for burial.

  1. After completing all operations the attendant washes away the dead body of blood and chemical agents.
  2. Expert clipping her nails dead, combs his hair, uses makeup to give the face a natural look.
  3. The Worker wears the clothes of a deceased person.
  4. Defines the body in the coffin.the embalming as occurs

How embalmed leader of the world proletariat?

Lenin died 91 years ago, but his body carefully preserved all this time in the Mausoleum. How was the most famous in the world of embalming? Initially, the doctors wanted to apply the method of freezing. However, this method of preserving the body was not to be, as it quickly began to decompose. Then the scientists B. V. Vorobiev and Zbarsky has developed the technology.how is the embalming of Lenin

Initially, the experts were removed from the body of Lenin all the contents of the thoracic and abdominal cavity, were removed from the skull to the brain. Then they filled the body with formaldehyde solution. And at this stage have been difficulties in technology wetting. Usually embalmed, introducing liquid through the blood vessels, but in this case they already were not able to perform this task. Soexperts were 3 options: to identify the body in the bath with formalin; to introduce the solution with a syringe or applied topically. And they chose the first option. The body was loaded into rubber bathroom filled with 3% formalin solution. Along with this, the operation was performed to eliminate existing signs of decomposition. Doctors have bleached spots on the hands, face using peroxide, but the effect was temporary. Therefore, it was necessary to find another way, and they invented it. They treated the body first with acetic acid and then hydrogen peroxide with the addition of ammonia.

For some time the deceased was in a formalin solution, and then it was moved to “embalming fluid”, which was glycerol (65%), potassium acetate and chloride of quinine.

At the moment twice a week a group of scientists performs an inspection of the body, and every year they inspect it, replace the embalming solution. By the way, today you can even find a video of the embalming. Lenin carefully checked, replace the liquid in which it is put. However, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart, so it's worth considering when watching a video.

Now you know what the embalming, as this process occurs in the morgue: as professionals prepare the body, carry out the main event and complete it. Learned that there are several techniques to preserve the body of the deceased, and also learned how to prepared for long-term preservation of the leader of the world proletariat.

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